If the Coup Against Trump Succeeds….

Posted: Aug 10, 2017 12:01 AM
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That his enemies in the Regime—The Big GAME (the Government-Academia-Media-Entertainment complex)—have been busy plotting nothing less than a coup against President Trump is undeniable by this point.

The wonderful thing about Trump’s involvement in national politics over these last two years is that it has supplied for all with eyes to see a lifetime’s worth of political education.  The “Deep State” and “Fake News media” are now household terms, and tens of millions of Americans who supported Trump and who had traditionally voted for the Republican Party will never again view the latter and its “conservative” media apologists in the same light after the shameful treatment to which they have subjected the President who they elected.

If Republicans lose the House and Senate, it will only be because the country’s 63 million or so Deplorables, rightly, feel betrayed by them.

The Big GAME is an intricate, if toxic, ecosystem. Trump and his army of Deplorables defied overwhelming odds to achieve a historically unprecedented victory in November of last year. In doing so, they compromised, or at least threatened, this ecology.

The Regimists or GAMErs, unwilling, as they are, to free themselves from their addiction to manipulating the rest of us, are clearly determined to stop President Trump at all costs. This means that they willing to concoct melodramatic, far-fetched tales of how a foreign government, conspiring—um, “colluding”—with an American presidential candidate hoodwinked the country into voting against their interests.

It means that they are willing to either turn a blind eye to or actually encourage intimidation, aggression, coercion, and even overt violence against the President’s colleagues and supporters.

It means that they are willing to violate the law.

It means that they are willing to jeopardize national security.

And it means that they are willing to besiege the public with a relentless tsunami of fake news, anti-Trump propaganda.

The GAMErs want to utterly demoralize and degrade the Deplorables. They want for them to feel shame and, hopefully, regret for ever having backed Trump.  The New York billionaire, a Washington D.C. outsider who never held office and who launched like a missile into the heart of the Big GAME, must be made to look like a con-artist, a clown, a liar, and a fluke.

At the same time, GAMErs hope to kill another bird with this stone.  They hope to deter anyone else who may have thoughts about running for high office on a populist, nationalist, America-First agenda from doing so.

Players in the Big GAME, via their efforts to depose a duly, democratically-elected President, intend to send an unmistakable message to all future presidential aspirants: Unless they are willing to play by the rules set by the GAMErs, they will not be permitted to play at all.   

A number of recent polls suggest that the onslaught of Fake News and Big Lies that the GAMErs have been producing is having an effect on how Americans currently view their President. Of course, these are the same polls that showed Hillary Clinton defeating Trump in a landslide, and showing this as late as the evening on which he eventually defeated her. 

With rare exception, these polls are pieces of the Big GAME.  Fake polls are items of Fake News.

At any rate, we are but seven months into Trump’s presidency, a presidency that is unprecedented for the size, scope, and intensity of the opposition with which it has been met from before it even began, a presidency that is not (or not yet) an agent of the Big GAME.

Recently, some have begun to muse as to what may happen in the event that the GAMErs get their way and succeed in finishing off the remains of our Constitutional Republic by overturning the results of the last presidential election. 

Back in May, banker, writer, Constitutionalist, and “Big ‘L’ Libertarian, Bon Scott made this promise: “10,000,000 people will march on Washington if they try to impeach Trump…they will be heavily armed. I will be one of them. No kidding.” Deplorables, he said, “will not stand for it” if Trump is removed.

Nationally syndicated talk radio superstar Michael Savage also promises a potentially bloody civil war in the event that the Big GAME affects its coup against Trump. “You have not yet seen mob violence in this country,” remarks the bombastic host.“I’m warning you. All of you leftists who think you’re going to steal our vote, you’re wrong.”  Non-leftist Americans have tolerated much, Savage continues, “but if [the left] does the next step and steal[s] our president, I warn you. You’ve seen nothing yet.” 

Pat Buchanan forecasts not necessarily an armed conflict between Deplorables and the Big GAMErs, but a post-American situation of sorts that all but forecloses the possibility of national unity:

“The reaction will be one of bitterness, cynicism, despair, a sense that the fix is in, that no matter what we do, they will not let us win. If Trump is brought down, American democracy will take a pasting. It will be seen as a fraud. And the backlash will poison our politics to where only an attack from abroad, like 9/11, will reunite us.”

Kurt Schlichter is more disposed to side with those who anticipate armed resistance in the event that the Big GAME undermines the Constitution by destroying Trump.  Since the Deplorables, with whom Schlichter identifies, are both “armed” and “proficient” in the use of those arms, this makes them “extremely dangerous to aspiring oppressors” like those who would seek to “nullify the results of the election” of 2016. 

What the GAMErs don’t get is that even if they succeed in their coup, Deplorables are now awake: they are “not going to simply shrug and go back to letting you dictate how we live.”

Trump, Schlichter explains, is “a warning” to the Big GAME, “the best case scenario” for it.  “If you somehow depose him via your smarmy shenanigans, what comes next is really going to upset you.”

“Trump is not our last chance.  He’s your last chance,” Schlichter assures the Regime.

If the Big GAME’s plot against Trump succeeds, there are but two alternatives to armed resistance on the part of Deplorables.One is secession.  The other is slavery to a Regime that will have proven itself wholly hostile to the Constitution, democracy, Republicanism, and the rule of law.

The last option is unacceptable to American patriots.