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Obamacare Endgame: Call, E-mail and Contribute

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The list of Democrats on the fence about Obamacare keeps moving around.  We know that since the fall vote which passed Obamacare 1.0 by a margin of 220 to 215, Nancy Pelosi has lost four votes to death or retirement and one vote from the sole Republican who voted with her.  In addition to those lost votes, at least three Democrats who voted with her in 2009 and have already said no to this go-around.  Bart Stupak, the pro-life democrat from Michigan also says he and at least 10 other Democrats will not vote for the bill.  At least two "no" votes have flipped to "yes" --Dennis Kucinich and Betsy Markey-- and more are expected.

Thus as the Sunday showdown approaches the need for direct contact with Members on or even near the fence is great.  Below is a list compiled from a variety of sources.  Some fence-sitters already have well-known opponents in the fall.  The most persuasive message of all is the call or e-mail that relays that a contribution has been made to the named opponent and there's more where that came from if the member votes yes on Obamacare.

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Additional information is always available at www.house.gov.  Start dialing.

Rep. Bob Etheridge
    D.C. Office: (202) 225-4531 
    Raleigh: 1-888-262-6202 (BOB-NC02)

Jason Altmire:
    D.C.: 202-225-2565
    Aliquippa: 724-378-0928
    Natrona Heights: 724-226-1304
Opponent: Mary Beth Buchanan

Rep. John Boccieri
        D.C. Phone: (202) 225-3876
        Canton: (330) 489-4414
Opponent: Jim Renacci

Rep. Dennis Cardoza
    D.C. Phone: (202) 225-6131; 800-356-6424
    Merced: (209) 383-4455 
    Stockton: (209) 946-0361
    Modesto: (209) 527-1914 
Opponent: Mike Berryhill

Rep. Jim Costa
    D.C. Phone: 202-225-3341
    Bakersfield: 661-869-1620
    Fresno: 559-495-1620
Opponent: Andy Vidak

Rep. Zack Space 
        DC Phone: (202) 225-6265
        Dover (330) 364-4300; 
        Zanesville (740) 452-6338; 
        Chillicothe (740) 779-1636
        Link to E-mail 

Rep. John Barrow:
    D.C. (202) 225-2823
    Augusta: (706)722-4494
    Savannah: (912) 354-7282

Rep. John Adler
    D.C.: (202) 225-4765
    Toms River:  (732) 608-7235

Rep. Dan Maffei:
    D.C.:  (202) 225-3701
    Syracuse: (315) 423-5657

Rep. Michael Arcuri:
    D.C.:  202-225-3665
    Utica: 315-793-8146/8147

Rep. Michael McMahon:
    D.C.: (202) 225-3371
    Staten Island: (718) 351-1062
    Brooklyn: (718) 630-5277
    E-mail (Use zip code 10306)

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