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Unmasking John Brennan’s Damage to Our National Security

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AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

“It is unsurprising that Trump enjoys wallowing in his fetid self-indulgence, but I find it surreal that so many other government officials encourage his ignorance, incompetence, & destructive behavior,” Former CIA director John Brennan tweeted on May 9, 2020.


Yes, let’s by all means look into (what we certainly hope is) ignorance and incompetence by high government officials. To wit:  

“(In Aug. 2015) an un-marked U.S. government plane landed at an airstrip in Havana, carrying…John Brennan, the director of the C.I.A.  Brennan was there to meet with Alejandro Castro-Espin (Raul Castro’s son, the KGB-trained head of Cuba’s counterintelligence service, who authored a book titled “U.S.-Empire of Terror”) and discussed increasing intelligence cooperation between the two countries. Brennan considered Cuba’s spy agencies the most capable in Latin America, and hoped to work with them against drug cartels and terrorist networks.”

Apparently Brennan’s Cuba trip met with results. To wit: 

“Cuba and the United States signed an agreement to cooperate in the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking…A delegation of Cuban government national security officials recently toured the Pentagon’s counter-drug center in Key West (in May, 2016)— a first, signaling a nascent effort in U.S.-Cuban security cooperation. They got a briefing on the work that has been described as Southcom’s command center in the war on drugs.”

The result of this Brennan-encouraged “cooperation?” 

“Panamanian authorities on Saturday (May, 18, 2019) intercepted 46 suitcases containing an estimated $90 million in illegal drugs on a cargo ship that arrived from a Cuban port and was en route to Istanbul, Turkey. The suitcases contained 1,517 packages of drugs hidden in a container declared as containing charcoal.”


Needless to add: no mainstream U.S. media portal (not even Fox!) bothered reporting on this BLOCKBUSTER embarrassment to the Obama/Brennan “national security” team. 

“Cuba is not a threat to the United States…They don’t implicate our national security in any way…The government of Cuba has not provided any support for international terrorism during the preceding six-month period; and the government of Cuba has provided assurances that it will not support acts of international terrorism in the future.” (President Obama after meeting with Raul Castro in Panama and recommending that Stalinist Cuba be removed from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, April 14th, 2015.).

Presumably the head of the CIA at the time John Brennan, who had been a close national security advisor to Barack Obama since his 2008 campaign, signed-off on (and maybe even encouraged) Obama’s decision to whitewash and legitimize the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate. Never mind that this whitewash required taking one of modern history’s most infamous liars at his word.  

But in fact, only a few weeks before Obama’s (and presumably Brennan’s) giddy acceptance of Castro’s promise (“cross my heart and hope to die!”), Castro got caught red-handed supplying Chinese-made arms to the Western hemisphere’s oldest, biggest and most murderous terror-group: Colombia’s FARC. The terror-death toll from these Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) exceeds 200,000, and includes more U.S. citizens than were murdered by ISIS.


So maybe it was a mere coincidence that the very week Obama (with presumably Brennan’s support) planned to remove Cuba as a terror-sponsor the mainstream media (especially CNN) blacked-out any mention of this blatant terror-sponsorship by Cuba in our own backyard? 

You see, amigos: In February 2015, Colombian authorities found 99 missile heads, 100 tons of gunpowder, 2.6 million detonators, and over 3,000 artillery shells hidden under rice sacks in a ship bound from Red China to Cuba that docked in the port of Cartagena Colombia.

Most Cuba-watchers immediately guessed what was up. And crackerjack Colombian (NOT CNN, heaven forbid!) reporters quickly investigated and exposed the Castro-regime’s terror-sponsoring scheme. In brief:

*The arms were from a Chinese manufacturer named Norinco and the recipient was a Cuban company named Tecnoimport.

*But the ship stopped in the Colombian ports of Cartagena and Baranquilla (where the FARC is based.)

*Colombia’s crackerjack newspaper El Espectator also reported that many Norinco-manufactured arms had already been captured from FARC guerrillas over the past 10 years. This proliferation of Cuba-smuggled Chinese arms to the terrorist FARC got so bad that in 2007-08 the Columbian authorities even sent a diplomatic protest note to the Chinese. 

This awkward information at such an awkward time, needless to say, might have hampered Obama’s plan (with presumably Brennan’s support) to cleanse the Castro regime from any taint of terror-sponsorship—at least for people with half-a-brain. 


But shouldn’t the head of (probably) the world’s largest and most lavishly–funded intelligence agency (the CIA) have been aware of this Cuban terror-sponsorship on our very doorstep? So how could he possibly sign-off on Obama’s howler that “the government of Cuba has not provided any support for international terrorism during the preceding six-month period?”

"Countries like Russia, countries like Cuba, countries like Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, I mean, these are — in many cases, these are criminal enterprises that — that have dictatorships and certainly tyrants," Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said in Aug. 2016.

“Fighting well requires that you know your enemy, as the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said. Our leaders (circa 2008-2016) don't want to identify our enemies. That puts us on the path to defeat…there are many similarities between these dangerous and vicious radicals and the totalitarian movements of the last century. No surprise that we are facing an alliance between Radical Islamists and regimes in Havana, in Pyongyang, Moscow and Bejing," stated Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn in "The Field of Fight."

“This book argues that we are at war. It is a global war…It runs from Pyongyang to Caracas through the Middle East, which we all follow in agonizing detail…across Africa into South America, Venezuela, Honduras, Cuba, which everybody always forgets, by the way. Everybody forgets Cuba, and yet Cuba is a big part of this story," added Michael Ledeen, co-author with Lt Gen. Michael Flynn of “The Field of Fight.”


Conceivably, the items unmasked above regarding Brennan’s (we hope!) blindness regarding our enemies might have contributed to his fervor to “unmask” Lt Gen. Flynn, who shares no such “blindness.”

Quite fittingly, in the very midst of the unmasking of the Brennan/Obama-Team’s scheme to railroad and frame Flynn, the Trump team is putting the final nails in the coffin of Obama’s “Cuba opening.” It looks like soon Cuba will be back on the State Department's official list of terror-sponsors, where they so richly belong.    

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