Will America Die Or Thrive? An Open Letter To The American People

Posted: Sep 28, 2020 12:01 AM
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Will America Die Or Thrive? An Open Letter To The American People

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

2020 isn’t a normal year and it certainly isn’t a normal election. You see, normal elections are marked by Democrats attempting to buy votes with an endless array of government handouts, freebies, special interest priorities, or any number of other big government promises.

Historically in a normal election year, the Republican message has been focused, in large part, on simply counter-messaging the Democrats’ false promises. In the past this has left Republicans appearing milquetoast and created a scenario where the Democrat-controlled media could force national Republicans into a defensive position, rendering them poorly equipped to offensively control the narrative.

But 2020 is not a normal election year. 2020 is about something so much more than “winning” an election. The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been before and we all know it. We can feel it.

At its core, 2020 is about protection. Sadly, it’s about protecting the American people from Democrat riots, looting, and violence, not to mention the attempts by countless Democrats all over the country to defund our police departments. And while 2020 is literally about protecting our communities from political violence, it’s also about protecting our freedom, opportunities and prosperity.

After nearly a decade of Democrat rule under the Obama-Biden administration—an administration wrought with feckless, uninspiring leadership, economic stagnation, and apathetic, if not non-existent, national aspirations—the Democrats have spent the last three and a half years doubling down on their strategy of division. Day after day, Democrats have sought to make the American people feel weak, unimportant and unexceptional.

2020 isn’t a normal election year because the American people are fed up. This election is about being inspired again. It’s about being aspirational once again. It’s about believing in the greatness, benevolence, diversity and strength of the greatest nation on earth. It’s about a great American revitalization.

The lines have never been more clearly drawn. 2020 is the battle between freedom and socialism. Law and order and anarchy. High quality education for our children and highly politicized education. Protecting life and celebrating the destruction of life. A patient/doctor focused healthcare system and a government micro-managed one. Lower taxes and higher taxes. Justice for all and double standards for the favored elites. American strength and American subservience.                     

2020 is about protecting and preserving the American dream for generations to come.

This election cycle, Americans are looking for leaders like the greats of generations past—the Kings, the Reagans, the Lincolns—who will speak boldly, who will speak truthfully, and who will speak inspiringly about the nation that we love so deeply, while helplessly feeling it slip away.

COVID-19 has taught many of our fellow countrymen that even those leaders whom they thought could be trusted with the duty of protecting them can no longer be relied upon.  

The onslaught of misinformation and outright lies from a media fixated on the destruction of the one man standing between everyday hardworking Americans and the jackboot of government has taught many to question everything and believe nothing.

Yet despite the growing cynicism, Americans want to be united in a common purpose, a common cause and a common spirit of exceptionalism.

Amidst the chaos of the events of this year, and as we watch the election unfolding in front of us, it is imperative that we reflect and remember our history. This nation was divinely inspired and it will be divinely revitalized.

Just like Esther in the Scripture, our founding fathers were placed in their exact time and place in history to do God’s will and found this great nation that has done more to achieve peace, opportunity and prosperity for the world than any people since God spoke this earth to life.

So too, God has placed each of us—each of you—in a time such as this to do His will.

God has gifted each of us with the exact skillset necessary to speak boldly, truthfully, and inspiringly in these dark times. God has called each of us to preserve and defend the freedom and liberty with which He has bestowed on the people of this nation.

As we answer His calling in the coming days, do so with the passion and conviction that comes from knowing you are on the winning side of history.

The American people—our families, our neighbors, our coworkers, our fellow countrymen—are looking for leaders who will defend us from the uncertainty, chaos, mayhem, and turmoil that seems, at times, to surround us.

America needs leaders who will steady the waters and remove the clouds of despair Democrats have created for their own selfish, political gain. It’s up to you, everyday Americans, to be those leaders.

It’s up to you to keep America free. To keep America prosperous. To keep America safe. To keep America strong. And to keep America great for this generation and the next.

2020 is not a normal election year. Failure is not an option.

Jake Hoffman is a contributing columnist at Townhall, the president and CEO of Rally Forge, one of the nation’s top conservative digital communications and media strategy firms, and an elected official in Arizona. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.