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“The Fuhrer’s swastika is today Israel’s banner!”(Fidel Castro, June 2010.)

 “Gal Gadot is on board to produce and possibly star in a movie based on Peter Kornbluh’s Politico article “‘My Dearest Fidel’: An ABC Journalist’s Secret Liaison With Fidel Castro.”… “When I first read Peter’s (Kornbluh’s) article, I was entranced by his thrilling account of a complicated, fascinating woman (Castro and Che Guevara groupie Lisa Howard) in the midst of a high-stakes, real-life drama,” Gadot said. “I knew immediately that I had to be involved creatively with telling (Castro and Che groupie) Lisa Howard’s story, and am thrilled to be producing this film with Sue.”

Fidel Castro’s habitual references to Israel as “Fascist!””Nazi!” and “Genocidal!” are the least of it. He also put his (stolen) money where his mouth is: sending tanks and troops to Syria during the Yom Kippur war attempting to “erase Israel!” His Stalinist regime also sponsored the famous UN resolution equating “Zionsim with Racism!” and drove out 90 per cent of Cuba’s Jewish population.

In fact, what Czar Nicholas failed to accomplish with 20 years of pogroms, “My Dearest Fidel” pulled off in three years of his Stalinist rule. He drove out a higher percentage of Jews from Cuba than Czar Nicholas drove from Russian and even Hafez Assad drove out of Syria. Yet “Miss Israel” seems as charmed by him as was Lisa Howard-- who also had the hots for Fidel’s sidekick Che Guevara.

In fact, in December 1964 Lisa Howard threw a celebrity-studded party in her Manhattan bungalow in honor of Che Guevara who was addressing the UN that week. “Executions?!”Che Guevara exclaimed to the claps and cheers of that august international body. “Certainly we execute!—and we will continue executing as long as necessary!...the U.S.is carnivorous animal feeding on the helpless!” More claps and cheers greeted Che Guevara—followed by a simply fab party thrown by Lisa Howard, Gal Gadot’s new heroine.

By the way, in between signing autographs for Manhattan’s glitterati at Lisa Howard’s place during that trip Che Guevara was also plotting with the Black Liberation Front to blow up the Statue of Liberty. Think of the drama this side-plot would add to Gadot’s movie!

I offer this sure-fire nail-biter on the part of Howard’s heartthrob to Gal Gadot’s screenwriters on the house. Don’t mention it, Ms Gadot! Happy to help with your project! Thorough documentation for this terror-plot provided here.  

Politico writer Peter Kornbluh, by the way, (who “entranced” Gal Gadot with his Politico article) is among the Castro-regime’s most active (but unregistered) U.S. agent/lobbyists. Kornbluh’s links to the terror-sponsoring Castro regime are so intimate that the Stalinist regime’s KGB-tutored secret police use Kornbluh as a celebrity prop in the ransom notes for their hostages. 

Think I jest?

Well, remember when Castro grabbed Alan Gross as a U.S. hostage to blackmail Obama into releasing the Castro terrorist/spies convicted of (among other crimes) conspiracy to murder U.S. citizens?…

Oh, I know, I know, the Fake News Media and Castro’s propaganda ministry (but I repeat myself) refer to this as “Obama’s historic opening to Cuba!” In fact it was a craven, sniveling (and typically Democrat) caving to blackmail by a terror-sponsoring, hostage-taking regime.

And why did Castro choose a Jewish American hostage (Alan Gross)? Perhaps this might provide a clue:

“The control that Israel has over the United States is enormous.”Fidel Castro,

And here’s what the Simon Weisenthal Center’s Rabbi Abraham Cooper heard from a Castro official while visiting hostage Alan Gross in his Havana prison cell: "Everyone knows that the Jews have a lot of clout in Washington.”

At any rate, here’s a picture (i.e.ransom-note) taken by KGB-mentored Cuban apparatchiks of Alan Gross in captivity featuring Peter Kornbluh. You’ve got to admit that’s quite an honor!

Recently a ceremony was held at the Cuban embassy in Washington D.C.in honor, homage and tribute to the mass-murdering, terror-sponsoring dictator Fidel Castro. This strikes me as perfectly proper for Cuban diplomats. 

But what should you make of U.S. “scholars” billed as “impartial” gleefully offering “honor, homage and tribute” to the mass-murdering, terror-sponsor who craved to nuke their homeland? Wouldn’t this seem to make a sorry joke of their “impartial scholarship and expertise?” When featuring an article by such a person shouldn’t Politico provide its readers with a term a tad more revelatory of his agenda than mere “scholar?”

Well, here’s a picture of that celebration of “honor, homage and tribute” to Fidel Castro featuring, Gal Gadot’s “entrancer” Peter Kornbluh among other “U.S. Scholars.”

Oh, and if the term “heartthrob” for Fidel and Che in relation to Lisa Howard strikes some of my amigos as unnecessarily hyperbolic, I invite them (especially the ladies who are much better than men in these matters) to study Lisa Howard’s face in these pictures of her with Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Scroll down a bit and you’ll find that Ann Margaret never gazed upon Conrad Birdie more adoringly than (early feminist) Lisa Howard gazed upon Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, the jailers and torturers of the longest-suffering women political prisoners in the modern history of the Western Hemisphere.

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