Obama Hands ISIS Weapons of Mass Destruction

Posted: Jul 03, 2014 12:01 AM
Obama Hands ISIS Weapons of Mass Destruction

Bush was right about Iraq and Obama has it all wrong. George W. Bush made the right call in 2003 by expanding the war on terror to Iraq. The combined intelligence gathering capabilities of the entire free world were focused on Iraq and Saddam Hussein's stockpile of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). At the time, informed by the same intelligence as President Bush, every major democrat echoed the sentiments of the Bush administration as well as the sentiments of the American people subsequent to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Everyone was rattling sabers and howling for revenge. But, it took only weeks for democrats to begin to betray their country for political advantage. Critics began to sow doubt about the existence of WMD in Iraq, despite the piled bodies of Kurds who Saddam had exposed to his mustard gas munitions.

Mustard gas is a blister agent and is officially listed as a WMD under the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention. Its effects are grotesque and make no distinction between man, woman, or child. It was first developed by the Germans in 1916 during WWI and many dough boys returned home blinded, disfigured, and tormented by ravaged lungs. When mustard gas makes contact with the skin, it burns the flesh creating huge blisters. Worse yet, if inhaled it blisters lung tissue, the victim suffocating while coughing up chunks of lung. The gas also blinds.

The evidence is incontrovertible that Saddam Hussein possessed and used mustard gas. But, the democrats and Obama would rather you not know this inconvenient fact. To them, all that matters is the accumulation and preservation of power, the truth be damned.

Now that Obama has tucked tail and run from the fight in Iraq, ISIS forces have overrun the country and overwhelmed the indigenous military forces that were clearly not ready to assume control. But, none of this matters to Obama since his foreign policy is merely an extension of his adolescent world view.

Consequently, ISIS forces have uncovered stockpiles of WMD composed mostly of Saddam Hussein's mustard and sarin gas. Sarin is a nerve agent and has been classified as a WMD in UN Resolution 687. Sarin is an extremely toxic compound that, once inhaled, causes death between one and ten minutes from lung paralysis. Even if one is exposed to a less than lethal dose, permanent nerve damage usually occurs. Production and stockpiling of this agent was prohibited by the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention.

State Department pogue Jen Psaqi quipped glibly that the WMD are likely unusable in their current state. Comforting words coming from an agency so incompetent that it allowed a sitting ambassador to be murdered despite ample warning—Hillary Rodham Clinton’s true Benghazi legacy. All of this begs the question, weren't the WMD in Iraq while traitorous liberals were squealing, "Bush lied and soldiers died?"

Obama has, in one dazzlingly incompetent swoop, undone the very reason for deposing Saddam Hussein--preventing terrorists from gaining access to WMD and altering the balance of power in the region.

Furthermore, if mustard and sarin agents are present in Iraq, just as Bush said, then the possibility of the remnants of a nuclear program are there as well. These Islamo-Nazi’s have demonstrated tenacity and patience in pursuit of their objectives. It’s doubtful that concrete bunkers will long impede their murderous plans.

It must be stated unequivocally that, strategically, George W. Bush was right about Iraq. WMD existed and were available to Saddam Hussein as well as a nuclear program in its infancy. Bush was right about maintaining a presence in Iraq and he was right about maintaining that presence indefinitely. After WWII American forces were garrisoned in Japan, Germany, and Italy where they remain to this day. Iraq was about shifting the balance of power in the Middle East, about establishing a form of democracy in the heartland of one of our most inveterate enemies. Obama has thrown all of that away. He is a disgrace.

Barack Hussein Obama has once again ignored America’s national interest and has exposed American citizens to a grave national security threat all for the sake of his cheap politics and well worn ideology of race based anti-Americanism. Announcing a full-blown retreat from Iraq has been rightly interpreted by our enemies as a retreat from influence in the Middle East. This has created a predictable stampede to power in Iraq. A child could have foreseen the result; however, Obama’s foreign policy, such as it is, functions on the assumption that American influence is primarily imperialist. Therefore, Obama doesn’t concern himself with immediate effects since he sees the long term diminishment of American influence as ultimately positive.

Obama was wrong about Libya, Syria, and the Russians in Ukraine. He’s President “can’t get right.”Obama is fundamentally flawed as President; he cannot serve the national interest because he opposes it. Obama has released the worst of Gitmo’s detainees and has made it possible for terrorists to secure a vast training ground and base of operations in Iraq. Obama has placed within their grasp weapons of mass destruction and a cache of American conventional weapons, supplies, and equipment. Despite having a president whose middle name is Hussein, the Islamo-Nazi’s still hate us. They hate us on principle and will now wage a jihadist war armed with the most hideous weapons devised by the mind of man.