Democrats’ Nakedly Partisan Attacks on 'Radicalism' Are Fueling Radicalism – and They Know It

Posted: Jan 27, 2021 12:01 AM
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Democrats’ Nakedly Partisan Attacks on 'Radicalism' Are Fueling Radicalism – and They Know It

Source: AP Photo/Noah Berger

When pressed to denounce violent far-left group Antifa, Joe Biden pronounced, they’re “an idea not an organization.” The day Biden was inaugurated, Antifa repaid him for the favor by trashing the Democrat Party headquarters in Portland. 

Antifa has rampaged with relative impunity throughout the country, but nowhere more so than in Portland – an “idea” which has enjoyed more than 220 days of uncontested rioting in the last year.   

Despite this, Biden has pronounced that the domestic terror threat of our times is right-wing “white supremacy,” citing the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill incident. In their race to banana republic status, the Democrats are now impeaching Trump (again) for “inciting violence” – while they themselves have been fomenting violence on a larger, more horrifying scale for years and put DC under a military occupation. 

While a laundry list of leftist violence would fill entire articles, let’s remember that now-Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer threatened dissenting justices on the stairs of the Supreme Court while now-Vice President Kamala Harris warned that people should “beware” of relentless BLM riots.   

This type of brazen dishonesty about political violence escapes the realm of mere hypocrisy, whizzes past cognitive dissonance, and soars right into Orwellian doublespeak – no doubt why Mr. Orwell’s cautionary 1984 was the top-selling book of 2020.

One of the efforts to silence political opposition is to label dissenters as universally violent based on the behavior of the extreme few. In all of this, the voice of reason has become Bill Maher, who says such shockingly logical things as we can’t discriminate against millions upon millions of Trump voters because of the bad actions of a very small minority of them. This is the same insistence that “tolerant” leftists make on behalf of all Muslims after terror attacks, but conveniently forget regarding their political rivals.

Ignoring their own homilies about “tolerance,” the chosen method for handling this is for Silicon Valley tyrants – who made their billions violating your privacy – to eject wrong-thinkers off of their platforms. This gives the disgruntled nowhere to respond to the relentless, bigoted, dehumanizing attacks from celebrities, news anchors, and elected Democrats, so they are forced underground. 

The obvious outcome is that larger, justifiably angry masses will mix with the actual radical few. When people are excluded from the public square, the only place left to go is the shadows –which creates tragedies like the recent pizza-gate shooter in a D.C. restaurant. 

But what’s giving more credit to otherwise radical, underground anxieties are how leftists keep proving other suspicions true. 

For example, many people suspected the draconian coronavirus lockdowns in hopelessly blue fiefdoms like Chicago, New York, and California were done just to sabotage to Trump’s roaring economy, and – what incredible timing! – they are now re-opening. On a grander scale, many have feared that the coronavirus provided the opportunity for globalist organizations to hijack the planet with a “Great Reset” – and then the World Economic Forum announced they wanted to do just that

The World Has Gone Crazy
Derek Hunter

Republicans have consistently denounced political violence from right-wing extremists while Democrats and their media hand-maidens have egged left-wing violence on. This fundamental violation of our social contract has damaged the entire country. 

Detroit – America’s blackest city – is suing BLM for the massive damage caused by their “peaceful protests.” It’s hard to put a dog on a leash once you’ve put a crown on his head. Ignoring the reality of organized political violence, will be terrible for everyone and Democrats need to stand up to it rather than lie about it.

Just an idea. 

Jared Whitley is a longtime DC politico, having worked in the Senate, the White House, and the defense industry.