“Interracial Attacks That the ‘Anti-Racist’ Media Ignored”

Posted: Sep 13, 2014 12:01 AM

For weeks on end, the police shooting death of a black man in Ferguson, Missouri by a white officer had managed to remain front and center on the national stage. The usual suspects in the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC) held up this incident as proof that “black men in America are under attack,” or some gibberish along these lines.

The truth, of course, is dramatically otherwise, a fact of which no remotely aware or honest human being needs any reminding.

For starters, black men in America are under attack. But the predators responsible are not whites, whether police officers are otherwise; rather, they are other black men.

Yet, if “racism” is the mother of all evils, a “cancer” to society, as we have been tirelessly told for decades and decades, then the exorbitant rate of black-on-black violence, while dreadful as far as it goes, should nevertheless register lower on our scale of priorities than the comparably obscene level of black-on-white violence—which, scandalously, doesn’t seem to register at all.

After all, if the roles were reversed and whites were attacking blacks to a fraction of the extent to which blacks currently attack whites, there is no one—and least of all no one among the captains of RIC—who would hesitate to cite this as proof that “racism” was alive and well.

Just this past week, four vicious black-on-white attacks made local news in their respective towns—while, all too predictably, being entirely neglected by the national media.

In Lockport, New York, two black teenage girls were captured on video savagely pummeling a white girl upon luring her to the location of their choice. According to News 4, WIVB, a 12 year-old and a 15 year-old “befriended” their “victim and tricked her” into convening with them in an “alleyway” known by the residents of Lockport as “Works Place.”

That’s when the beating commenced.

Reports News 4: “The video shows the victim being pulled to the ground by her hair and being repeatedly punched and kicked in the face.”

The victim was repeatedly punched and kicked in the face.

But it gets worse.

One of the brutes “repeatedly stomps on her [the victim’s] head.”

And all of this happens before the older of the two attackers punches the victim some more.

In Memphis, Tennessee, a large group of black teenagers—according to witnesses, 100-125 of them—forced the owner of a pizza restaurant to close an hour earlier than usual before it stormed a 25 year-old white customer at nearby Kroger’s. The victim was beaten to a bloody pulp. While he lay unconscious, his assailants took turns kicking and punching him. They even slammed a pumpkin on his head—all while he was cold-cocked. A witness relayed that “all [that] you could see was blood and pumpkins.”

A black female who was videoing the event can be heard laughing away as she screeches, “they got a white dude!”

Two employees—at least one of whom, reportedly, was black—were also pounded into oblivion when they tried to intervene to spare the first victim from the further ravages of the wolf pack.

In a suburb of Kansas City, just a few days ago, five elderly white people—two men and three women—were murdered by a 34 year-old black man, ex-convict Brandon Howell. George and Ann Taylor, both of whom were in their late 80’s, were beaten to death in their own home. Howell then fatally gunned down 88 year-old Lorene Hurst, her 63 year-old son Darrel, and 69 year-old Susan Choucroun.

To top it all off, Howell then sped away in the Taylors’ car.

In New York City, two black women forced their way into the apartment of three white residents in an attempt to force them out of their apartment and out of their Brooklyn neighborhood.

The aggressors also robbed their victims at gunpoint while complaining that they were “tired [of] white people moving into the area.”

Each of these incidents occurred within just the last week or so, in towns in disparate regions of the country.

And yet we hear not a peep about any of it from the national media.

It isn’t, however, just the left-wing (misnamed) “mainstream” media that is silent on this score. Equally silent are “mainstream” “conservatives” in the so-called “alternative” media. Fox certainly hasn’t broached this topic. Nor has “conservative” radio done so.

This bi-partisan silence is telling. Had whites been the predators in the foregoing cases and blacks the prey, the left would be apoplectic, and the usual suspects would be moaning and groaning over the need for an “honest” discussion of race and “racism.” Had the culprits been Arabic Muslims, you could bet the bank that “conservative” media would be all abuzz over it.

But the reality is that in contemporary America, it isn’t whites or Arabic Muslims who are the biggest purveyors of interracial violence; it is blacks who hold this ugly distinction.

And this is something that all those who renounce evil must have the courage to confront.