Good Jews and Bad Jews

Posted: Oct 03, 2020 12:01 AM
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Good Jews and Bad Jews

Source: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergal

Following-up on my article, Good Catholics, Bad Catholics, and White Colonizers, I didn't realize it, but there are also good Jews and bad Jews. The recently-departed Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a very good Jew. Although nearly all of her judicial opinions were in direct opposition to the U.S. Constitution, nothing written about her points to her being a bad Jew.

Bernie Sanders, without question, is a good Jew, perhaps one of the best Jews on Earth. Sander leans so far to the left, that he would have been welcomed among Vladimir Lenin’s brain trust. That earns him high accolades with The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the rest of the mainstream media. If Sanders ever crosses the line, never to occur, and admits that even with all its faults free-market capitalism is the best economic system in the world, he will become a very bad Jew, and we don't want that to happen. Senators Schumer, Feinstein, Blumenthal, Wyden, are all excellent Jews.  And Rep. Adam Schiff, well, he's special!

Joseph Lieberman, when he was Al Gore's running mate in 2000 was a good Jew. Later, when he became more independent and outspoken, he became less than a good Jew. Suddenly, mainstream media outlets that once hung on his every word were no longer interested much of what he had to say. I wonder how he fell from grace?

Bad Jews at the Top

Some very bad Jews in politics right now are too close to Donald Trump. This is a thorny problem. Jared Kushner, for example, who married the president's daughter, Ivanka, and influenced her to convert to Judaism, is not a good Jew. He deserves bad press in The New York Times or The Washington Post, despite being off-the-scale brilliant, and having done yeoman's work in helping to achieve historic Middle East peace agreements.

Ivanka Trump, who converted to Judaism, is a bad Jew: She converted and married a bad Jew. Worse, she's the daughter of Donald Trump. Either way, it's apparent that she's not a good Jew and her three children will not grow up to be good Jews.

Attorney and best-selling author Alan Dershowitz has vacillated back and forth between being a good Jew and a bad one, depending on what opinions he espouses on current topics. Dennis Prager, who launched Prager University, is definitely a bad Jew. After all, his five-minute, illuminating videos about capitalism, liberty, history, politics, the U.S. Constitution, and foreign relations somehow miss the mark each and every time! Worse, the videos unduly influence a brainwashed generation to come back to reality. How dare the bad Jew Dennis Prager seek to win back these wayward souls.

Israeli Jews Are Bad

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel is an exceedingly bad Jew. Every other day, Israel's Leftist press tells us so, proclaiming that Netanyahu is a menace to Israel and that he bears responsibility for everything bad that happens to Israelis. One recent editorial, in Nancy Pelosi-type fashion, proclaimed that Netanyahu might need to be "incapacitated" over his abuse of office.

The Jews in America, who reflexively vote Democrat in election after election, are good Jews, while ironically, most of the Jews in Israel are bad Jews. Maybe it's because they're surrounded by hostile neighbors on all sides and have successfully defended themselves for many years. Perhaps, it's because they're the best U.S. ally in the region, if not in the world. 

Maybe it's because Jews in Israel are so damn smart they deserve some kind of comeuppance. The breakthroughs they've achieved in science, medicine, literature, and the arts are outstanding. The number of Nobel prizes that they receive, per capita, boggles the imagination. In any case, Israeli Jews are mostly bad Jews.

Hollywood Has Good Jews

Hollywood is loaded with good Jews, in fact almost nothing but good Jews. Most of them are committed virtue-signalers, but who cares? Whether you're talking Barbra Streisand, Sarah Silverman, Rob Reiner, Richard Dreyfuss, Steven Spielberg, or Seth Rogen there's simply no end to the number of good Jews in Hollywood.

Steven Spielberg is both a good Jew and a non-colonizing parent of black children. TV talk show hosts of Jewish origin such as Seth Meyers, Jon Stewart, and Bill Maher are routinely good. In fact, it is hard to find a bad Jew on the big screen or on your TV set. 

Those of us who lean right are blessed!