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Liberty Rising

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When a storm represents a clear and present danger to people and their property, radar tracks the storm to determine strength and direction. Authorities begin to educate the people about the threat through the media.

So too have many organizations and some media educated the people about the growing threat to their liberty.

The government and the mainstream media do not agree that individual liberty is threatened, or if they do, they do not care. Some suggest mainstream media thinks individual liberty is overrated. Whatever the reasons, they won't educate or warn the people on threats to liberty, so it is up to us.

Rush Limbaugh

Warnings are the next level up from the general educational process that makes citizens aware a storm exists, encouraging the population to seriously focus on the danger so as to protect themselves.

In the seizure of our liberty, many recent warnings have also been issued. Books have been written about the loss of our liberty, including Mark Levin's seminal work, Liberty and Tyranny. Glenn Beck has also moved far beyond the educational stage to the warning stage because he believes the threat doesn't just exist – Beck believes the threat is upon us.

Rush Limbaugh openly warns that our liberty is being lost on a daily basis, and has been doing so for years. Using talk radio, the Internet, and a few friendly print media outlets like the Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Examiner, and Human Events, significant numbers of the population have been both educated, and warned.

For many years, the solution to the threat to our liberty was delegated to a political party system, but that system has clearly failed. Like the Army Corps of Engineer's dikes and pumps failed the population of New Orleans resulting in the destruction of an entire city, systems often do fail.

But it is not important to know right now why systems fail. There is time enough to sift through the debris and write a report or perhaps a book later. We could try to place blame, but right now we have to save our liberty.

What's important is we know Grassroots activism works. Whether it's donating money for supplies and medical services, or being on-site to fill sandbags, the American people have always risen to the occasion. Claims that Americans are lazy and selfish should be directed at those who do not lend direct aid to help their fellow man.

Spectators and “takers” are most often in that group who think every problem has a government solution. They have been told that the government will handle the problem, and it is in their best interests to believe those lies.

The givers, the ones who know the government is the problem, not the solution, can be found at the river's edge filling sandbags. Educated and warned, they now are doing what they can to deal with the threat. Over and over ordinary citizens solve the problem and save the day, as they always do.

Our liberty is at stake and we know there are many willing to take our liberty if we let them. They have already seized a good portion, and keep in mind, every dollar they seize is a dollar's worth of our liberty. Every law that they pass causes a greater or lesser injury to our liberty. When is the last time a law was passed that increased your liberty?

The educational process has done its work. Enough people are now aware of the danger as warnings are posted that the threat has reached our shores. People are assembling all over this country to “fill sandbags” and give any contribution they can. They conclude that a political party system cannot fix this problem. The Tea Party people who drive across the country to march in parades and stand in groups of hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions - to hear like-minded speakers are doing what Americans do best: They act.

The stakes are high. We can rebuild a levy or a simple building, and we can ensure an oil spill is resolved, even if it takes ten years. We will save every bird we can because it is in our DNA to set a thing right. But the loss of our liberty is a much greater thing - a man-caused disaster of epic proportion. When liberty is gone, there isn't much else left – except more government.

Americans can stop this wholesale assault on liberty if all who love liberty act quickly.

If we turn our gaze toward our own population we can see liberty rising. Our own government won't do a thing to save our liberty – in fact they only know how to take it away – so now is the time for us to save it. No one will do it for us. Go, Tea Party!

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