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New Orleans Destroys Confederate Monuments—But Partners with Murderous Racist Regime

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New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu cannot stomach the sight of Robert E. Lee in his city.  So one of the city’s most famous landmarks, the statue in Lee Circle in downtown New Orleans, will soon be toppled.  


Mayor Landrieu refers to the towering Lee statue as an “aberration.” Historic statues of Jefferson Davis and Confederate General PGT Beauregard are also slated for imminent disgrace and demolition. 

Mayor Landrieu first gave vent to his anti-Confederate-monument fetish back in 2015, declaring the monuments “public nuisances” which necessitated prompt removal.  The majority black city-council voted 6-to-1 in his favor for removal.  (Meanwhile the city’s murder rate soared past Chicago’s and potholes dating from Hurricane Katrina still cratered many city streets.)

Initially lawsuits by historic preservation groups held up the avenging cranes, bulldozers and jackhammers. But the legal path has been cleared and soon the hydraulic engines will roar into action against these intolerable and downright dangerous “public nuisances.

One monument near the historic French Quarter to a post-civil war gang-fight between “Reconstructionists” and the “Crescent City White League against the Reconstructionknown as the “Liberty Place Monument ” was cut down earlier this week. 

Some years ago your humble servant saw something very similar (thematically, at least) to this little drama.  In early 1961 just as food rationing started in once food-exporting Cuba, just as hundreds of thousands of Cubans were exiling themselves from once immigrant-inundated Cuba, just as hundreds of thousands of Cubans were finally coming to “feel the burn” of the vast slum, sewer and prison Castro was converting once prosperous Cuba–just at this time Castro came up with the brilliant SOLUTION to the mess!


Why, he’d rally a mob of idiots and make a big show of tearing down the American eagle which perched atop the monument in Havana to the victims of the USS Maine! THAT’LL straighten things out!…It was an intolerable symbol of “Yankee Imperialism!” after all.

And it did straighten things out for a while–at least with the same type of people rallying around Mitch Landrieu’s ploy of tearing down Confederate monuments while he busily converts once-beautiful New Orleans into a crime-ridden and pot-holed slum.

As luck would have it, this year’s New Orleans International Jazz Festival (starting this week) features an intimate partnership with the Racist/Stalinist Castro regime.

Last year Landrieu, as part of a Louisiana “trade legation,” visited Cuba and luxuriated in Havana’s Hotel Nacional. As he schmoozed with the totalitarian regime’s apparatchiks, his Communist host’s police were beating and arresting black Cuban ladies in Havana’s streets. Their “crime” consisted of carrying flowers while quoting Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and the UN Declaration on Human Rights.  

“It is simply a sociological fact,” casually remarked a Castro regime official to a visiting American scholar a few years ago, “that blacks are more violent and criminal than whites. They also do not work as hard and cannot be trusted.”


Havana’s Hotel Nacional where Landrieu luxuriated, by the way, was burglarized from its American owners at gunpoint by a snickering Castro in 1960. So while Mayor Landrieu essentially trafficked in stolen property (compensating the burglars on the dime of New Orleans’ taxpayers) the New Orleans burglary rate—like its murder rate-- continued to soar, and those axle-cracking Katrina-era potholes remained.

Meanwhile back at the Washington D.C. ranch, Mayor Mitch Landrieu's sister, former Democratic Senator from New Orleans Mary Landrieu, has hung out her shingle as a—SURPRISE!-- lobbyist.

Among the ousted Senator’s first clients is—SURPRISE! -- the Castro regime. Oh she claims to be working for the New Orleans Jazz Fest Foundation and the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association but her ultimate beneficiary is the Stalinist/Apartheid Castro regime. Before I’m denounced as a “biased” source with an “ax-to-grind,” I’ll turn the floor over to the Washington Post (no less!)

“In her new role as a lobbyist, former senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana has launched a Cuba practice. Her first order of business? Working with the New Orleans Jazz Fest in its quest to bring 150 Cuban musicians and artists (i.e. slaves/apparatchiks of the totalitarian regime) to next year’s festivities.”


Every one of those “Cuban artists” (mentioned above) is actually a Castro-regime apparatchik/slave (Cuba is still a totalitarian Communist country, in case some have forgotten.) The Castro regime will pocket a very large chunk of what the Jazz Fest pays their slaves/apparatchiks.

“(Her other) clients” continues the WaPo story, "are…the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association, a trade group for tobacco makers and distributors. Landrieu said the regulation could hurt the ability of Cuban cigar makers to export their products to the United States.”

Those “Cuban cigar-makers” of course consist of the Stalinist/ terror-sponsoring Castro regime, as private manufacturing property (despite all the lies in the media) is still prohibited by the Soviet-style Cuban “constitution.”

Many Cuban blacks suffered longer incarceration in the Castro regime’s dungeons and torture chambers than Nelson Mandela suffered in South Africa's. In fact, Castro’s victims qualify as the longest-suffering political prisoners in modern history. Eusebio Penalver, Ignacio Cuesta Valle, Antonio Lopez Munoz, Ricardo Valdes Cancio, and many other Cuban blacks suffered almost 30 years in Castro's prisons. These men were bloodied in their fight against Mary Landrieu’s client but remained unbowed for almost 30 years in its dungeons and torture chambers.


“N**ger!” taunted my jailers between tortures,” recalled the world’s longest suffering black political prisoner to this writer. “We pulled you down from the trees and cut off your tail!” laughed my Castroite torturers. For months I was naked in a 6 x 4 foot cell. That’s four feet high, so you couldn’t stand. But I felt a great freedom inside myself. I refused to commit spiritual suicide.” 

(Eusebio Peñalver, a black Cuban jailed and tortured by the Castro regime longer –and much more horribly–than Mandela was by South Africa’s–yet utterly unknown to Americans thanks to the U.S. media/Castroite collusion.)

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