Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers

Posted: Oct 02, 2011 12:01 AM

Resist, We Much wrote: Whining that “Republicans started it!” or “Bush did it, too!” is not a denial. It is a CONFESSION .- in response to Barack Blames Blacks, Bush, Banks, Budget, You

Dear Resist,

Couldn’t have spoken truer words.  

If the only defense liberals can bring to the game is that Republicans were out of control when it came to spending, they are sunk for sure.

Because if the GOP was out of control, then the Democrats are running the country like a financial flash mob. For some reason, liberals don’t understand that conservatives never approved of the DC spending habits in the first place. We have repudiated the fiscal policies of George Bush, even if we defend him personally from charges of dishonor, which I will always do.   

People voted to change our fiscal policies, but not for the type of change that Obama brought.    

John wrote: And you blame everything from the worldwide economic mess to your erectile dysfunction on Obama. Don't know if they could pay me enough to take the job. Inherited a huge mess, dealing with both right and left wingnuts. - in response to Barack Blames Blacks, Bush, Banks, Budget, You

Dear John,

Well John, we did pay Obama. It’s probably more than he’s made from any job he’s had in his whole life. He wanted the job too. He also represented that he could do the job. None of his rosy predictions and sunshine projections have come to pass.

So you tell me: What part tragic-comedy is Obama willing to take responsibility for?

Name one thing where Obama is willing to say “the buck stops with me,” rather than blame someone else.

For the record: You wouldn’t want the job and we wouldn’t give you the job.    

Redneck48 wrote: I did write a letter to my Congressman. I respectfully asked him to do everything he could to prevent the American Jobs Act from becoming law. So I hope Obama is happy now. - in response to Barack Blames Blacks, Bush, Banks, Budget, You

Dear Redneck,

No, he’s not happy.

I think your congressman got the letter and took your advice.

I doubt Obama’s Job Act gets more than 150 votes in the House. They’re the ones that are really going to get killed by the jobs bill.

For Democrats this is a particularly selfish move on Obama’s part. If they vote yes on the jobs bill, they’ll damage chances at reelection in competitive districts. If they vote no, they could face primary challenges. Good going Mr. President. Now even Democrats know that Obama’s willing to put anyone’s job on the line in order to save his own.

I doubt the bill will even make it to a vote in the Senate. I think Harry Reid will not want to embarrass the president by presenting legislation that is bound to fail by a big majority. Even more he’s probably unwilling to embarrass the Senators running for reelection by making them vote for or against it.      

Anonymous wrote: I thought that all elected officials had to put all of their assets in a blind trust when they were elected.

Dear Anonymous,

No. The president does, but members of Congress are only required to file reports on financial transactions.

Patrick wrote: Had multiple occasions to drive by Solyndra early in the morning/middle of the night during the time it wuz being constructed.  It wuz weird.  They did construction all night long.  They had big temporary lighting structures blazing away.  You could see this phony dawn over the horizon miles away as you approached on the 880.  Sorta looked like leaving the Coliseum,  lights on all night.  Strange Craziness.

There HAD to be gobs of money behind that, and some REASON why it wuz being done.  Were they constructing 24/7?  Why?  Who were the contractors and what were they getting paid?

Dear Patrick,

I’m afraid that as a skeptic I would say they were rushing to spend the construction money guaranteed by the government before they ran out of operating cash.

On the face of it, that’s what it looks like to me.

Macroman wrote: This is a truly magnificent article. We need more of this sort of thing. Harry Reid never did give a satisfactory answer to Sharon Angle's question about how he got so rich as a politician. I suspect that Mr. Ransom has provided at least a partial answer. Congratulations and thank you, Mr. Ransom. – in response to Who Makes Money in the Market? Politicians Do and Here's the Proof

Dear Macroman,

Do wonders ever cease? Nope. And the proof is that you and I finally agree on something.

I suppose even an economist can be right accidentally once in a while.

How does a guy who was a former Nevada Gaming Commissioner- Harry Reid- go from next to nothing to rich? Nevada is a pay to play state if ever there was one. Let everyone make up their own mind.

Henry wrote: John, if you were single, a little lighter, a lot younger and quite a bit richer.....i think I'd let you date my daughter! Thanks for the info and keep it comin’ brother. – in response to Who Makes Money in the Market? Politicians Do and Here's the Proof

Dear Henry,

My wife says she’s happy with me right now, so no go. And even if she weren’t I still don’t think I’d be good for your daughter.  

Never let your daughter marry a writer. You know, unless of course she doesn’t listen to you.

Shubi wrote: Oh, Ron Paul. I was going to vote for Les Paul – in response to Tea Partiers Unite! Nothing to Lose but Election, Savings, Job

Dear Shubi,

I heard that Les and Ron Paul were twins, and that the original idea for the Tea Party came from Les and Saint Paul stole it.

Anne wrote: Lincoln didn't suspend elections during the height of the civil war. What gives anyone the right to call for them now? – in response to DEM NC Gov Says: "Suspend Elections for Congress"

Dear Anne,

They don’t have the right to suspend elections. And truthfully I doubt that they would attempt any such thing. But Gov Perdue was likely saying what many liberals are thinking. Since biologically they are incapable of cutting spending, they wistfully think about suspending elections as if that’s the only thing stopping them from getting a bigger checkbook from the American people.   

I’m not worried that elections won’t happen.

But once again liberals don’t understand that elections are a necessary part of the nationwide discussion that make long-term change possible.

I suspect that in the next four years we will see again how wise the people who wrote our Constitution really were.

That’s it for this week.