Evan Berryhill

Evan Berryhill
Reject the Media’s Darkness, Barstool Shines on America’s Soul
By Evan Berryhill
For the last nine months, COVID-19 has been at the front and center of our lives. The coronavirus has impacted ...
January 08, 2021
Forget the Polls, Look at the People
By Evan Berryhill
In 2016, the polls were largely wrong. With very few exceptions, almost no polls had President Trump winning any of ...
October 30, 2020
The 2020 Race is Far From Over
By Evan Berryhill
Forget for a minute the names Joe Biden and Donald Trump.Imagine you are less than three weeks away from an ...
October 16, 2020
The 2020 Election is Now Being Played on President Trump's Turf
By Evan Berryhill
After months of being confined to his basement, Joe Biden was finally allowed out into the sunlight to deliver a ...
September 04, 2020
Let the Boys Play Football
By Evan Berryhill
Preceding any official news that the 2020 college football season was going to be canceled, the tweets came rolling in. The ...
August 10, 2020
Media Gloats Over Numbers but Trump is Far from Finished
By Evan Berryhill
The chattering DC elite have reached the consensus that Donald Trump’s quest for a second term is in tatters. The ...
June 24, 2020
Monuments, Memorials, and the Mob Mentality
By Evan Berryhill
We’ve reached a breaking point with cancel culture.We’ve seen extremists topple and deface historic statues of Christopher Columbus and Sir ...
June 18, 2020
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