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The 20 Most Annoying Liberals of 2015

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

Honorable mentions: Azealia Banks, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, Lincoln Chafee, Stephen Colbert, Lena Dunham, Keith Ellison, Rahm Emanuel, Luis Gutiérrez, Marie Harf, Jesse Jackson, Jeh Johnson, Sally Kohn, Loretta Lynch, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Bill Nye, Melissa Harris Perry, Jorge Ramos, Geraldo Rivera, Seth Rogen, Salon, George Soros, Al Sharpton, Quentin Tarantino

20) John Kerry:  Like his predecessor, Hillary Clinton, Kerry has been habitually ineffective as Secretary of State. But even Hillary Clinton didn’t respond to a terrorist attack in Paris by taking James Taylor there to sing “You’ve Got a Friend.”

Defining Tweet: “John Kerry brought James Taylor to Paris to sing ‘You've got friend’ to the French people. Haven't they suffered enough?” – Jon Justice

19) Al Gore: This is a banner year for our old pal Al Gore because almost ten years ago, Al Gore said we had ten years left to save the planet. January 25th is D-Day for Al’s prediction and….well, nothing of significance has changed since then. Even Al hasn’t changed because he’s still making tons of money hawking global warming silliness.

Defining headline:Al Gore: Spend $90 Trillion To Ban Cars From Every Major City In The World

18) Bernie Sanders: Hey, comrade, get off Bernie Sanders’ lawn and take your damn capitalism with you!

Defining quote:“Bernie Sanders thinks you can pay for an 18 trillion dollar expansion of the welfare state — to make it align with a Denmark that doesn’t actually exist — simply by taxing ‘the billionaire class.’ There are 536 billionaires in America. Even if you confiscated everything they had — which, by the way, would surely destroy the American economy by triggering the greatest round of capital flight in human history and amount to government seizure of countless businesses — it wouldn’t come close to covering the tab of Sanders’s proposals.” -- Jonah Goldberg

17) George Takei: This D-List actor who took full advantage of being a peripheral character on a show made great by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy is a smug, mean-spirited creep who uses his gayness like a shield to deflect all criticism even when he’s spewing hate at everyone who doesn’t agree with him.

Defining quote: “[Clarence Thomas] is a clown in blackface sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry. He doesn't belong there.” -- George Takei     

16) Jon Stewart: Nah, Nah, Nah. Nah, Nah, Nah. Hey, hey, hey, good-bye…Jon Stewart has left the Daily Show. His show may or may not have continued under some guy whose name I’m not going to bother to look up because I never hear anyone talk about it anymore. Such a shame!

Defining quote: “As Jon Stewart wraps up 16 years of hosting The Daily Show Thursday night, one thing is certain: We’re all dumber for his tenure. Under Stewart, The Daily Show became must-see TV for a segment of the population who considers the mocking of political opponents (to be) an acceptable method of news-intake. A 2014 Brookings Institution study found that more people trusted The Daily Show than MSNBC for news.” -- Karol Markowicz

15) Brian Williams: Joy is watching a lying liberal journalist like Brian Williams finally getting caught in a lie so big that he can’t talk his way out of it. Williams claimed to have been in a helicopter that was forced down after being hit by a RPG when in actuality, his chopper was never under direct fire. After he was suspended, more of Williams’ lies over the years came to light. Brian Williams deserves to retire in disgrace, but he’s now working for MSNBC which is the next best thing.

Defining Tweet: “Met Brian Williams once in DC. Starting to wonder about that story he told me about saving all those hostages at Nakotami Plaza. Barefoot.” – John Nolte

14) Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Normally, the abrasive head of the DNC just irritates Republicans with her laughable Cobra-Commander-style pronouncements about the GOP and how easily it will be defeated once George Soros gives her the money to a buy a shrink ray shaped like a cobra, but this year, delightfully she even irritated liberals by blatantly working to throw the Democrat primary to Hillary Clinton. It has been joyful to watch even liberal Democrats realize how annoying Wasserman Schultz is to everyone else.

Defining quote: “The Democratic Party is headed in the wrong direction. We need genuine leadership, a truly progressive visionary with no particular allegiance to any one primary contender. A Chairperson who respects Democratic voters and holds them in greater esteem than they do their own political ambitions. A figure who can unite our party behind the common good… not their own agenda or the betterment of their personal CV. That person is not Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. And while I consider myself to be loyal to the party, I’m not going to sit idly by and play the violin while the ship goes down. The water is too cold for that, and there isn’t room in this lifeboat for us both.” – Matt Terzi

13) The View: The day this obnoxious gaggle of liberal harpies goes off the air will be a banner day for humanity.  Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Kelly Osbourne, Raven-Symoné and Joy Behar are awful women who look down on anyone who doesn’t share their liberal viewpoint.

Defining Quote #1: “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?” -- Kelly Osbourne

Defining column:Mocking nurses expose the shrews of ‘The View’

12) Rachel Dolezal: She’s a former Jan Brady lookalike who changed her hairstyle, lied about her background and became the head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP where she kept claiming to be the victim of sketchy, unprovable “hate crimes.” After Dolezal was caught lying, she said she “identified” as black. Well, okay then! It was significant when America was racist and light skinned black Americans used to try to “pass for white” and it seems noteworthy (and annoying) that there are now liberal white Americans trying to pass themselves off as black.

