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Today I am scheduled to speak at the University of Illinois Springfield with an economics class on Entrepreneurship. If the election were over it would be an easier task.


The challenge for future entrepreneurs should Romney win, will be like climbing Mt. McKinley. Should Obama win, Mt. Everest.

After spending nearly a billion dollars in an attempt to create a false image of the capitalist Romney, the money proved wasted when a competent, knowledgeable, and more presidential appearing Romney destroyed the false narrative during the debates.

It is difficult to gage which was more damaging to Obama, sixty million Americans finally get to see an unfiltered Romney, or sixty million finally getting to see an unscripted Obama. Platitudes don’t seem to go as far in the 2012 election as in 2008.

Obama’s inability to run on his economic record of abject failure clearly defined by Romney in the debates, was forced to put forward an economic plan less than two weeks from election day. Economic plans for Obama, apparently are as difficult as budgets, there haven’t been any in three years.

Larry Kudlow opined on Thursday Obama’s plan was ‘little’. Obama is proposing more of the same big government, big spending, debt creating, tax raising solutions found in the DNA of left wing ideology. Kudlow believes this will lead to certain national bankruptcy.

What am I to say to my class of future entrepreneurs? Kudlow is right? You face a nation headed to bankruptcy with an Obama win? How do you create a successful business in a bankrupt nation? Focus on products and services that are necessary for survival? Clothing, food, energy, shelter, or property confiscation and liquidation? If all collapses; guns, ammunition, and food storage?


The danger is Obama’s real plan must go beyond what was released. After all, had Obama shared his real plans prior to the 2008 elections he would never have won. Remember Obama was the candidate who said; “We are only four days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America’.

Now we know what Obama meant. He doesn’t seem to care so much for America as founded. Obama circumvents congress through the bureaucratic state, and is potentially destroying the relationship between the governed and the government with Obamacare. Individual sovereignty, government by the consent of the governed, and the Constitution is anathema to concentrate federal authority managed by liberal masterminds.

Obama certainly despises capitalism. Most liberals do, excepting crony capitalism. Perhaps explaining the difference to the class will open their eyes. Buffet’s oil trains hauling Canadian oil to the Illinois Wood River refinery instead of the Keystone Pipeline is a good example.

There are many examples of Obama’s disdain for capitalism. The ‘you didn’t build that’ speech, or the Osawotomie ‘limited government and free markets don’t work and never have’ speech. The class warfare, tax cuts for the rich, pay their fair share, punish success, profit is evil, at some point you’ve earned enough, spreading the wealth around, social justice, and economic fairness is more closely related to Marxist doctrine than American.

What does Romney mean to my class of future entrepreneurs? A return to free market enterprise where one is guaranteed equal opportunity not equal outcome. Repeal and replacement of Obamacare, Dodd Frank, tax reform, balanced budgets, debt reduction, regulatory relief, and practical energy policy. A growth economy with limitless opportunity for the entrepreneur. In a word, American.


The path for this group of aspiring entrepreneurs will be determined by this election. The fundamental transformation of America concentrates power in an authoritarian federal government that will control the private sector for ‘the common good’, and ’social justice’ through wealth redistribution, or a return to our founding principles of individual liberty, inalienable rights, and property rights through free market enterprise within the constraints of The Constitution.

Or simply put this election is the choice between liberty and tyranny.

Have a good day class, and don’t forget to vote.

The opinions expressed here are solely those of Fritz Pfister or identified sources, and not necessarily those of RE/MAX Professionals of Springfield or RE/MAX International.       

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