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Posted: Nov 13, 2011 12:23 AM

Quiet Reason wrote: Mr. Ransom, As "Finance Editor" I thought you might devote your columns to, well, finance. It would also be refreshing if your column had some analysis and data in it to back up your positions. Not to mention some basic editing (Joe the "Plummer?”). All presidents travel, it is part of the job to represent US interests internationally. One thing you might have discovered is that the current president is not traveling more than Bush. FactCheck reports "in his first two years, Bush took 148 trips compared to Obama's 126. – in response to Obama: I want to be known as the Junket President

Dear Quiet,

Sorry. I don’t have a copy editor. But I did make several edits to your comments, including correcting some spacing issues and punctuation. Really: You should have someone go over you posts before hitting the enter button.

Finance is a one man operation and we operate 7 days a week. I proof as best as I can, but I’ll never copy edit my own stuff perfectly.  

An article about Obama taking a vacation to Bali instead of helping the Super Committee make budget cuts certainly is about finance. I will admit that much of the humor is rather gratuitous. But it’s there to make a point.

Your president is more concerned with sending his luggage to Bali than he is in creating jobs, cutting the deficit or even raising taxes.

I know it’s confusing to liberals because you have a liberal president who hasn’t been involved in creating a budget, ever. But the way it works is that generally the president presents budget ideas that attract at least a vote by his own party.

He has yet to do that this year. It’s now November.  

I know this is confusing to your president because he’s never had to do this before. But it’s only fair that conservatives pointed out Obama’s strange penchant for exercising leadership by voting “present” when he was in the Illinois legislature.    

This is a guy who voted “present” on budget issues 45 times in the Illinois legislature. He even voted present on a bill that he himself sponsored.

He was AWOL during the debt ceiling negotiations this year and it took us to the brink of disaster as a country while he vacationed in Martha’s Vineyard.

If liberals want to occupy something, why don’t they start with the leadership vacuum that Obama’s left on the budget and the deficit? 

This is a guy who lacks substance, leadership ability, ideas, execution, warmth, charm.

Admit it: The country elected him because he wasn’t a white guy.

Good enough. But that’s a really bad reason to support him for reelection.

As for data, analysis, etc: I do enough of that. I just don’t do it everyday.

Rock wrote: The Tea Party was taken over by the elite and most of us support the Occupy movement. These are our children and our future John, the elite never change anything but for their own advantage, as history shows us. This is not a 'party' just a fact that will not go away until we deal fairly with everyone. We have for the first time in our known history the resources and technology to meet the basic needs of all on the planet. It is no longer in anyone’s long term interest to allow less then 10% of the world to control us all through media and propaganda like I see you writing....and I am a life long Republican and a former editor for a statewide publication. Open your eyes better and your heart John. This is the real 'tea party' not funded by the elite.

Dear Rock,

I’m sure that you believe that the Tea Party was taken over by the “elites,” but that just shows me that, like most “statewide editors,” you have head parts where your hind parts belong.

If I were you I wouldn’t be using the title of editor as credentials of authenticity any more than I would be using a life-long affiliation with the Republican Party.

Mass media- via their statewide editors- and the GOP are equally complicit in the disaster we find ourselves in.

Here’s the difference though: There are some in the GOP that actually seem to get it and have repented for the party.

The mainstream media, including the J-school hierarchy and the media elite in this country, clearly repent of nothing. They think the majority of Americans are uneducated rednecks and hicks who need to be controlled. They believe in diversity in all things with exception of diversity of opinion in the newsroom. 

I am not a life-long Republican. I’m a Republican by choice and very proudly a member of the Tea Party. I’m an editor by accident, not by training. But I’m a good editor because I know and appreciate my readers.

I’m a hick and a sucker just like them.

And those are the people who make up the Tea Party.   

