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It is a surreal time to be an American right now.  The nation we grew up loving is deteriorating faster than we could have ever imagined with the institutions we have sustained for generations tossing us to the wolves.


Of the various institutions failing us, the most despicably craven, by a mile, is the Republican Party. The party has addressed the twin crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter race riots in abysmal fashion. After failing to stand up for their core constituents as their livelihoods were torn away from them under draconian quarantine policies, they followed it up by rolling over to a Marxist uprising that has unshackled the worst excesses of the modern violent Left.

Because Republicans provided next to zero pushback against the globalist hype machine on COVID-19, the masses readily succumbed to media-generated mass hysteria. Americans who once cared about liberty, the Constitution and resistance to tyrants now sit obsequiously for today's government expert du jour to issue the latest round of submission edicts. Invasive health ID cards, endless contact tracing in public, tethering law-abiding citizens to enforce quarantines, fast-tracked vaccines slated for immediate public consumption, and other Orwellian policy considerations - most of which were unthinkable six months ago - are now seemingly inevitable, and GOP weakness is to thank for that.

As poor as the GOP response to COVID-19 pandemic has been, their response to nationwide riots has been unforgivably terrible. The confused, stupefied masses - already reeling from COVID-19 propaganda - see the Black Lives Matter (BLM) terror movement triumphant, parading around like a conquering horde, and exercising raw power with nearly complete impunity. The desperate public has coalesced around BLM having no other leadership alternative. 


Standing up against the rising tide of left-wing extremism should have been the recipe for sweeping GOP victory in November. Republicans have instead blown an easy win by kowtowing to the BLM mob and demonizing law enforcement. It should come as no surprise that Democrats are rising in the polls as a result, rapidly gaining momentum despite the raving derelict at the top of their ticket.

The silver lining is conservative grassroots have not been spineless like their party leaders. From my Defend Teddy Roosevelt rally in New York City to Back the Blue rallies that are springing up throughout the country, Operation Gridlock in Michigan, and recent "Bar Lives Matter" protests in Texas, the conservative grassroots is once again stepping up in the void left by the weak Republican leadership. The grassroots is expressing the rage of the silent majority, the righteous anger against a movement expressing utter contempt for ordinary Americans. The normalization of these intolerable acts cannot be allowed to happen. It is time to summon our inner Cato the Elderto muster the courage needed to protect our civilization no matter the cost.

President Donald Trump, to his credit, has received the message. He has figured out that inaction is unacceptable in these precarious times. He has threatened statue vandals with severe prison terms, as riot leaders are finally apprehended and charged. Fox News host Tucker Carlson, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Sen. Tom Cotton of Texas, author and pundit Michelle Malkin, and a small handful of others have remained steadfast. Our other Republican leaders lag far behind, so we should remind them of the consequences they will face if they do not immediately get with the program.


They must be made aware that an unquenchable purge will be the mandate if victory is not achieved in November. 

If Republican cowardice sinks President Trump and, with him, our nation's future in November, it must not be forgotten who sold the country out when their courage was needed the most. The attitude of "we'll get 'em next time" will not cut it this time around. The normal excuses - blaming volunteers, theorizing about voter fraud, complaining about biased media coverage - will not suffice. GOP leaders must be remembered as the traitors who went AWOL on the battlefield of this modern Civil War, and they must all pay a heavy price for desertion. The Republican Party should resemble the Minneapolis streets at BLM’s peak by the time the grassroots have had their fill. Nothing less than a solidly pro-America party being raised in the GOP's ashes should be accepted as a consequence for defeat.

This goes beyond one election, and do not think to re-elect Trump will be enough. It is going to take more than trusting the plan to restore this fallen nation to greatness. Win or lose in November, the Civil War will not be over; in fact, it is only beginning. The left-wing mob has tasted victory, fully understanding that perceived demographic trends are on their side and are making their power play. If we do not fight their revanchist racial vendetta by showing that the promise of America has always been expanding liberty then we are doomed to their current cultural revolution. One that will be successful within the current status quo, so we must do everything we can to rile the passions of the frustrated masses, meet the mob head on whenever possible, and even resort to the same type of tactics employed by the founding-era revolutionaries if necessary. As Sen. Cotton said, give "no quarter" to our soulless enemies. That is the credo of the war-time conservative.


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