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Antifa, (Officially) an Anti-American Terrorist Organization

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Following Charlottesville, politicians and media personalities, Republican and Democrat, “liberal” and “conservative,” excoriated President Trump for condemning bad actors among the “Unite the Right” rally attendees and the so-called “counter-demonstrators” who confronted them.


According to these moral show boating pontificators, all of the blame for the violence that ensued fell on the shoulders of those “white supremacists” that lawfully assembled to protest the proposed removal of a Robert E. Lee statue.  The thugs who expressed their resentment of the rally by way of baseball bats, bottles of urine and feces, flamethrowers, clubs, bear mace, and an assortment of other potentially deadly weaponry, they’d have us believe, were otherwise peaceful angels heroically demonstrating against “hate” and “bigotry.”

In age of Big Lies, this is among the biggest and most grotesque (as is shown here and here).

Charlottesville was indeed a dark day for our country, but largely because, with the sole exception of President Trump, it revealed the abject cowardice and truly scandalous moral confusion on the part of the movers and shakers of law and public opinion:

Those who legally attempted to engage in peaceful protest were vilified while the violent criminals who violated their constitutional rights were romanticized.

There would have been no violence had Antifa vermin respected the right of their opponents to peacefully assemble.  That this is the truth is borne out by the following considerations: 

(a)Some of the rally attendees met the previous night for their march through the campus of the University of Virginia.  They exponentially outnumbered the few “anti-fascists” that heckled them.  Had the “white supremacists” been looking to rumble, they could have crushed their antagonists.  Yet there was no violence.


(b)Although we continue to hear from the chronically misinformed, the disingenuous, and the virtue-signalers in D.C. and corporate media (“conservative,” no less than “liberal”) that the rally in question was a gathering of neo-Nazis, most people there had neither affiliation with nor respect for neo-Nazis.  Retired military personnel and law enforcement agents, resolved to uphold their oath to the Constitution, comprised the militia groups that were on the scene.  Some of them were armed with firepower.

Had they wanted to drop bodies, including and especially the bodies of those who initiated the violence against the rally attendees, they could have easily done so. That they didn’t unload on anyone proves not only that they weren’t looking for violence, but that they were far more restrained and civil than the Antifa and Black Lives Matter goons that came spoiling for a fight.

Since at least the beginning of the year, some of us have been doing what little we can to draw the public’s attention to the guttersnipes that are “Antifa.”  These are the punks who, dressed in all black and wearing masks, have repeatedly descended upon Trump supporters, police officers, journalists, and anyone and everyone else who these neo-communists label “fascist.”

No one in Big Media mentioned them—until Charlottesville forced them to take notice.

At first, as was mentioned above, journalists, commentators, and politicians—Republican no less than Democrat—depicted Antifa as a virtuous lot determined to resist the forces of hatred and bigotry. And make no mistakes, those who essentially said against Trump that “there were no sides” in Charlottesville, that he was both mistaken and morally flawed in repudiating the violence of the “counter-demonstrators,” held some such view of these anti-American scumbags.


Now, though, those who were guilty of romanticizing Antifa are being compelled to retreat from their morally outrageous position of just a few weeks ago. 

This is a striking turn of events.  After all, their supporters, however silent they may have been, saw Antifa punks in Charlottesville with their faces covered, clogging streets, and assaulting those with whom they disagreed. Presumably, this spectacle should’ve sufficed sooner to provoke Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan to take the steps that they finally did last week and disavow Antifa.

Yet neither Pelosi, Ryan nor any of their colleagues in Congress did any such thing in the immediate hours and days following Charlottesville. Instead, they in effect ran cover for Antifa by dumping on the president for calling it out. 

In fact, Antifa had been regularly unleashing mayhem against Trump supporters, business owners, police officers, and others for the better part of at least a year. But the Pelosis and Ryans of the world uttered not a syllable of condemnation. 

So, what’s changed?

Shortly after Charlottesville, and emboldened by the favorable press supplied them by their fellow ideologues in the media and Washington D.C.—i.e. “the Resistance”—Antifa thugs proceeded to attack statues and monuments around the country.  A petition for the White House to label Antifa a terrorist outfit was created on August 17.  Within but five days, it gained up to 250,000 signatures (far exceeding the 100,000 signatures that require the White House to formally respond within 30 days). 


However, Antifa already is listed among the terrorist groups recognized by my home state of New Jersey. And at the close of the last week of August, word went around the media that President Obama’s FBI and Department of Homeland Security had classified Antifa “activities” as “domestic terrorist violence” back in 2016.  

This is good news.   

Formally, it’s a question as to whether this means that Antifa is regarded as a terrorist organization.  Still, the implication is clear enough.  The president needs to be explicit, but until then, we can look back at the reaction to Trump’s Charlottesville remarks in a new light:

Everyone who blasted the president for calling out Antifa blasted him for decrying the actions of anti-American terrorists.

Everyone who dumped on Trump for refusing to let Antifa off of the hook dumped on him for refusing to give a bunch of anti-American terrorists the pass that his critics were all too willing to give them.

Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Charles Krauthammer, and a whole lot of other Republicans have not only been unwilling to do what Obama’s government was willing to do and label Antifa activities as “terrorist”; they expressed shock and disgust that the president of the United States, the titular head of their own party, would so much as note that Antifa is violent!

But Antifa is violent. It is a purveyor of terrorism. 

And, importantly, it most certainly is a strong-arm organ of the very “Resistance” movement to which belong the members of the Democratic Party; most media propagandists, academics, and entertainers; Deep State bureaucrats; and NeverTrump Republicans. 


This last point being so, it is imperative that the rest of us repeatedly force their co-“resistors” to unequivocally and loudly disavow the violent, anti-American terrorist thugs of Antifa.


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