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Obama’s Next Role: Poseable Executive Action Figure

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Now that he's solved the problem of the economy being so bad-- by deciding to ignore it-- Obama's turned his attention to the latest improvements he can make to the automotive industry. And government.


He’s going to get tough on trucks.


“President Obama will announce on Tuesday that his administration will begin developing the next phase of tighter fuel efficiency standards for medium and heavy-duty vehicles, according to the White House,” reports USAToday.

And once again, he’ll use an executive order, bypassing Congress for your own good.

“The president will order the Environmental Protection Agency and Transportation Department's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,” continues the four-color national rag, “to develop and issue new fuel-efficiency and greenhouse gas standards by March 31, 2016, according to a White House report on the executive action Obama will announce.”

In cooperation with the Obama White House the term “executive order” appears nowhere in the story.

Instead, the administration has continued their Orwellian assault on the English language by changing the words "executive order" to “executive action.”

While it’s true that the term “executive action” has been around for a while, this is the first time that the emphasis has been so widely put on turning it from a verb into a noun.

I think Congress ought to order Obama to wear a special “executive action figure” suit whenever making these announcements, so they can emphasize the verby nature of the administration’s assault on Congress.


After all, many employers have mandatory dress requirements: the military, the NBA, Carl’s Jr.

Why not the president?

He could even sell space on the suit to his bundlers in return for his presidential support for one lucky bundler to become King of Siam or His Highness the Akhund of Swat.

The presidential announcement on fuel efficiency comes from the parking lot of a Safeway distribution center—pick me, pick me!—which was selected because Safeway has been VERY cooperative with other Obama EPA initiatives, according to USAToday.

Previously Obama jacked up light duty truck standards, in cooperation with Ford, GM, and the other lackeys of the corporate state.

In January, light duty truck sales inched up 2.4 percent, while car sales were down 8.3 percent compared to 2013.

The light duty fuel efficiency standards won’t go into effect until AFTER Obama is in office in 2017. So get them while they are hot.

After me, the deluge.

Light duty trucks are an integral part of the economy because they are used in the construction and utility trades.

Heavy-duty trucks are an integral part of the economy because they haul freight for us.

Obama would have you believe that without government intervention, businesses don’t care about fuel efficiency.


They actually care more than the government does because it really is their money they use to pay for gas.

Fuel efficiency standards cost more than any benefit they create for businesses-- as much as $2 billion per year-- they cost lives because they under-power cars and trucks, and finally, they address a problem that doesn’t exist.

The United States is a fairly efficient user of carbon per dollar of GDP compared to other countries. The European Union does better, but they have a more urbanized, central populations, oh, and have you seen the price of gas in Europe?

The Presidential Poseable Executive Action Figure has, and he likes what he sees.

So when the fuel efficiency thing doesn't work, expect more Presidential Poseable Executive Action on gas prices too.

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