Maxine Waters Wants to Nullify Your Tax Break

Posted: Jul 31, 2018 11:00 AM
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Maxine Waters Wants to Nullify Your Tax Break

The Democratic Party doesn’t like the tax break Americans received through President Trump’s tax cut bill. Trump is the reason the left isn’t getting more of these “crumbs.” The left has less money to hand out to other people who didn’t do anything to earn it. The tax breaks freed up enough revenue to the point where there are more jobs than people to fill them. Now, Maxine Waters is promising to get rid of the tax cuts if Democrats take over Congress. 

In truth, the Democratic Party is more concerned with granting amnesty to illegals to secure a voting bloc. The tax break created more opportunities for jobs and careers than under the previous administration. The Obama economy created more government reliance. 

Most people have a problem with relying on the government for help. The Obama Administration took away dignity. Now, Trump has created chances to succeed. His signature tax relief has given dignity back to people who didn’t have it under Obama because they have jobs now. When the Democratic Party sees the economy grow to like it did this last quarter at 4.1%, they get exposed as frauds, which they are. 

Now, Maxine Waters wants to take that away. She is promising to take away jobs, hopes, self-worth and most importantly dignity. She is acting like a real leftist. The left doesn’t care about citizens. They need more people on the handout roll. When they control what is handed out and how much, the power lies in the hands that feed. 

Waters called the GOP tax bill a scam. That is incorrect. Democrats and their policies are a scam. According to Dictionary.com, a scam means,” a dishonest scheme; a fraud.” The eight years under Obama was a scam. He claimed that the manufacturing jobs that left the United States were never coming back. He was wrong. Obama stated that green energy was the new way to get power. He was wrong again. Obama even said ISIS was running and scared. No, they weren’t until Trump stepped into office. 

The most massive scam is that the government knows what to do with your money better than you. 

Waters admitted that the economy was doing well. However, she wanted to undo it, and get things back to the way they were under Obama. However, she continued by saying that the economy was doing so well now because of the policies that Obama created. Wait a second. So she wants to take the economy and get it back to the non-existent growth that it was under Obama because it is doing well after Obama set the groundwork for it to explode, which it happened to do under Trump?

Never mind that the GDP under Obama never went over 2.9% and it took a year and a half for Trump to go over 4%.

The left can’t escape how well the economy is doing, and it scares Democrats. Trump is creating a perfect example to contrast with Obama. Democrats want your money and watch things fall apart. If you keep your money, you will thrive. An expanding economy threatens the left’s shared goal of reaching full European socialism. The only way to stop the growth is to get rid of the Trump tax law. Otherwise, the left is finished.       

Trump is exposing the Democratic Party as the real scam.  

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