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Posted: Aug 21, 2011 12:01 AM

Boy the old liberals seem to have become awfully quiet recently. I guess that happens when your president’s approval rating dips to 35 percent in Pennsylvania. Maybe people still rely on coal in Pittsburgh.  

But that’s OK, because we have a new group of progressives who seem to be just as clueless as the old group.

You know I always thought it was George Soros who funded the trolls on the board, but given the vehemence with which progressives attacked on the Buffet column, maybe I had the wrong billionaire.


Dick Cheney’s Heart wrote: How can we forget Jack "Borg-sex in a cage, in front of a studio audience" Ryan? - in response to my column SEIU Puts Hood Back in Planned Parenthood  


Perfect example Dick.

Jack Ryan I believe quit his Senate race over those unsubstantiated allegations made in a child custody case that was sealed. He quit because Republicans don’t promote folks who have dirty laundry.

If he were a Democrat you guys would be running him for president of the United States, talking about what kind of underwear he has. There would be a Facebook group made up of liberal men and women who would admit to having had a dream that they had sex with him.

One more thing: Who was Jack Ryan going to run against in that race?

Barry (I-Swear-I'm-Not-an-Illegal-Immgrant-Muslim-from-Kenya) Obama, that’s who.

As Franklin Roosevelt once observed, these things don’t happen by accident.              

Jim wrote: Well, the progressive "elite" now find themselves at odds with the progressive hirelings. It's a question of who runs the plantation. - in response to my column SEIU Puts Hood Back in Planned Parenthood

Dear Jim,

The unions run the plantation. The reason is because the plantation cares about harvesting their one product: political contributions.  

Seymoure Busche wrote: This article should be labeled as an editorial because it reeks of subjective material. His statement about municipal bonds is misleading and subjective yet Ransom refers to his own incorrect words as "proof." - in response to my column The Story of O Starring Warren Buffett as the Devil

Dear Seymoure,

So you’re just now getting the idea that my daily column isn’t a news article?

I’m a columnist. They pay me for my opinions. Of course it’s subjective.

It’s ludicrous that anyone would try to defend what Buffett said about tax rates not having an effect on investment decisions.

Investment 101 takes into account tax treatment and tax rates.

You know what the best tax shelter is? Buying common stock. You know why? Because the gains aren’t taxed until realized and then they are taxed at a lower, capital gains rate.

The last time capital gains rates were at 39.6 percent the world was a very different place. There weren’t as many investment options then.      

Myer wrote: Of course when looking at one bond vs another the tax calculation enters in. That has nothing to do with Buffett's point that personal income tax rates do not affect investment. - in response to my column The Story of O Starring Warren Buffett as the Devil

Dear Myer,

Remember the bit Jeff Foxworthy did about “You might be a redneck if…”

Well you might be an Obama economic advisor if you don’t know the difference between personal income tax rates to which you referred, and the capital gains rate that Buffet refers to:

“I have worked with investors for 60 years and I have yet to see anyone -- not even when capital gains rates were 39.9 percent in 1976-77,” said Buffet.  

Congrats on the gig.

Gary wrote: The Obama BUS made in Canada for 1.5 million dollars just to ride around on tax payers’ dollars is amazing. I guess one made in China would have been cheaper, but it would have taken too long to get here. - in response to my column The Trillion Dollar Man in a Million Dollar Bus

Dear Gary,

I heard a talk show host on Sirius Patriot radio refer to the tour as the “Throw America Under the Bus Tour.”

Thomas wrote: This is the same Jim Ready who was 'busted' for growing pot in his yard in Ogunquit, ME. Barney denied even knowing what pot looked like, but after spending Christmas in the Virgin Islands with socialist Rep. Chellie Pingree and her "fat cat" hedge fund owner Donald $u$$man, Barney then spoke on the wonderful effects of medical marijuana! - in response to my column Barney Frank, Czar of His Domain

Dear Thomas,

Yes, it appears that it’s the same Jim Ready who was busted for growing pot that is now shacking up with Barney Frank.

If you are wondering how it works that no one pays attention to Barney Frank living with someone who was busted for growing pot, please see my example of Jack Ryan above.

As an aside, Frank once proposed making prostitution legal in parts of Boston.

My guess is that he thinks it’s fine still as long as he’s the one doing the pimping and prostituting.

Art wrote: Oh yes, all that bad regulation - except if it controls women's lives, of course.

And it was too much regulation that caused banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions to crash and burn our economy and destroy millions of American's lives. - in response to my column How Obama Spent His Summer Vacation- Day One: Kill Power Plants, Kill Jobs

Dear Art,

The federal government was doing half the mortgages in the country at the time the mortgage market melted down. The problem wasn’t that there was lack of regulation. The problem was that we had regulations that allowed the government to become the guarantor of the entire real estate market.

The problem was also that influential people like Senator Chris Dodd (D-Countrywide) and Rep Barney Frank (D-Fannie Mae) got preferential treatment from the mortgage companies that they were supposed to be overseeing.

That’s it for this week.




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