Redneck wrote: The 400,000 jobs mentioned in this article is on the tip of the iceberg of how many jobs Obama is blocking in the US. The formation in CO, UT and WY that Ransom refers to is called the Green River Formation and is contains the same type of reserves as the Kreal in Canada from which the oil slated to flow through the Keystone Pipeline will come. Most of this lies under Federal Land so the production from this formation would also pay a handsome royalty to the US Treasury if it were produced. At a 20% royalty on 4 trillion barrels at today's prices that amounts to $72 trillion dollars in revenue without raising taxes on anyone. We would also save more than $540 billion per year in foreign oil purchases and keep the jobs and the money here. – in response to Obama's New Job Plan: Kill 400,000 Jobs Immediately

Dear Redneck,

I don’t know about your numbers, but they sound reasonable.

There are 600 years of reserves just in the formation you mentioned. That means that if we just took what we were using today, we could supply the country’s needs for 600 years without importing a single drop.

We tap existing energy sources here in the United States and we start a renaissance of the US economy. .

There is a misconception that we have a shortage of energy in the world. We do not. Think about the energy released just by the splitting of a single atom.

What we have is a shortage of will and courage to face the doubters and the haters who would love to put the USA into permanent decline.

Think about what the world would look like without the United Sates of America. Think about the difference we made in the last century. Think about how that century would have looked without the US. 

That’s the future liberals want to give your children.

“But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States,” said Winston Churchill in England’s darkest hour, “including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age, made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.”

I stand for humanity against the perverted science of progressives.       

Mike wrote: There's an easy to understand reason why Obama spends so much time on his junkets and campaigning. It's because he hates being president anymore. Really!! I'm serious. I believe he really does HATE the job......but! The only place he can find solice is at event of "like-minded" adorers. That, and the fact that he can use tax-payer money to go on eternal vacation. Expect the junkets and campaigning to increase. – in response to Obama's New Job Plan: Kill 400,000 Jobs Immediately

Dear Mike,

You get the prize for  the comment of the week.

First wrote: Cain and Gingrich are the only Reaganites in the field and they are being pilloried by the left of course that’s to be expected- but the Republicans in general which is really disconcerting to me. I have been a Republican since 72 and can honestly say the idea of a third party is becoming more and more an idea I could adhere to. I know all the reasons not to have one, but this homogenization of ideas and the essential antipathy of all to truly conservative ideas makes me suspect that I have no place to hang my hat. The idea that Mitt is all we have is really being pushed and at a time when the weakest and most leftist politician of our lifetimes is floundering as none since the worthless one (Carter).

Dear First,

Romney is certainly better than Obama, but like you I think that if the GOP nominates Romney that they risk splitting the party. I think there is a sizable number of conservatives for whom Mitt is not acceptable under any scenario.

That’s why I think Gingrich is the man of the hour.

It’s interesting in a way, because had the GOP really taken to heart- including the term limit pledges- the Contract with America that Newt gave the country, the party wouldn’t be in the poor shape it’s in, nor would the country.

I believe in second chances.

I think this presents us with a second chance to make the Contract with America work.

I call it poetic justice for the American voter.

Soon it will be up to them to make a choice.

DSN wrote: Mitt is the most electable. I think you are underestimating the dollars, media, unions that will come out for Obama in the gen. election. We need the middle-voters. Gingrich has baggage and can be painted extreme right (yes), and Cain definitely has flaws. It is far more important to make sure we defeat Obama before more damage is done. Mitt should win the nom., choose a good VP candidate who is more conservative. All the polls place Mitt as the best one to beat Obama. Do not underestimate Obama, rigged voting, huge bucks, etc. Even if economy stinks, it is not in the can for the right.


We’ve been done to death with that argument.

Conservatives just aren’t buying it. We have to have a candidate who stands for something besides winning.

Polls mean nothing at this point. But Mitt’s doing nothing in poll numbers to wrap up the nomination.

Gingrich on the other hand is moving up, especially amongst Tea Party members.

Like McCain did to Mitt in 2008, I expect Gingrich will roll over Romney in the next three months.

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PS Part 2- The email function at the top of the page working again. Sorry it took so long. Let the Hate Mail begin!

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