Bloody Battles Within the GOP

Posted: Oct 03, 2014 12:01 AM

It doesn’t take a genius to know there’s a huge philosophical divergence between the socialist democratic party and the constitutionalist GOP (note the word ‘constitutionalist’). The tightly unified party of progressive socialists believe that massive, oppressive government is authorized to have a boot at every citizen’s throat, while Republicans are supposed to believe in the constitution and a limited government that adheres to the rule of law.

But the GOP is no longer unified nor does it stand for adhering to the U.S. Constitution. Swept up by a ‘kinder, gentler’ political correctness, the GOP’s ideology has waffled on the role of government for almost two decades. This indecision has left the base without a rudder because there is no clear platform on debt, border security, immigration, foreign policy, defense, or social mores, to name a few.

True, there are a few refreshingly rogue members of Congress who seem to understand their oath to represent their constituents and uphold the Constitution, but they are overwhelmed and ignored by the likes of John Boehner, Eric Cantor (he’s gone but not forgotten), and Paul Ryan in the House; and Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, and John McCain in the Senate, to name a few.

In the tradition of American citizenship we should expect heated ideological debates between the parties, because that’s what separates the wheat from the chaff. But as Republican Party members, we shouldn’t have to do battle over basic political concepts within our own party, concepts that used to be no-brainers.

Today’s GOP platform is all about indecision, political correctness and passivity. No longer the party of freedom and flag, they have abandoned the principles of individual liberties and inalienable rights, opting instead for higher taxes, crony capitalism, socialized medicine (Obamacare), wide-open borders, amnesty for the criminally illegal, same sex marriage, abortion, and religious persecution against Christian Americans who simply want to live out their faith in their daily lives.

Even worse, many GOP members remain silent or impotent on defunding and shutting down government agencies that are operating outside the law like the EPA, DHS, DOE, IRS and the U.S. State Department, among others. The moment the GOP took control of the House and thus the purse strings of the federal government, Boehner should have puts the skids on every last one of Obama’s ballooning agencies and boondoggle schemes. Sadly, Mr. Boehner did not, opting instead to silence GOP members who tried to represent their constituents.

In Arizona, as in many states, we have a conservative base made up of grassroots activists who still believe in the letter of the law. We have informed precinct committeemen/women who circulate petitions, hold fundraisers, and battle with the RINO politicians on a daily basis. We are the private citizens who want the cancerous government out of our lives so we can chose our own light bulbs, legally own and carry firearms, pick schools for our kids, and order an extra-large, sugar-loaded soda, should we so desire. Oh yeah, and we’d like to have our borders secured, the illegal criminals returned to Mexico (or wherever) and as a bonus, we’d like to not have the country infected with Ebola.

But that’s not what John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Jon Kyl (retired but still pulling strings) want. Honestly, these mercenaries and their party operatives are so far left of center they make Pelosi look only slightly liberal. Each one has been lying about their own complicity in the destruction of the republican platform for so long, it seems they’ve lost their collective moral compass.

Last January the Arizona Republican Party held its annual state precinct convention. Several thousand like-minded conservative folks gathered together on a Saturday to discuss the future of the party. In one of the boldest moves ever, the group voted unanimously to censor McCain. The list of reasons was a mile long, but it all boiled down to the simple fact that the Republican base no longer trusts McCain to uphold the U.S. or Arizona Constitutions.

Keep in mind that GOP leadership didn’t want censorship to happen (because of their symbiotic financial relationship with McCain), but the precinct committee folks ignored the beholding leadership and did the right thing.

Sadly, censorship had no impact on the arrogant McCain, as he continued to vote liberal and thumb his nose at Arizona voters. Our only hope was that he would do the right thing and retire.

But dang it all anyway, that’s not happening. According to the word on the political street, McCain is gearing up for yet another run and plans to bring his progressive, socialist friends into the arena to stomp out all opposition and with it – our red state. Battle lines are being drawn, but everyone here knows it won’t be a fair fight.

McCain and Kyl just dumped millions into the liberal, RINO candidates they were backing in the primary, like Martha McSally, U.S. Congressional candidate, AZ D-2, Heather Carter and Kate Brophy McGee, both AZ State congressional candidates. They’ve been bought and paid for, so it’s obvious to whom their allegiance will be if they are elected/reelected. And if the brutal recent primaries were any indication as to what’s coming in 2016, I’d say we’re in for a very nasty battle.

To avoid a political bloodbath, I have a suggestion for McCain and the other Republican frauds like him – please do us all a favor and switch parties! Just do it! Own up to your socialist agenda and call yourself what you are: Democrats. At least that way when you, Flake, Graham, and McConnell fail to oppose Harry Reid and Obama, no one will be surprised.

Or, you could realize you’ve outlived your fleeting moment of splendor and step aside for the good of the country. I doubt if anyone here in Arizona would object if you just climbed on your horse and graciously road off into the sunset….