The Part Time President’s Part Time Jobs

Posted: Apr 05, 2014 12:01 AM
The Part Time President’s Part Time Jobs

“Hooray, hooray”! they said in print.

192,000 jobs were created last month according to the Department of Labor’s somewhat flawed mathematics that the media is eager to ignore.

Because hidden inside that job gain is another disheartening sign for the workforce: the number of workers who could only find part-time jobs rose by 225,000.

Leading the field in job creation, not surprisingly, was education and health services with 34,000 jobs—thank you Obamacare-- the retail trade with about 22,000 jobs—thank you Obamacare-- and temporary workers with 28,500 jobs —thank you Obamacare.

So the good news is that if you’re independently wealthy and just want a job to keep you busy, Obama’s economy is for you. Which, by the way, is an apt description of President Obama’s own job situation.

And that just proves that we’re all either too stubborn or too stupid to: 1) become African-American; 2) write a book about it and become fabulously rich; and 3) work part time as president, so that others can only work part time too —thank you Obamacare.

It’s estimated today by Rand that only 850,000 Americans who previously didn’t have health insurance as Obamacare turns one week old—thank you Obamacare. That means that about 6.25 million Americans had policies canceled, premiums raised, and the their doctors told to hit the bricks.

It also is largely responsible for the wide disfigurement in the labor force, with the country becoming a nation of sub-worker.

This from the administration whose slogan is “less work, more cooking of dinner.”

With almost 7.5 million Americans who can only find part time work, the administration has undone, in one month, most of the work that the economy did it trying to make up for the Obamacare Effect.

The Obamacare Effect penalizes companies for hiring full time workers. In part that’s because Obamacare redefined full time work to 29 hours per week. In part it’s because low wage occupations like waiting tables, entry level health technicians and retail are in industries that typically would have a hard time providing benefits for employees while offering products at prices consumers demand.

Not only has it raised the number of part time workers to unnatural levels, it also means that those workers get about ten percent fewer hours than previous part time workers got historically.

In the business cycle following the recession in the early 90s, part time employment topped out at 3.38 percent of the civilian population. Every year afterward it made steady progress so that in six years later part time employment stood at 1.78 percent of the population. In the peak year of the cycle, part time jobs dropped 55 percent.

Contrast that to the time under Obama: Part time employment peaked at 3.78 percent in 2009. Since then it has made much slower progress downward, and there are some indications that the trend is enjoying one of the periodic upward reversals that we’ve seen under Obama. Right now the numbers of part time workers stands at 2.95 percent of the population, as decline of only about 21 percent since 2009.

But again, even this understates the problem.

Because those full-time workers are making 10 percent less than they previously made because they can’t work as many hours.

I’m guessing since Obama only has part time work, he figures everybody else can get along with part time work too.

We’ll have more time to cook dinner, but of course we’ll not have the groceries.

Americans are very picky, aren’t we?

We’ll yes we have to be: Since the media, the politicians and civil servants doesn’t seem to be very picky on our behalf, what choice do we really have?

We want to cook our cake and eat it too, while politicians say “Cake, cake, let them eat cake.”