A Rare Glimpse of Democrats 'Back in Power'

Posted: Nov 29, 2020 12:01 AM
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A Rare Glimpse of Democrats 'Back in Power'

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

During this odd time in American history, where one party and one candidate thinks they're about to assume the presidency, we’re provided with a unique opportunity. We can observe firsthand, through words and deeds, what Joe Biden and his gang of Leftists would do if they got into office on January 20th. How do we know? With each passing day, they tell us and show us. 

Joe Biden is committed to impeding progress if not tearing down portions of the wall that protect our southern border. Like those who have propped him up, he wants the country to be flooded with illegal immigrants to the point where all our systems are strained to the max. With millions streaming over our borders, our national sovereignty would break down. America soon would become just another country, as Obama fervently wishes, ripe for takeover by the “One World Central Authority” that the Left craves. 

Lock Them Up        

Joe Biden would have you stay in your homes and even mandate masks while dwelling within. He intends to lockdown America, even though we have seen throughout the world that this is, at best, a marginally useful endeavor. Lockdowns carry more risk than benefit when you consider the rise in depression, alcoholism, domestic strife, suicides, students falling farther behind academically and parents strained to provide an income and child monitoring.

Under Biden's 'leadership' your kids won't go to school for many more months, if not, potentially, years. Nevermind that children have handled the coronavirus quite well and vaccines and therapeutics are on their way. Nevermind that any further delays in allowing children back in school can lead to permanent learning deficits, and have already created heightened childhood anxiety, obesity, myopia, loneliness, depression, and reduced social skills.

Biden is willing to destroy the American economy and by extension the world economy, which will happen with another national lockdown, not to mention instituting the Green New Deal, re-joining the Paris Climate Accords, and banning fracking. Biden wants to reignite Obamacare and ensure that the government takeover of health care and health care insurance is all but complete. 

If it takes 10 or 20 years to recover, or forever, that's fine with those on the Left. Any path to crippling America and making us ripe for takeover fits their “one world government” vision. 

Backward, March

Biden has already signaled through his "transition team" of more than 40 registered lobbyists that he is willing to bring in swamp creatures who have been in D.C. for decades. He would add buffoons to his cabinet and inner sanctum, such as John Kerry, who has never entered into a foreign negotiation that he couldn’t completely screw up. By the way, unlike Gen. Mike Flynn, Kerry actually violated the 1799 Logan Act by unlawfully dealing with Iran while not in an official capacity authorized by the U.S. government.

Joe Biden would kowtow to the Chinese, as he has done for decades, and to Russia. He would go soft on Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran: He would reinstate the Iran deal, and do his best to negate the peace agreements that President Trump has engineered throughout the Middle East. He also would undo much of what President Trump has done in terms of trade, NATO funding, shared defense, and shared border protection.

Perhaps he has not yet expressed it, but Joe Biden would favor making Washington, D.C. a state, as well as Puerto Rico. This would yield four more Democratic senators, into perpetuity, and steer the Senate to the Democrats, perhaps, for decades to come.

Although Biden has not tipped his hat, others on the Left have: They harbor a deep desire to pack the U.S. Supreme Court so that liberals can’t lose on any court case that comes to them. Given the length of a justice’s tenure, Democrats would dominate through the middle of this century, if not for the rest of American history.

Stop the Music

Joe Biden would immediately discontinue any DoJ investigations under Bill Barr, halt the John Durham investigation, and end investigations into election fraud. He would cease investigations into the Trump/Russia hoax and all the lies fomented by Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, etc. 

Lately, why has Obama been shooting off his mouth again? Biden would bury the investigations of malfeasance during the Obama/Biden administration, including the crimes of Hillary Clinton, the CIA, the Department of Justice itself, the IRS, and a range of other weaponized agencies.

There is so much more damage that Biden would do if he ever assumed the office of the presidency, which will not happen. Still, because of this rare moment in history when he is deluded into thinking he’s going to reside in the White House, it’s illuminating to know what he would have done.

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