Feminism Isn’t About Women. It’s About Politics. Ask Ivanka.

Posted: Jun 08, 2018 4:00 PM
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The left claims to be “on the side of women.” Democrats claim to be more understanding than the Republican Party since they are for equal pay for women, pro-abortion, and celebrate wearing hats that resemble female anatomy. There is nothing that will stop liberals from supporting a woman, right; unless a woman is related to President Trump. Specifically, his daughter Ivanka. 

Kids can’t choose their parents. They have no choice in what kind of home they grow up in. Parents are responsible for the environment that surrounds their children at home. If time at home is favorable, the kids will likely maintain a relationship. If the time is negative, there is a strong chance the relationship will fracture, and both parties will no longer speak. 

The time Ivanka spent with her dad was valuable. She was a model at a young age. After attending college, she rose through the ranks of the Trump industry and started her clothing line. There is no doubt she has been successful and influential. She’s also a wife and mother of three children. Ambition and success were taught to Ivanka by her dad. She listened, and now she’s attacked for it. 

All of Ivanka’s accomplishments would be a proper portrayal of feminism if her dad weren’t working directly against the Democratic Party. Leftists punish Trump’s family since he hasn't pandered to them. 

Feminism is another false Democrat talking point. The left wouldn’t attack Ivanka if they believed in exact women’s rights. Reverse the situation. If Trump won as a Democrat, do you think that Samantha Bee would have attacked her, or there would be weekly disgusting incestuous comments made about her and the president? Of course not. That’s because feminism isn’t about women. It is purely political. 

Feminism on the left has never been about women. It has been about changing American society. For instance, the left claims only a woman has a right to choose in having a baby or aborting it. That’s not true. It took two people to conceive the child. That child is as much his as hers. They claim the “patriarchy” is oppressive and won’t let them choose. The term “patriarchy” is another word the left has seized to advance a political agenda. 

The left has called for boycotts on Ivanka’s clothing line. They have also called for a prohibition to Nordstrom Rack, Jet.com, Shoes.com and many other stores because they sell her items. These retail stores caved to the pressure. Leftist are trying to destroy a woman who is an excellent example of real feminism purely based on politics, but you’re not supposed to notice that part. 

Have you noticed that Don Jr. and Eric have not been attacked this much in their professional career? Why? Ivanka is supposed to be on the left. She is assumed to reject her dad over politics. Ivanka is a woman from New York. She is supposed to be a progressive liberal. In some ways she is, but she has class. Radical feminism doesn’t have quality.

It looks like the only way to be a real feminist is to wear a vagina hat or costume, use abortion as birth control, and pretend that Islam isn’t oppressive to women. The left is full of strange dichotomies. 

If Ivanka’s dad was someone else, the left would call her an icon for women.