Unfettered Immigration Imperils Job Prospects, Wages, and Security for all Americans

Posted: Jan 17, 2021 12:01 AM
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Unfettered Immigration Imperils Job Prospects, Wages, and Security for all Americans

Source: AP Photo/Moises Castillo

This past August, on the second night of the virtual RNC, it was inspiring to see the secretary of Homeland Security swear in five new American citizens and each new citizen then recognized by President Trump. 

The process of obtaining American citizenship was educational. Nevertheless, the Democrats under Joe Biden seek to enable everybody who crosses our borders to do so easily, without penalty, and to quickly be given an array of benefits.

Serving Citizens Comes First

It’s admirable when legal immigrants from other cultures influence the existing U.S. citizenry in positive ways. Concurrently, the "nation of immigrants" or "xenophobia" arguments used by some to justify the staggering toll of fence jumpers and anchor babies born in the U.S. is disingenuous and misses the mark. Likewise is attempting to enforce PC language, as in shunning terms such as "anchor babies," while ignoring reality: a nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation.

In April 2015, testimony before the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, of the U.S. House Judiciary Committees, revealed that hundreds of thousands of children are born annually to an illegal-alien mother residing in the United States. Nationwide, in some years, as many as one in ten births are anchor babies.

All told, nearly five million children born in the U.S. and younger than 18 are living with at least one unauthorized immigrant parent. Five million anchor babies in the U.S., in a family of only four, means that perhaps 16,000,000 people benefit from deportation immunity. Did you get to vote on this transformation of American society? Was this the intent of the 14th Amendment? How about the additional millions of illegals having babies here?

What is a Nation?

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, “An estimated 49 percent of households headed by legal immigrants used one or more welfare programs in 2012, compared to 30 percent of households headed by natives.” Illegal immigrants typically access welfare programs via their U.S. born children, to whom federal government programs and assistance are guaranteed. 

American-born children of illegal aliens have been entitled to American health care, public schools, and other amenities, while some of these same illegal-alien households don’t pay taxes. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that between 50% and 75% of illegal immigrants pay federal, state, and local taxes – thus between 25% and 50% of illegal immigrants do not pay taxes.

Despite the non-stop propaganda from the Left, President Trump advocated for sensible immigration policies, while observing that:

  • Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages, and security for all Americans.
  • A nation without borders is not a nation.
  • A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.

Considering all unfunded liabilities, we are a nation with $158+ trillion in debt. Pandemic or not, we need an immigration moratorium or a reduction in immigration for a while, and not an opening of the floodgates.

A Rapid About-Face

Fifteen years ago, every prominent politician on the left, from Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and numerous others in the House, was a staunch advocate for limited and tightly controlled immigration. Each of them made statements, wrote on the topic, and informed their constituents of their viewpoint. 

Democrats then began to fear the erosion of their base. Unless they started recruiting immigrants en masse, and cheat in historic ways, they might not win another major election. So, in the intervening years, they became pro-open borders advocates, knowing that flooding the U.S. with immigrants would work in their favor. 

North of 80 percent of immigrants who become citizens vote Democrat in their early years of citizenship. When you know that most of the invading masses will punch a ticket for your side, why wouldn’t you want to invite even more?

Open the Gates!

By 2016, Democrats claimed that open borders and waves of immigrants were part of “who we are.” The vile Nancy Pelosi, in her most pseudo-earnest terms, would step behind the lectern and speak to the cameras convincingly. In 2020, every Democratic presidential candidate announced during a debate, recorded forevermore, that they were in favor of giving illegal immigrants full health benefits. 

Sweet! All you have to do is cross the border and make your way into the country and you hit the health benefits jackpot. Nevermind what tens of millions of Americans have already paid in for years. Nevermind that millions who want to become legal citizens have been patiently waiting in line.