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'President-Elect' Biden Won’t Be For Long

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Momentarily, the media has Joe Biden with 290 electoral votes, 20 beyond what he needs to become the next president of the U.S. The only problem, and this is beyond huge, is that his vote count won't last. He's on course to lose Pennsylvania. Once Rudy Giuliani and company present their case regarding massive fraud in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the state will go to Donald Trump. 

Take away 20 from Biden, add it to President Trump, and now the Democrats are showing fear. What else is on the table? Donald Trump has requested a recount in Wisconsin, and so we'll have pretty good numbers there. 

Based on the evidence to be presented in court, Biden potentially could lose Nevada and Michigan. Republican prospects are heating up in Georgia as well. If you haven't watched the video of Vernon Jones, you're in for five great minutes. So, Biden could dip to under 270, and President Trump could rise above 270. 

Temporary Bamboozle

The mainstream media has attempted to designate Joe Biden as the ironclad "President-elect" who will reside in the White House on January 20th. Forget it. One, they have no such authority, and two, it's not going to happen. 

I have Republican friends across the country who have mentally and emotionally thrown in the towel, and have said "what's the use." They have resigned themselves to the Democrat’s political coup. There is no reason to do so. Considerable evidence of election fraud exists, in all of the contested swing states. The prospects of Joe Biden dipping under 270 electoral votes, within a couple of weeks, are healthy.

Donald Trump knew months, if not years, in advance that this level of election fraud would be attempted by the Left. As such, he readied himself and his team to meet the challenge head-on. He has no intention of losing to the Democrats, and in the days that unfold, this will become more apparent.

Keep the Faith

Beyond everything above, an even more compelling reason lingers as to why Trump and his supporters must fight for as long and as hard as it takes. If we allow this election to be stolen and for the Democrats to install their merry band of pro-Marxists; to pack the Supreme Court; to add D.C. as a state and possibly Puerto Rico, so that they'll have a permanent advantage in the Senate, we can kiss this nation goodbye. If we fall, the world falls. It's a one-to-one relationship.

Truth is on our side. Justice will be on our side. Stand tall. Don't allow Leftist criminality to put a crimp in your day. A lot of action is about to unfold. Now is not the time to cower in the corner. Keep voicing your opinion, call your representatives, and picket in front of your state capitals. Do whatever you can to indicate that the election is not over and that Donald Trump is headed for a second term

Keep in mind that the Leftist hoax involves covering the election aftermath as well. For example, if you go to your favorite search engine and enter the terms “Michigan” and “voter fraud,” or “Georgia” and “election fraud,” you will be disappointed. You won't see any hits related to what's currently happening. Google and Big Tech, in general, have already ensured that your searches will be compromised. You'll be pointed in the direction of information that they want you to swallow. Don't fall for it. 

The mainstream media, likewise, has no intention of offering any clues as to what is actually transpiring. Do not fall for the show. From The New York Times on down, you’ll find that the fake news has never been more fake. 

The BrainTrust

A number of brilliant people, including Sidney Powell, Harmeet Dhillon, Rudy Giuliani, Rich Grinnell, Matt Schlapp, Vernon Jones, and so many others have the goods on what the Democrats have done and are going to present it eloquently. 

Let us rally now. Our cause is noble. We can save the Republic. We can stave off the Socialists. We can have an even better America, just like Donald Trump has said.

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