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Sky High Gas Prices on Slow Demand

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Gas deliveries and electronic consumption are have fallen off a cliff. But prices are up, and rising.
There is a lot that plays into the gas price, however, the real needle in the haystack is Obama’s energy policy. When you curtail use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and curtail exploration and build out of the same, higher energy prices result. Obama has invested heavily in green energy that doesn’t work.

Breakfast Links:

Look at this 6 year linked chart to gas prices. Traditionally they make their highs in the summer.

What every government should know about start ups….

Germany drawing up plans for Greece to leave. I called for that last May. Listen to me and they would have saved billions.

Drill baby drill. Where Josh Brown agrees with Sarah Palin.

Do you problem solve, or compromise?

From college to Silicon Valley (or another entrepreneurial center)

Do you think there should be a market in organs?

Having trouble budgeting your paycheck? This start up can help.

People are blaming capitalism, but I think it’s corporatism.

Is the Fed independent?

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