The Numbing Death of America

Posted: Apr 30, 2014 12:01 AM

Noted for her groundbreaking work on grief associated with death and dying, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was the quintessential physician who cared deeply about the emotional wellbeing of her dying patients. Through her extensive studies and research in psychiatry, Dr. Ross came to the conclusion that there are five unique emotional stages involved in dealing with death: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and ultimately – acceptance.

Looking around this country today, one has to wonder which stage of grief we are all in, because our Judeo-Christian heritage is most assuredly dying. Just last week came the horrifying revelation that at least 40 vulnerable Veterans had been denied their rightful medical benefits and relegated to the pile of people eligible to perish – all at the unmerciful hands of our federal government. While this occurred in Arizona, based upon poor VA hospital standards, it’s likely that this is not an isolated event.

And at almost the same time, shocking evidenced surfaced that the Marion County Resource Recovery Facility in Brooks, Oregon had been incinerating the remains of dead babies in order to provide electricity to nearby homes and businesses.

Although the indecency of using human bodies to warm our homes was primarily blamed on the practices of the waste management company, Stericycle, someone within the government at Marion County had to have signed the agreement with Covanta for the solid waste reception. Since local, state, and federal governments lost their innocence a long time ago, it seems likely that at least one official in the chain would have known.

As with all new news stories, there was limited outrage for a few days, fueled by appropriate calls from Veteran and Pro-life groups demanding an end to these insane practices. But sadly, these tragic events are too soon forgotten, leaving us with a much bigger question percolating right under the surface.

When did the whole of America lose site of the value of human life?

We expect soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to lay down their lives for our freedoms, displaying the ultimate sacrifice for our wellbeing. Yet no one’s explained to their families how these same individuals became expendable after their term of honorable service had expired. Like so much used fodder, the officials at the VA hospital in Phoenix cast them aside without compassion or concern for their dignity or lives.

As for the human fuel issue, radicals stop at nothing to save a tree, protect a spotted owl and defend the dolphins. Yet those same pro-Gaia fanatics demonstrate actively for abortions on demand and eliminating life that’s not cost effective to sustain. Although liberals campaign against clean and economical nuclear power, oil drilling and coal mining, they were amazingly silent on the Marion county situation, leaving one to postulate on the their apparent complicit willingness to accept a few extra kilowatts generated by fried human remains in order to run their precious televisions and computers.

Aside from the obvious nausea such a concept should evoke, this juxtaposition makes no rational sense. On the one hand, everything plant or animal is sacred, while on the other hand, everything human is inconsequential and utterly disposable.

When Rachel Carson published “Silent Spring” 52 years ago, her radical premises opened the floodgates to the liberal green movement. It was a slow, evolutionary process to get Americans to believe they are a vile plight in the universe. Yet, here we are. And that, coupled with the 1973 Roe V Wade decision for abortion on demand, worked a little black magic. America was systematically hit with two seemingly uncoordinated platforms, but both sides have worked relentlessly to bring the unsuspecting public to the centerline of hedonism and depravity toward those who cannot defend themselves; the very young, the sick, and the very old.

Have we, as a God fearing country, strayed so far down the green-peace path that we can no longer see the forest for the trees? Or is it just that our country is dying and we are numb from the denial? If that’s the case, then we seriously need to move on to the next stage of grieving and get angry about America’s imminent demise. Because if we don’t, it won’t be long before we find ourselves bargaining with the devil or bureaucrats to save our own skins.

And it won’t matter if we’re depressed when the government knocks on our own front doors to inform us that the death panels have decided we’re not worthy to occupy space any longer, because it’ll be too late. In the end, we’ll be powerless to do anything but accept our fateful demise – the very impending doom we denied existed in the first place.