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…but this isn’t the first time Democrats have practiced to deceive. In fact, the Clintons, Obama, Biden, Reid, and Pelosi have had quite a bit of practice over the past two presidential terms, haven’t they?

The DNC display in Philadelphia has been impressive to be sure. Because establishment Democrats rigged the game for Hillary, they were ready for a showy if shallow unity frosted over by descriptions of a world only their Kool Aid believers wish to see. First Lady Michelle Obama—a powerful and effective speaker in her own right—told us she and her husband knew their time in the White House would shape the futures of their daughters, that words and actions matter, and that it’s all about who will have the power to shape the future of millions of others. When Hillary rises, the first lady said, we all rise because Hillary is a leader worthy of our country’s promise for the future. With all due respect, Mrs. Obama does not understand her husband’s words and actions have, indeed, mattered. They’ve so divided the nation and have helped corrode western civilization. Is that a future any mother would want for her children?

Bill Clinton told us of Hillary’s unflagging labor for the downtrodden, but his story had too many earmarks of a puffed up resume. Let’s assume for the moment, however, that a bit of it may be true. That being so, how and when in the world did that idealistic young lawyer become the greedy and corrupt person she is today? Was it the first big taste of Whitewater cash? Was it her exalted White House life surrounded by sycophants? Was it too much power? Was it the many millions of speaking fees? Was it the ease with which she could get away with it, abetted as she has been by the establishment?

Bill said his image of Hillary couldn’t be squared with that painted by her enemies, and he’s right. The Hillary who may have helped poor kids get insurance 20 years ago will lie to us tomorrow about TPP, Benghazi, Iran, and whatever else suits her for the moment. It’s because of the Clintons’ long parade of lies that we doubt his version of anything. We’ve come to know what’s been in it for Hillary and her husband, but what’s in it for all of those who are now promoting her?

For Bill and Hillary, of course, absolutely everything is at stake in this election. If elected, they get to bury every one of their secrets and settle scores with enemies. For Barack Obama, there’s much at stake, too. Obamacare. The Iran Deal. Unconstitutional Executive Orders. Bureaucratic burdens on business. An appointment to SCOTUS? For the vast left-wing apparatus the Clintons have built up with Obama and Ayers and Alinsky, the levers of government power can remain in their grasp, and for the power-mongers, that’s the greatest treasure of all.

Democrats may have better more passionate speakers, to be sure, but it should always be remembered that progressivism is a philosophy of feelings, which tend to be situational at best, not a philosophy grounded in moral principles and bedrock rules of civil governance. If over eight years of Democrat speeches were backed by actions, would we have racial and ethnic strife in this country? Would we have a world cankered by ISIS brutality? Would we have millions of jobless teens? Would we have a disintegrating middle class?

Three-quarters of the nation think we’re on the wrong track. Two-thirds of us think race relations are bad—exactly the opposite of how Americans felt when Obama took office in 2009. Most people not living in the ether of a video game know the awful numbers oh, so sadly well. Worse, the everyday experiences of many make them feel less safe now than just a few years ago, and an out-of-control ISIS makes many wonder if a weak, progressive power structure will someday give in to the horrors of sharia law. It happened in Belgium, France, Britain, and Germany. Why not here? Democrats don’t like to offend anyone, do they?

Now, of course, the polls are close. Despite Donald Trump’s amazing ability to alienate many without spending a dollar, he has made the race a toss-up. Despite the stacked deck of State Media (MSM to some), Academia, and Hollywoodland all arrayed against him, he has spoken the tough, rough words that have caught the ear of Joe & Josie Six-Pack and secret admirers in every other demographic. His very successes, however, have troubled the night dreams of establishment Democrats everywhere, and they are desperate.

All the stops will be yanked for 2016. For a party leadership steeped in deception, it is not unrealistic to consider the unthinkable. If all else fails, there’s the electronic ballot box itself, as USA Today wrote about just prior to the last election, and as I described in my book Turnover. Bernie’s people naively assumed they were competing on a level field, and it turned out to be a rigged race. That may have been their biggest mistake, and for Americans, making the same assumption about November may be the mistake of our electoral lives.

If Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Hillary minion for decades, and the DNC thought it perfectly acceptable to deny their own party members the right to an equal vote, what barrier would stop them from stealing everybody else’s votes?

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