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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is in trouble again with his Moral Superiors. His problem, of course, is that he cannot throttle his B.S. Detector. It seems he acquired a B.S. Detector at some point in life that has usually served him well. It certainly did during his long years in business, and it has during his brief time in politics. Now, however, it is problematic.

The Detector sounds an alarm when it perceives B.S., and during the Charlottesville disruptions, it went wild. Every time the mainstream media or a political figure (usually a Democrat) began vituperating only one side in a manifestly two-sided conflict, Trump's B.S. Detector could not be ignored. Frankly, if I were president, I would have thrust the device under the bed or asked the Secret Service to take it outside for a walk. Instead, President Trump heeded its alarms and said there was blame on "many sides." Kaboom!

It was a faux pas, but that did it. Ever since, he has been abominated wherever his Moral Superiors gather. Of course, entre nous, he was right. Anyone watching the televised chaos could see armed fighters confronting one another. There were the thugs of the right with helmets, weaponry and even guns confronting the thugs of the left, who were pretty well-armed themselves with helmets, weaponry and even guns. These thugs on the left even had women carrying guns. I think gun-toting women is a first for American street brawls. You have come a long way, ladies.

Yet our Moral Superiors in the media and the Democratic Party only reported the violence on the right. Most of us watching in the comfortable vicinity of our television sets saw the two-sided violence, and some of us reading our newspapers saw pictures of the ladies with guns. However, President Trump capitulated to his B.S. Detector's alarms yet again and declared that "both sides" were responsible for the violence. Kaboom again!

It was another faux pas. He should have acknowledged only what his Moral Superiors saw, which apparently were various species of right-wing fanatics who are about the only political fanatics they ever see. Though such freaks as members of the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis and members of the "alt-right" (a recent innovation) have for years been almost as rare as the abominable snowman, the mainstream media and the Democratic Party keep hauling them out from oblivion. And so, they were numerous enough to show up at Charlottesville. Now our Moral Superiors see America crawling with right-wing fanatics.

What is next? Well, of a sudden, there is a campaign to eradicate Confederate monuments from the republic. That will allow numerous opportunities for further violence of the kind we saw in Charlottesville. Additionally, the defilement of America's past is not going to end with the Confederacy. There are plans afoot to go after the Founding Fathers. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have been mentioned. There is even evidence that Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, is not exempt. Some days ago in Chicago, some peace-loving protestor disfigured a bust of old Abe.

It is apparent that a full-court press is being made against most of America's history. How does one explain this hatred of the American past? Well, I think one has to consider what is being taught in American schools. Only that can explain such a broad-based movement as the move against the Confederacy, the move against the Founding Fathers and the move against old Abe. The American educational system, from grammar school to high school to college, is full of poison. Though most of it is paid for at taxpayers' expense, Americans have got to get around this cancer within our borders.

Fortunately, our Founding Fathers provided a way, to wit: federalism. Right now, alternative schooling is being financed throughout the states. All over the union -- even in New York and California -- alternative schools are turning out bright students untouched by the poison of political correctness. For instance, in North Carolina, there are more than 116,000 new students so far in this decade, the majority of which are not going to traditional public schools, reports the News and Observer of Raleigh. Enrollment in North Carolina's traditional public schools has actually dropped by 5,562 his year. Meanwhile charter schools, home schools, and private schools have increased by 23,880.

The trend is spreading all over the republic. According to Timothy Hall, now's the time to reconfigure the idea of public education. He is the director of academics at North Carolina's Thales Academy. And he is part of this healthy trend that will only speed up in the years ahead.

President Trump, do not despair. Our founders had our back 230 years ago.

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