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On Tuesday, Americans will have one last opportunity to reject Obamacare. Only with a Romney/Ryan victory can this happen. Another term for President Obama propels us further along a treacherous path that seals our healthcare future. We are on a course which gaurantees a larger government role in our healthcare decisions. Instead of a future of limitless innovation and other possibilities that we can only imagine, we face the prospect of mediocrity that we have come to expect from the central planners in Washington.


Americans have grown weary of hearing about the healthcare law. The focus of this campaign has been on economic issues and job creation. Many feel that the healthcare battle has already been fought, and that those who opposed Obamacre have lost, and need to simply move on. However, since healthcare is so complex and difficult to understand, most people simply fail to grasp the implications of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Unfortunately many of these individuals are your doctors.  Since this law phases in gradually over years, it is intended to be an insidious process, so that people won't notice the negative implications until they are too entrenched to undo.  At some point in the future, they will wake up and wonder what happened to American healthcare and why they no longer have any control over it.

There are people who have been paying attention and understand what is at stake. These individuals have tried to remind Americans of the way that the Democrats,  in a totally one-sided partisan fashion, lied, deceived, and subverted the traditional political process to push their own unpopular agenda upon all Americans. 

Those who have not let this matter die, continue to remind Americans that this law was sold with a promise to solve the problems of the high cost of healthcare and access to services. But, we now know that this was false.  The ACA has made both worse.  Moreover, we simply cannot afford the price tag of $2.7 Trillion dollars- a number that is constantly getting larger.


The watchdogs remind Americans that we are all patients, either current or future. The ACA has conferred full authority over your healthcare to Washington bureaucrats, with absolute power concentrated in the Office of the Secretary of Health & Human Services. Your doctor no longer is alone with you in the exam room. There is always the invisible, but very real presence of the federal government in the room, monitoring your most personal realtionship, the one that you have with your doctor, only as opposed to your personal physician, this intruder is empowered to make choices for you, not necessarily in your best interest. 

Eighty percent of doctors in the country oppose this law, as well as 55% of the general public. Those who have supported the law have tried to divert the public's attention with "free services" but it is just "fool's gold". Free healthcare screenings, free contraception, free healthcare to young individuals are just mirages. There is no such thing as free, but people have yet to learn about the high price that they will be paying for "free".

The Democrats and their media allies want you to believe that this issue is behind us. Fortunately it is not, and we do have a choice. You can do what the Supreme Court failed to do with this unconstitutional law. It can be thrown out and we can start again and achieve healthcare reform that makes sense for most Americans. The ACA is a disjointed hodgepodge of new rules and regulations that only amplifies the problems that we started with in healthcare and adds new ones that threaten to destroy a healthcare system that most of us have found quite satisfactory, but in need of improvement. America has a health care payment system problem- not a healthcare problem. This law will see to it that we will soon have both.


An Obama victory is a vote of confidence for this misguided healthcare overreach. What we need instead is a repudiation of Obamacare - something that only Mitt Romney can deliver. He will repeal Obamacare and start  with a clean slate.  President Romney will address the true causes of the healthcare maladies that have plagued us, while working in a bipartisan manner to address them in the open, which failed to occur in 2010.  The people now need to choose between what, regrettably, will be the beginning of the medical dark ages, or a reset with the possibility of strengthening the best healthcare system in the world for ourselves and our children. A Romney victory is our only hope and our last chance. 

Hal Scherz is the President & Founder of Docs4PatientCare. He is a full time pediatric urologist at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta and a clinical associate professor of urology at Emory University. Please visit

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