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We Are Not Alone

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Video released by the Department of Defense, and other recent document dumps, seem to answer a question posed by many who have been largely deemed conspiracy theorists or crackpots. Are we alone in the universe? Without donning my favorite tinfoil cap, I can confidently answer no, we are not alone. And, that assertion isn’t just based on my twenty years as an FBI special agent. 


I was never assigned to the X-files — how cool would that have been? But, I know how to think and how to conduct logical analysis. 

What can be said for sure is that objects have appeared in our atmosphere that defy logical explanation and seem to operate outside the laws of physics as currently understood. 2004 video evidence from Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets, deployed from the USS Nimitz, and the eyewitness testimony of the pilots themselves describe an encounter with physical phenomenon that cannot be explained away as an encounter with terrestrial technology.

Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable, human memory being subject to time, emotion, and the physical state of the observer. But, what we have in the Tic Tac video is direct evidence, the veracity of which is incontrovertible. The pertinent question now isn’t are we alone, but who is out there? 

That’s always been the real question. Who is out there?

The observable universe is composed of billions of stars. Those stars typically possess one or more planets orbiting centripetally, struggling against the power of gravity clawing to bring them into the burning inferno of their stellar benefactor. The numbers, then, are really beyond the reach of comprehension. Trillions of planets exist, the nature of which we are largely ignorant. 

There may not be little green men from Mars, but something is surely out there. Is it benevolent, malevolent, or indifferent? 


Many have posited that the discovery of life from other worlds will shake the foundations of society, religion, and politics. Societies may come a bit unglued, politics is already at work, but religion — at least of the Biblical variety — will do just fine. 

One very important question in all the current UFO furor is why are governments, at this time, dribbling out information? Perhaps, deep state entities are and have been in possession of extraterrestrial materials and objects for decades. But, beware, the deep state disinformation machinery has been at this game for a very long time. So, why the shiny object now? 

Another important and related question concerns the move toward globalism. In 1987, President Ronald Reagan gave a speech at the U.N. and described a “common universal threat” that could galvanize the world’s nations to confront an “alien threat from outside this world.” Reagan wasn’t making an argument for a one world order, he was hardly a globalist; rather, Reagan was the “OG” MAGA president. He was simply recognizing the potential for something that would radically shift paradigms and recompose political structures in the blink of an eye. 

As far as politics goes, we ought to be extremely wary of the motives behind any government release of paradigm shifting information. 

We have never been alone.

I’m a great fan of C.S. Lewis. In February of 1963, Lewis published an essay which discussed the theological basis for extraterrestrial life: The Seeing Eye. Essentially, the existence of life in far flung galaxies poses no contradiction or theological angst for the Biblical scholar. 


In fact, the Bible has recognized the existence of galactic life for millennia. Angels are a created race of beings whose natures have been made immutable, who serve God’s will and carry out His purposes. They move inter-dimensionally (this concept shouldn’t be too controversial for current quantum theorists) and act to carry forward the Kingdom of God. Conversely, the Bible recognizes the existence of a fallen race of angelic beings, whose natures are immutable and who attempt to thwart the will of God, His people, and are agents of suffering, disease, death, and chaos. 

The Bible also describes other created beings who stand in the presence of God continually and possess great power. Biblical theology is nuanced and rich. A race of extraterrestrials is completely compatible with the Biblical record.  

These beings could have natures similar to the angelic or to the demonic. All three classes of beings outside the sphere of God’s specific plan of redemption for mankind. Or, perhaps, a race of beings exist who are indifferent to mankind. However, everything that exists does so within the moral universe that God has created and are subject to His omnipotence and sovereignty. 

Since the creation of Adam, we have never been alone. The God of the Bible has always been there, and is intimately involved in every aspect of His creation. There may be life out in the galaxy, races of created beings of which we are only dimly aware. 


However, the politics of extra-terrestrial life is treacherous and the skeptic is well justified. The Biblical book of Revelation warns of the installation of a one world government, and its creation will bring untold misery to the world. 

Is the current UFO sensation a part of the deep state plan to foster a more globalist sentiment? Hard to say. Maybe it’s as simple as attempting to distract people’s attention from a disastrous Biden presidency — the criminal and perverted antics of his son Hunter, or a daughter who kept a terribly inconvenient diary, and recorded Joe’s incestuous proclivities? 

The shiny object may be real, but don’t lose sight of what they want you to forget. 

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