Defining Excerpt: “Rachel has been thinking about Caitlyn Jenner a lot. In June, the same month Caitlyn announced her name on the cover of Vanity Fair, local Spokane TV station KXLY outed Rachel—the then-president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, whom the community believed to be a woman of color—as the biological daughter of a Caucasian Christian couple. She immediately became national news, and 2015 became the year of identity according to New York Times critic Wesley Morris. Whereas Glamour and ESPN awarded Caitlyn for her transition, Rachel was vilified and mocked in the press and on social media after telling Matt Lauer, in an interview on Today, that she's transracial, saying, ‘I identify as black.’

She was deemed a cultural appropriator by some; an impersonator—donning blackface when it was to her advantage—by others; and a race traitor by white supremacists.

‘I'm the only person equally hated by the KKK and black feminists,’ Rachel says.” – From a Rachel Dolezal interview with Broadly

11) Michael Moore: When he’s not trying to get even wealthier by getting people in our capitalistic society to buy one of his anti-capitalist movies, Michael Moore creates controversy to try to stay relevant. This year he did it by trashing war hero Chris Kyle, who served our country overseas and then died trying to help a soldier with PTSD. Bravely, Moore initially denied that he was talking about Kyle and then when that didn’t work, he trashed Kyle again. Classy move, Moore. Classy move…
Defining Tweet #1: “
My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes. And invaders r worse” – Michael Moore

Defining Tweet #2: “Tomorrow’s Sunday School (1) What Would Jesus Do? Oh, I know what he’d do — hide on top of a roof and shoot people in the back!” – Michael Moore

10) MSNBC: As someone who has enjoyed mocking MSNBC for years, it’s become almost an object of pity. At this point, its boilerplate liberalism, ham-handed racial pandering and endless water-carrying for Obama have become passé, even for liberals. It’s like the VHS of cable news, insisting that there’s nothing wrong with its format while everyone else is moving on.

Defining quote:“I want us to be super careful when we use the language ‘hard worker.’ Because I actually keep an image of folks working in cotton fields on my office wall, because it is a reminder about what hard work looks like.” -- Melissa Harris Perry

9) Neil deGrasse Tyson: He’s so toweringly arrogant that he makes Obama look humble in comparison and his whole shtick, “Blah, blah, blah, I say SCIENCE, so it must be true” is irritating. He’s also one of the few people you can imagine having conversations with himself in the third person.

Hey, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Everybody loves you, don’t they?

* That’s right, Neil deGrasse Tyson, they do!

You know why that is, Neil deGrasse Tyson?

* Science, Neil deGrasse Tyson?

* Oh, yes, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Ohhhh yes!

Defining quote: "He is pretentious and annoying, in the same way that Noam Chomsky and Steven Pinker (and, forgive me, my love, sometimes Stephen Hawking) are pretentious and annoying. All of them belong to the group of academics who, having achieved popular recognition for their scholarly work, fall into this delusion that they are omniscient Doctors of Everything, and believe themselves capable of passing judgment on everything, from medieval French poetry to what your kids should have for dinner. Sadly, in order to understand most things, you actually have to spend some time and effort studying them, so these guys end up spouting drivel.

I can't speak to NDT's virtues as a physicist, because I am not a physicist, but I can say that, for anybody mildly competent in the humanities or social sciences, listening to NDT talk mouth-fart about these fields is something in between watching a train wreck and being the last guy in the human centipede chain. He is pretentious because he pretends to know sh*t when he doesn't, and he is annoying because a person with a PhD should know better. He's kind of an embarrassment to the scientific community." -- A Reddit commenter named riggorous sums Neil deGrasse Tyson up perfectly

8) The Cecil The Lion Wackos: Liberals went insane over the killing of a “beloved” lion named Cecil that 99.9% of them had never cared about or even heard of the day before they went out of their minds. Despite the fact that almost no one in Zimbabwe seemed to care, wackos in the United States unleashed so much hatred, death threats and insanity at the dentist who shot the lion that he disappeared for two months.  Meanwhile, even though this was a major news story and there were actually WORLD LEADERS commenting on the situation, the government of Zimbabwe concluded the dentist had a permit, didn’t knowingly break the law and isn’t being charged with a crime. So, where does Walter Palmer go to get his reputation back from the gang of idiots on the Internet who stole it from him?

Defining Quote: "It’s been especially hard on my wife and daughter. They’ve been threatened. In the media, as well, and the social media. … I don’t understand that level of humanity, to come after people not involved at all."Walter Palmer

7) Mitch McConnell: I know, I know. I’m putting the Republican leader of the Senate on here. How can I possibly include him? McConnell deserves to be here not just because he’s done nothing for Republicans and let Obama run wild, but because he has passed more legislation for the Democrats than Harry Reid could have gotten passed if his party still controlled the Senate. His rhetoric may be Republican, but in practice, he’s governed as a liberal.

