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Casper the Coyote Slayer

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We definitely don’t deserve dogs. Loyalty is a hallmark of doggie character and, as many things in nature, is a model for human behavior. Though activist groups like PETA seem to champion the animal kingdom broadly, they do harm by distorting man’s relationship to the natural world — a Divine harmony which situates mankind as caretaker of the earth’s resources, bequeathed to him by his creator, for which man will give a full account. 


Casper is a 21-month-old Great Pyrenees who recently killed eight coyotes who gathered in the darkness to pluck a meal from his flock of sheep. Apparently, that particular pack of coyotes picked the wrong flock. The natural world, corrupted by Adam’s original sin, is truly Darwinian. It’s a survival of the fittest, and a state of affairs created by the hubris of mankind. We’re still trying to create utopia by any means necessary and discovering that we are merely the architects of our own misery. 

Casper must have felt fear, surrounded by slavering jowls and eyes like glowing embers. But the instinct for self-preservation was overwhelmed by his loyalty to his master and flock. 

John Wierwille is Casper’s proud owner and friend. Wierwille reported that the combat lasted longer than a half hour with Casper scampering off only to return two days later. During the melee, Casper lost half his tail, sustained a deep neck wound, and had patches of skin torn off his legs. Wierwiller said, “He was kinda looking at me like, ‘Boss, stop looking at how bad I look, just take care of me.” 

The attack occurred Friday, November 4 at approximately 3:30 a.m. Wierwille, an urban shepherd, observed the pack of approximately 11 coyotes earlier that day, threw rocks at them, and considered the matter closed. However, early the next morning, he heard Casper and his other dog Daisy barking outside. He saw that Daisy had herded the sheep away from the pack and was standing in front of them. Casper was standing between Daisy and the pack of coyotes. As Wierwille approached a fence line, Casper launched himself like a fur-missile at the marauding pack. Off in the distance, beyond Wierwille’s ability to see, he heard the battle rage. He could only hope that his brave dog would survive the incident. 


Friends and other members of the community searched for Casper, “We looked all day Friday, all day Saturday, and then Sunday morning, I went out with my daughter to feed the chickens,” Wierwille said. “There’s this old chicken hutch that we raise the baby chicks in, and Casper poked [his] out of it as we were walking by. He scared the bejeezus out of me.” 

Casper’s injuries were so severe he was categorized as “critical” by LifeLine Animal Clinic personnel. His injuries required an extensive stay and a great deal of veterinary care. If you’d like to contribute to the fund for Casper, you may do so here. Already, approximately $15,000 has been raised to cover his medical expenses. But, all’s well that ends well. He’s expected to make a full recovery, but with just a stump for a tail. 

Stories like this make the horrors of animal experimentation seem even more repulsive. And, the monstrous inhumanity of people like Dr. Anthony Fauci can barely be comprehended. His sickening experimentation on thousands of Beagles, bred for their trusting nature, is a crime for which he will certainly answer to our Creator. Experimentation of that kind serves only to generate profit for a criminal elite. One can only guess at the depth of depravity necessary to engage in purposeless suffering and destruction on a pharmacological, industrial scale. 

But, this grotesque callousness is a product of a mechanistic, Darwinian world view, and creates a proclivity to view nature as mere slag in a hellish iron-works, churning out beams for the modern iteration of the utopian Tower of Babel. Today we call it liberalism, and its locus is the Democrat party. 


In our mania to eradicate the Divine, we make ourselves into demonic overlords, abusing and consuming what we were originally designed to caretake — like shepherds do for their sheep. Casper has it right. There is great dignity and purpose in responsibility and self-sacrifice. What noble creatures are our dogs, eyes bright with a childlike faith in their masters. What a wonderful world this would be if we gazed with childlike faith on The Master instead of believing the world’s suit and tie hucksters, promising government solutions for every possible evil. 

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