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President Trump Wins 'Medal of Life' From Int'l Human Rights Group (But Fake News Media Blacks Out News)

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“For the first time in the course of his duties, a U.S. President, Donald Trump, declared his solidarity with members of the March for Life, and officially declared that for the U.S. January 22 stands as National Sanctity of Human Life Day. For that humanitarian gesture in defense of moral-ethical values and the sanctity of life starting at conception the institutions International Center for the Defense of Human Life and the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights have the honor of awarding President Donald Trump their highest award: “The Medal of Life.” 


Don’t bother looking for this in the Mainstream Media, amigos. Best I can do is link it in Spanish.

The notice was written by Honorary President of the International Center for the Defense of Human Life Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet. The Center, known by its Spanish initials CIDEVIDA, is headquartered in Valladolid, Spain.

But most of you have never heard of Dr. Biscet, have you, amigos? And yet he’s human rights activist and former political prisoner who suffered tortures Nelson Mandela never even envisioned in his worst nightmares from his (relative) country club incarceration in apartheid South Africa.

In fact, Dr. Biscet suffered this jailing and tortures just 90 miles from our shores, in a place absolutely lousy with Fake News Media “news” bureaus and positively crawling with Fake News Media “reporters.”

Gosh? What could possibly account for this grotesque disconnect between these dramatic, potentially blockbuster human-interest stories on our very doorstep, and the utter silence from all those “Gallant Crusades for the Truth!”--as Columbia Journalism schools hails its graduates?

Gosh? Might such stories have proven displeasing to the totalitarian apparatchiks who bestow the Fake News Media with their Cuba “press” bureaus and their “journalist” visas?

It’s a wild guess, but just maybe.


Dr. Oscar Biscet is also a presidential Medal of Freedom Winner. More fascinatingly still, he’s also black. Even more amazingly, he’s a foreign “Latino” human rights-activist.

With this profile, what odds would Vegas give that the mainstream media would be reporting his every utterance and deed if the medal had been awarded by Obama and his jailers had been an American ally in the Cold War (like South Africa or Pinochet’s Chile?)

Alas! Biscet’s Medal of Freedom was awarded by a Republican President (Bush II) and his jailers and torturers were (are) the regime co-founded by the left’s premier pin-up boys (Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.) Any more questions regarding the media black-out on this human rights hero?

More specifically, the anti-communist dissident Biscet was jailed and tortured by the Castro regime for peacefully protesting the Stalinist regime’s policy of forced late-term abortions via the drug Rivanol. "The umbilical cord was cut,” revealed the medical doctor Biscet back in 1998. “And they (the babies) were allowed to bleed to death or they were wrapped in paper and asphyxiated."

Not that most of you have ever heard of this abortion policy from the Castro-accredited U.S. media that “reports” from Cuba.

What most of you probably have heard from the Castro-accredited U.S. media--from CNN to NBC, from ABC to NPR, from the AP to CBS to The New York Times--is that “amazingly low!” Cuban infant-mortality rate! That the Stalinist regime’s abortion policy plays an enormous role in these (nonetheless bogus) low infant-mortality figures is not something the Castro-accredited U.S. media would dare venture to investigate. That Castro-accreditation, you see, would suddenly go POOF!”—and vanish.


Castro’s judicial system, lifted from Stalin’s as it functioned during the Great Terror, sentenced Oscar Biscet to 25 years of prison, of which he suffered 11. He was also honored by Amnesty international as one of its official “Prisoners of Conscience,” not that this has much induced the Castro-accredited U.S. media to ever mention Dr. Oscar Biscet.

Cuba’s Oscar Biscet suffered longer in Castro’s Gulag than Alexander Solzhenitsyn suffered in Stalin’s Gulag—and for essentially the same “crime.” Both Solzhenitsyn and Biscet refused to renounce truth. “Live not by lies” famously advised Solzhenitsyn.

This “inconsistency” by the Fake News Media’s reporting on black political prisoners (i.e. featuring Nelson Mandela, almost exclusively) needs further dramatization:

According to anti-Apartheid activists, a grand total of 3,000 political prisoners passed through South Africa’s Robben Island prison in roughly 30 years under the Apartheid regime. Usually about a thousand were held. These were out of a South African population of 40 million.

According to Freedom House, a grand total of 500,000 political prisoners have passed through Castro’s various prisons and forced labor camps. At one time in 1961, some 300,000 Cubans were jailed for political offenses. This is out of a Cuban population in 1960 of 6.4 million. A quick punch of a calculator will easily reveal the grotesque disparity in repression between the two regimes. A quick scan of the media will reveal the grotesque disparity of condemnation applied to the (relative) molehill instead of to the mountain.


In 1964, the government of Apartheid South Africa sentenced Nelson Mandela to 30 years in prison. Mandela’s trial was conducted by an independent judiciary and witnessed by scores of international observers. The charges against Mandela included: "The preparation, manufacture and use of explosives, including 210,000 hand grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 1,500 time devices, 144 tons of ammonium nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder and a ton of black powder. 193 counts of terrorism committed between 1961 and 1963."

"The [Mandela] trial has been properly conducted," wrote correspondent for the London Observer Anthony Sampson (who later wrote Mandela's authorized biography). "The judge, Mr Justice Quartus de Wet, has been scrupulously fair."

Dr. Oscar Biscet and thousands of other Cubans were condemned by a judicial system founded by Felix Dzerzhinsky during Lenin’s Red Terror, perfected by Andrei Vishinsky during Stalin’s Great Terror and transplanted to Cuba in 1959 by their “Latino” disciples. “Judicial evidence is an archaic Bourgeois detail,” Che Guevara stressed to his prosecutors. “When in doubt -- execute.”

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