Defining quote: "I have said that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is the most effective Democratic leader in modern times....Today Sen. Schumer summed up what’s wrong with Washington when he told Politico, 'Sen. McConnell wants to see the Senate work. But the good news for [Democrats] is, to make it work, he has to do basically our agenda.' ...Since taking control of the Senate, Republican leadership has joined hands with a majority of Democrats to thwart their own caucus’ efforts to stop the Obama agenda 24 times. During each of these 24 votes, this so-called Republican majority successfully passed legislation with a majority of Democrats in support and a majority of Republicans opposed....Well, if you would’ve told me this year that we’d be standing here celebrating the passage of an omnibus bill, with no poison pill riders, at higher [spending] levels above sequesters than even the president requested, I wouldn’t have believed it, but here we are… Almost anything, the Republican leadership in the Senate achieved this year, they achieved on Democratic terms… Democrats had an amazingly good year.” – Ted Cruz

6) CAIR: The world’s most tedious pro-terrorist group has a unique strategy: It bloodlessly condemns terrorist attacks and then spends 99% of its time playing the victim and screaming “Islamophobia” at anyone who tries to go after radical jihadism. Political correctness is to CAIR what bombs are to Hamas.

Defining quote: “And I'm tired of Muslims taking every new terrorist outrage as the chance to lecture America on the supremacy of their culture and the steps me must take to better accommodate this culture and show more ‘respect’ for it.

I do not expect them to accept blame that's not theirs; but....I will not tolerate CAIR acting as the political wing of ISIS and acting as a ‘clean front’ to deliver Global Jihad, Inc.'s list of demands to the West while the terrorist wings kill us.

That's what terrorist groups do-- they split off a ‘political wing’ which is supposedly non-terrorist to serve as the respectable face of the movement. The terrorist group Black September created the allegedly non-terrorist PLO; the IRA created the allegedly non-terrorist Sinn Fein.” -- Ace

5) America’s Liberal College Students: America’s colleges have always been teeming with Marxist college professors and 18 year olds who don’t know how to do their own laundry, but do know how the world should be run, but they’ve now become havens for the world’s most easily offended people. Thanks to liberal college students, most of the world spent the year wondering what had gone wrong with the sputtering, angry nincompoops at our colleges who keep rambling on about “microaggressions,” “white privilege,” “cultural appropriation,” “rape culture” and “safe spaces” and other silliness that would be childish for kindergarten.  

Defining quote:“The shrill little twerps shrieking ‘You can't say that!’ are a far bigger problem than the stuff they object to.” -- Mark Steyn

4) #Blacklivesmatter: It’s an anti-white, anti-cop group that disagrees with the idea that all lives matter, wants to get rid of the police (yes, really) and makes blocking traffic and annoying people a core part of  its mission. Some of its prominent leaders include a guy who’spro-looting and a white dude pretending to be black who has supposedly ripped off hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions. No wonder the group hates the police so much.  

Defining quote: “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!” – Chant from #blacklivesmatter activists while being escorted by the police

3) Planned Parenthood: Not only did it kill babies, Planned Parenthood SOLD THEIR PARTS. Let me repeat that. Planned Parenthood killed babies and SOLD THEIR PARTS. It’s the sort of evil you’d expect to hear that the Nazis or Japanese engaged in during WWII, but it’s happening in 2015 America and it’s widely supported by people who we can only assume have no conscience and a soul as black as night.

Defining videos: See them all here.

2) Barack Obama: What do you say about a hateful, dishonest, divisive, incompetent, effeminate, tyrannical, anti-American President with no redeeming virtues on his last year in office before he leaves office? Sorry you aren’t getting impeached? Try not to completely destroy the country on the way out the door? You deserve to be in prison for flouting our laws on a daily basis? Whatever the case may be, we just have to make it through one more year of this dirtbag and we can start repairing the damage.

Defining quote #1: “ISIL is not going to pose an existential threat to us. They are a dangerous organization like al Qaeda was, but we have hardened our defenses, our homeland has never been more protected by more effective intelligence and law enforcement professionals at every level than they are now. The coordination is much better than it is now.” – Our brilliant Commander-in-Chief, hours before the San Bernardino terrorist attack which was perpetrated by radical Islamists who publicly pledged their allegiance to ISIS

1) Hillary Clinton: She’s a grotesque, privileged monster who spent the whole year “Joker laughing” at the people she got killed in Benghazi and an illegal email server that half the classified documents in the US government seem to have been sent to at one time or another. Anybody else would be desperately trying to cut a deal to minimize his time in prison at this point, but Hillary’s making ardent feminism the core of her presidential campaign despite helping her husband, the white Bill Cosby, get away with his one man crime wave against women.

Defining quote #1: "Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported." – Hillary Clinton

Defining Question & Answer #1: “You recently came out to say that all rape victims should be believed? But would you say that about Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones? Should we believe them as well?” – Question to Hillary Clinton at a New Hampshire political event

“Well, I would say that everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence.” – Hillary’s response to the question
Defining Question and Answer #2: “Which enemy that you made during your political career are you most proud of?” -- Anderson Cooper

“Well, in addition to the NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians; probably the Republicans.” – Hillary Clinton

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