The Death of Journalism

Posted: Mar 21, 2014 12:39 AM
The Death of Journalism

What happened to the watchdog media? Sadly, in this day of Obama, they have turned into the lapdog media. Everyone knows that most members of the mainstream news media are card carrying liberals; however, even staunch left wingers should have enough integrity to fulfill their responsibilities to the public. Our country has benefited from a vigorous “fourth estate,” but that crucial oversight is sorely lacking today.

Of course when Republicans are in office, liberal journalists become quite aggressive and love to launch investigations. When Democrats are in office, these same journalists help the politicians cover up their misdeeds. The identical press that blasted George W. Bush throughout his administration is totally uninterested in examining President Obama’s failed policies, broken promises and weak leadership.

The biggest omission has been a detailed examination of Obamacare and the President’s many exemptions, extensions and revisions to the plan. Today, the plan is a shadow of the legislation that passed, but the American people are only being told about the March 31 deadline and the President’s massive sales push to reach 7 million enrollees.

Respectable journalists should be appalled by the President’s undignified salesmanship of his plan, appearing on every type of entertainment or sports programming. In the past few days, he has been on ESPN, the Ellen show, and an Internet program “Between Two Ferns,” among many others. He is literally pulling out all the stops and knows that on these fluff programs he will never be asked anything resembling a tough question. In the process, he is damaging the presidency by outrageous shilling that is beneath the dignity of his office. .

Obviously the President does not care about the message he is sending, he just needs two million more Americans to sign up for Obamacare before the deadline. His target audience is the young people who have been less than enthused about enrolling. To gain rapport with the youth of America, the President will do almost anything. Whether it is filling out his NCAA basketball brackets or appearing on a late night talk program, there are no limits since there are no presidential standards.

In the past, Presidents could expect rough treatment from the media if they crossed the line. In this administration, the tough media critics are ostracized and eventually removed from any threatening positions. Case in point, Sharyl Attkisson, formerly of CBS News, who resigned after the liberal network continued to spike her investigative pieces. She was the one mainstream news reporter asking questions about Obamacare, Benghazi and the Fast and Furious gun running program, but now she is gone and the coast is clear for President Obama once again.

Unlike Richard Nixon, President Obama does not have to worry about a Woodward or Bernstein uncovering any of his Watergate type scandals. At news conferences, he can expect softball questions and does not have to face a reporter like Sam Donaldson, who regularly peppered President Reagan with aggressive queries.

This White House press corps only gives kid glove treatment. So, the President can pick his basketball teams in peace, who cares if there is war breaking out in the Ukraine or if Venezuela is in turmoil?

It is fitting that Mrs. Obama is travelling to China this week with her children and the media was not invited. Despite the fact that she is using tax dollars to take a free vacation, no member of the press will be there to question the First Lady during her trip.

Of course, the good liberals in the media went along with this administration edict. After some griping, they scurried back to their media dog house, ever ready for their master the next time he calls them out to play.