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Women Hold the Key to Recovery

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There are universal truths in this life if one takes the time to notice. Now in my twenty-sixth year in residential real estate sales this universal truth became obvious to me over twenty five years ago; ninety percent of the time the woman makes the buying decision during a home purchase. Why? Only ten percent of home buyers are single males.

Another universal truth is that things come in 'threes'. To the woman the three most important things when looking at a home are the kitchen, bathrooms, and closets. The three most important things to the man are the garage, basement, and yard.

This is where I have learned patience, because if the woman says she doesn't like any of the three most important things to her, the man still wants to see the three most important things to him. This is where I also learned what exercise in futility means.

Here we are today and women are about to make the biggest purchase of their lives. What will they buy? What Obama or what Romney is selling? For some reason women, even with their busy schedules, seem to be able to get to the polling booth in larger numbers than men.

What are the three most important things to a woman in this purchase? What are the kitchen, bathroom, and closets issues for women? Whichever candidate figures that out will be the winner.

Studies show that younger, single women have a tendency to vote Democratic, where women who are married with children tend to vote Republican. Older women who have raised children now living on their own, tend to vote overwhelmingly for Republicans.

Are these voting patterns evidence that younger women tend to be more concerned with social issues  like contraception, gay rights, social justice? Are the older women with children at home or grown more concerned about fiscal issues like jobs, security, and debt?

Reminds me of this universal truth attributed to Churchill, whether he said it or not, see if you agree; "If you're twenty and not a liberal you have no heart. If you're forty and not a conservative you have no brain."

Things do come in threes and that's why the economy is terrible. Taxes, Obamacare, and energy costs are the immediate big 'three' causing uncertainty for businesses large and small holding back recovery.

Here are the choices women have between the two candidates for these immediate 'three' issues.

With Obama; raise taxes on the wealthy. Obamacare to raise taxes, and place the quality and cost for healthcare delivery in jeopardy. Flat earth no growth environmental extremism that has driven the cost for gas up double and food through the roof.

With Romney; across the board tax cuts, repeal of Obamacare, an aggressive policy for domestic energy production that will bring down costs for gas and food.

What other issues does the nation face? The debt, national security, and jobs? What are the two candidates offering?

Obama: calls for more spending adding to the debt, wants to gut the military, while befriending radicals making the world less safe, and an anti-capitalist, anti-business agenda that kills jobs.

Romney: balanced budgets cutting the deficit, support for Israel, peace through strength, and a pro-capitalist, pro-business agenda unleashing job creators from the impediments of big government bureaucracy and taxation.

Let's be fair, those views of what the candidates are offering are true, however as seen and presented by a man. How will women view what those candidates are offering? Are fiscal issues even important to women? To those who are raising a family and those who have raised a family, yes. To young women, not so much.

The evidence is while the nation's economy is sinking, millions go without jobs, live in poverty, on welfare, on food stamps President Obama campaigned in Colorado and his main theme? Contraception. Obama is campaigning with today's imitation of Rosa Parks, Ms. Fluke champion of free contraceptives, abortion pills, and sterilization. Safe to say Obama is appealing to younger women.

Where was Romney? Campaigning on the economy. How to get people back to work, off of welfare, supporting their families, and reversing the Obama trend of government dependency.

Women will determine which direction this nation will take. Back to a capitalist economy where they and their families can find jobs, support their families, and provide a safe home and nation. Or choose more of the same the next four years; more debt, fewer jobs, less security. All for free contraception?

If women choose correctly, this final big three can return America to pride, prosperity, and security. A conservative house, senate, and president.

Women not only hold the key to recovery, they hold the key to America's survival.

The opinions expressed here are solely those of Fritz Pfister or identified sources, and not necessarily those of RE/MAX Professionals of Springfield or RE/MAX International.

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