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White Lives Matter, Obviously

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AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

The Black Lives Matter movement is a sham, based wholly on lies surrounding the tragic death of George Floyd. Like so many other deaths, Floyd’s was trivialized and profaned by Marxist radicals masquerading as “social justice warriors.” People of his own ethnic extraction commoditized his flesh and blood, exhumed his bones, and wielded them as weapons in a dirty little political war.


Democrat party leadership, breathless with excitement, knelt in solidarity with the forces of anarchy and destabilization — the fellow travelers, foot soldiers, and shock troops of global Marxist power. Social justice is a trojan horse for the asymmetric espionage cadres of today’s Axis of Evil — Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. BLM is just another tool in the totalitarian arsenal, aimed at corroding liberty by corrupting the social, moral, and cultural ties that bind us. 

Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) and Candace Owens know all this and have trolled BLM hucksters, Democrat party lickspittles, and their propagandists in the legacy media by dropping a fashion hand grenade. During the Yeezy show at Paris Fashion week, Candace and Ye strolled into the spotlight sporting shirts printed with the revolutionary slogan — White Lives Matter. 

The reaction from the establishment were hysterics and rage rivaling the intensity of the Spanish Inquisition. No wonder, since the same animating evil runs through the veins of every tyrant including those wearing tailored suits who even now haunt the halls of the White House and Capitol Hill.

The statement, “Black Lives Matter” is banal, it’s like saying, “the sky is blue.” The statements, white lives matter, blue lives matter, all lives matter are axiomatic. Only perpetual propagandizing from a Democrat party rotten with compromised Marxist sympathizers could produce an atmosphere so divisive across lines of pigmentation. 


The left perpetually atomizes people, or corrals them into groups and then agitates based on immutable differences and/or manufactured economic class. This is the diabolical modus operandi of every swamp creature desperate to accumulate power, driven mad by an occult furor, and eternally lashed by insatiable greed.

The moral bankruptcy of the BLM hierarchy has been revealed in a swell of reporting on BLM finances. Approximately 90 million dollars has been grifted, much of it funneled into the coffers of BLM leadership. But, that is to be expected of an organization led by self-avowed Marxists. 

As history has shown, every collectivist movement is, in reality, a totalitarian movement, which accretes power to those who control the means of production and are always corrupted by avarice. So, it should not be a surprise when BLM Marxists lavish themselves with multi-million dollar homes and luxury cars.

BLM continues to feed on the bile of ignorance and hate mongering.

Those who threaten the hypnotic mantra of the race-baiting left are marked for cancellation and personal destruction. Fortunately, people of means and independence of mind, like Ye and Owens, are rattling the cages. 

White Lives Matter is the new Attica! Attica! Only now, brutality and oppression characterize big tech, the legacy media, the Democrat party, and its mechanisms of power — a weaponized DOJ, FBI, and IRS. 


Ye and Owens rang their tin cups against the bars Democrats have forged just by wearing t-shirts imprinted with an obvious statement of fact. Despite the hysterics from the left, stating a fact isn’t racist. But the left, the Marxists among us, and Democrats (a trio of synonyms) are hell-bent on preserving their chattel-hold on the black intellect. 

Their hold is slipping because of people like Ye and Owens. They’re panicked and it shows in their mad race to import a new chattel constituency via a flood of illegal immigration. Democrats know people are drowning, children are being trafficked and sexually abused, and fentanyl is poisoning tens of thousands of Americans daily. The shocking truth is — Democrats don’t give a damn. It’s in the nature of Marxists to discount human life, because the god-state is worthy of its human sacrifices. 

But, facts are meagre things in the face of ideology. 

For Marxists, the religious impetus inherent in everyone is expressed in a devotion to an ideological golden calf that springs from the fires of the infernal Hegelian dialectic. What value does a human life have if the universe is merely eternal matter directed by mechanistic laws? 

This is at the heart of why Democrats and statist Republicans can be so cruel. And, we are now reaping what we have sown by relinquishing our public education systems to the monsters of materialism. If you teach a child that he or she is merely an animal, don’t be surprised when he or she acts like one. 


Ye and Owens have struck a chord, and moved the liberal hate machine to madness. Now many more see them for who they are. The left hates White Lives Matter, not because it’s racist, but because we’re all — as our founding fathers envisioned — equal before the law. Democrats, in particular, cannot abide the thought that they aren’t better than the rest of us.  

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