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At least as disturbing as the events in Charlottesville on August 12 is the Big Media coverage of those events.

More specifically, while most people—and certainly most Americans, some of whose loved ones, like my late grandfather, sacrificed life and limb fighting Hitler’s army during World War II—recognize them for the scumbags that they are, neo-Nazis do not pose any sort of threat to Americans.


And everyone who has been waxing hysterical over the sight of a few swastika-bearing young men in Charlotteville knows this to be true.

In glaring contrast, those who self-style as “anti-fascists,” the so-called “Antifa,” do indeed pose a threat. 

It isn’t because the Antifa is, in reality, anti-American that accounts for its toxicity to our way of life.  Nor is it that its members see themselves as justified in repudiating civilization by resorting to violence against those who they regard as “fascist”—i.e. anyone to the slightest right of these far-left losers—that explains why they imperil our country.

What decisively establishes Antifa as a threat to America is that, subsequent to Charlottesville, these self-regarding “anarcho-communists” now have the sympathies of their ideological brethren in “the Establishment,” what I call the Big GAME (Government-Academia-Media-Entertainment complex).

Both Republican and Democratic politicians alike have pounced on the president for, quite justly, noting that among the “counter-demonstrators” at Charlottesville was a “very, very violent,” not insignificant minority.

To repeat, although he explicitly condemned white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and all who would engage in racial oppression, President Trump has himself been condemned by dishonest moral exhibitionists and political opportunists, both Republican and Democrat alike, for doing what they wouldn’t think of doing by telling the truth.


Trump, to his credit, also pointed out that for as repugnant as some of the rally attendees undoubtedly were, they had assembled lawfully.  They had respected our Constitution.  The mask-wearing “counter-demonstrators” who came to meet them with baseball bats, clubs, bottles filled with concrete, feces, urine, acid, bear mace, guns, and even a makeshift flame-thrower had no permit to block thoroughfares. They violated the Constitution.

Neither did they have a permit to assault with deadly weapons those whose presence and ideas they resented.

This being said, the president didn’t go nearly far enough.  He should have called out the Antifa by name.  He should have brought to the nation’s attention that for at least the better part of the last year, and certainly since his inauguration, it has singled out for violent attack his supporters, supplying the same rationale for doing so—“bash the fash”—that is now given for the violence in Charlottesville.

It isn’t neo-Nazis upon whom the Antifa has been setting its sights for the last year. It is Deplorables, anyone and everyone who supports, or who openly displays their support, for Trump.

Antifa is an enemy of civilization.  Its members regularly march under the banner of the Sickle and Hammer, have long referred to America as a “fascist” state, and have a habit of burning American—or AmeriKan—flags. 


Antifa should be identified for the terrorist organization that it is. And make no mistakes about it: Antifa members are terrorists.

This is no hyperbole.  A violent act is a terrorist act, and the perpetrator is a terrorist, if three conditions are satisfied: (1) The perpetrator is a non-state actor; (2) The violence is aimed at civilians; and (3) the violence unleashed upon civilians is designed to affect changes in government policy.

A terrorist need not be successful in his or her aspirations in order to be a terrorist. The members of so-called “Antifa” meet all three of these criteria.

They are terrorists.

Although it has only been recently that those in Big Media began talking about Antifa, some of us who carefully track movements on the ground, so to speak, the movements of “the little people,” spotted Antifa for the threat that it is.  Well before Charlottesville, concerned citizens via began making attempts to petition the Trump administration to call it out for the terrorist group that it is.

Members of Antifa are the same guttersnipes who stormed the streets of D.C. on the day of Trump’s inauguration and attacked police officers, private citizens, and the property of businesses.

These are the same vermin that rioted on UC Berkeley’s campus shattering windows, throwing Molotov cocktails, suppressing free speech, and, once again, macing and assaulting citizens, including a young lesbian woman whose red hat was mistaken for a MAGA hat.


These are the same low lives who have routinely attacked pro-Trump, pro-free speech rally attendees at Berkeley (and other locations) with knives, rocks, sticks of dynamite, flag poles, sticks, bricks, and bike locks.

Last but not least, these are the same anti-American terrorists who allegedly “mainstream” Democrats not only refuse to disavow, but for whom they now apologize.  This is to their eternal shame.  They are complicit in the violence, in the terrorism of those who function as the strong-arm wing of their party. 

Yet, to be fair, it isn’t just Democrats who have blood on their hands. No shortage of Republican and GOP-friendly “conservative” commentators are culpable as well.  Those who condemned the president for drawing the nation’s attention to the barbarism of the Antifa “counter-demonstrators” in Charlottesville have chosen to turn a blind eye to anti-American, anti-constitutional thuggery.

What they are either unwilling or unable to recognize is that for all of their virtue-signaling, the Antifa regards them—as they regard all “normals,” as’s Kurt Schlicter refers to those tens and tens of millions of garden-variety Americans who simply want to live and let live—in the same light as that in which they regard neo-Nazis.


Whether one is white, black, or other; Republican, Democrat, or Independent; “conservative,” “liberal,” or “libertarian”—it matters not.  If one does not endorse the neo-communism, anarcho-communism, and anti-Americanism of Antifa, one is a “white supremacist” and “fascist.”          


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