Fifty Shades of Obama Diplomacy

Posted: Apr 11, 2015 12:01 AM
Too bad Barack Obama didn’t spend less time in Chicago with Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn and more with typical South Side “homeys.” The future president of the world’s most powerful nation might have learned about real- world diplomacy.

Community organizers indeed! Those gentlemen really know how to “organize a community” in their favor. Any of these gang leaders (and even members) could teach Obama that earning real-world respect and defending your turf is a cinch. And it’s not by emulating Anastasia Steele at the hands of Christian Grey

Obama arrived in Panama City On April 10th for the Summit of the Americas wearing the usual sign on his back for such events, a big bold one reading: “KICK ME!” The “dissing” by Latin American leaders started much earlier, however.

Since December 17th when Obama announced his “let’s be even nicer to Stalinist Cuba” policy the Castros have treated him to a litany of humiliations that would drive even Anastasia Steele to scream: “No Mas!” You almost have to think he likes it.

A Martian come to earth and cursorily reading the news would conclude that the Castros ruled the planets’ richest and most powerful nation and were graciously bestowing favors on a tiny and impoverished neighbor—that was also a brutal, terror-sponsoring Stalinist dictatorship with the world’s highest emigration and suicide rates and that desperately needed financial succor.

Many non-Martians have also marveled at historic Democratic foreign policy. “Those Americans,” snickered Brazilian President and friend of Che Guevara, Janio Quadros, during a Latin American summit in 1961 ( JFK’s term,) “have a masochistic streak. The more you slap 'em around the better they behave.”

As usual, the Castros sized up an American President perfectly. Upon their first visit to Havana after the announcement of the “opening,” for instance, U.S. diplomats were met by a huge Russian Spy ship squatting prominently and menacingly in Havana harbor.

No sooner had the “negotiations” begun than Castro’s apparatchik demanded that if the U.S. desired the honor and privilege of opening an embassy in Havana, they must remove Cuba from the list of terror-sponsoring nations (further open the financial floodgates) and give back Guantanamo.

In respectful response, our diplomats-- bowing, curtsying, hat in hand-- dared to ask King Castro for the return of some of the convicted terrorists on the FBI’s most wanted list that Cuba flauntingly harbors and proudly protects from U.S. justice.

“Off the table!” shot back the Castroite apparatchik. “Out of the question!” (almost in those exact terms.)

So our wily and no-nonsense negotiator, Roberta Jacobson, bowed, curtsied and returned home to recommend that Cuba be promptly removed from the State Department list of terror-sponsors. Don’t look for this, anywhere in the mainstream media but Jacobson’s counterpart in the “negotiations,” Gustavo Machin, is a well-known (by Cuba-watchers) KGB –trained agent who was booted from the U.S. for espionage in 2003. Recently he added to his Stalinist laurels by murdering a peaceful Cuban dissident and blackmailing the foreign witnesses to the murder.

As mentioned, in such “negotiations” some of Obama’s South Side “homeys” would serve our national interests much better than the ultra-educated and eminently credentialed Roberta Jackson, who seems cut from the same mold as our recent negotiators with Iran…speaking of which:

"Iran and Cuba, in cooperation with each other, can bring America to its knees." (Fidel Castro, University of Tehran, May 10, 2001.)

“The Islamic Republic of Iran and Cuba can play a significant role in international organizations through cooperation…We need to further boost unity to make the big powers understand that the era of bullying has come to an end.” (Iranian Pres. Hassan Rhouhani Oct. 13, 2013.)

"Our position today is for defending Iran’s access to the nuclear energy...” (Cuban ambassador to Iran, Vladimir Andres Gonzalez Quesada May 4, 2014.)

The Iranians, some fear, might be using their long-time and cozy Cuban connection for more than a platform for anti-Yankee bombast. Iranian scientists, some academics suspect, could be using Cuba’s colony of Venezuela as their clandestine site for enriching Uranium, away from the prying eyes of those pesky international inspectors.

On top of these trifles that could conceivably call into question the Castros’ commitment to John Lennon’s prescription for the world, three of the Stalinist regime’s top military officials are currently under a U.S. Federal indictment for wantonly murdering defenseless U.S. citizens in international airspace.

Again, don’t look anywhere within the mainstream media for the infuriating details.

On top of all the above, last month Colombian authorities found 100 tons of gunpowder, 2.6 million detonators, 99 missile heads and over 3,000 artillery shells hidden in a ship bound from Red China to Cuba. “Hidden” is the money word here because, these items were not only missing from the ship’s register, but were hidden under sacks of grain.

Now two years ago, however, the unregistered Russian missile parts and MIGS found in a North Korean ship that had just left Stalinist Cuba and was bound for Stalinist North Korea were hidden under sugar sacks. This illegal, blatant and repeated smuggling of arms in our own backyard has met with utter silence from Obama officials (and needless to add, the mainstream media.) Both of these omissions are very convenient for de-classifying the blatantly guilty party from the list of terror-sponsors--and thus opening the financial floodgates from international lending institutions to the Castro regime.

And oh!....almost forgot! There’s also the little matter of the Cuban people themselves, the folks whose felicity Obama claims as the goal of his Cuban “opening.” Well, from 2009 (when Obama began his easing of Cuba sanctions) till today the Cuban people have suffered a wave of terror by their Stalinist oppressors surpassing most of the terror of the past decade, which is really saying something.

On top of a the record wave of arrests and machete attacks by the Stalinist police on peaceful Cuban demonstrators, six trouble-making Cuban dissidents (Orlando Zapata, Juan Soto, Laura Pollan, Wilman Villar, Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero) have been murdered outright.

Whoops! Excuse me. They died in assorted “accidents,” and of “mysterious illnesses,” says the Castro-credentialed foreign media. So take your pick.