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Should Congress Name Something After Nancy Pelosi When She Retires?

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The short answer to the question I posed above is an unequivocal ‘YES’.  And not because she was the first woman to rise to the position of Speaker of the House.  But because Nancy Pelosi has done more to inflict damage to our political atmosphere than any other person in our nation’s two hundred-fifty plus years.  For that alone she deserves lasting recognition.


When you consider the state of our politics today it’s not hard to come to the conclusion that most of the nastiness can be traced right back to Nancy Pelosi.  Certainly Hillary Clinton shares some of the blame as well, but Nancy Pelosi raised partisanship and dirty politics to a new level compared to the years before Pelosi came into power.

In the not too distant past during the administration of President Ronald Reagan, there was a time when then House Speaker Democrat Tip O’Neil would come over to the White House for a glass of beer with the Republican president.  Just two guys, Tip and Ronnie sharing stories together, and jawing out their differences like two good buddies.  Political adversaries certainly, but not personal enemies. Oh to have been a fly on the wall on those occasions, both Irishmen noted for their wit and sense of humor.

A lot of progress towards creating positive legislation for the American people was hashed out during those informal discussions between the conservative Republican president and his liberal Democrat House Speaker. And our country was better off for it.

Sadly, that convivial atmosphere between Republicans and Democrats was completely destroyed when Nancy Pelosi took over the gavel as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives in January of 2007. Pelosi assumed the office with one thought in mind, complete and total political warfare.  No quarter, no prisoners, and no concessions ever against the Republican Party. It was going to be her way or the highway, and the American people be damned.  And unlike Tip and Ronnie, Nancy never met a Republican that she liked. They were enemies that had to be crushed, not share an adult beverage with.


When Donald Trump defeated the chosen one Hillary Clinton - the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for President of the United States - Trump had to be destroyed, no matter what.  Hillary was supposed to be the first woman elected to the presidency, and Trump denied her a place in history. How dare he!

Since Donald Trump had the temerity to prevent Hillary from achieving what she, Nancy, and the rest of the Democrats believed was her right and destiny, Trump had to be punished.  Immediately after his election victory, efforts were initiated to try to dismantle the Trump presidency through bogus allegations of Russian election interference on his behalf (which have since been determined to be completely false and fabricated by Hillary Clinton herself).

There is no doubt that during her rare lucid and sober moments, Nancy Pelosi was likely in on this from the very beginning.  Considering her close personal and political relationship with Hillary Clinton, it stretches credulity to believe that Hillary had not discussed this with Nancy, and that the then Democrat Minority Leader was not fully on board with the effort to remove Trump from office as punishment.  By hook or by crook.  Nancy Pelosi was likely a very willing co-conspirator in the Hillary Clinton led coup d’etat that was underway against President Trump.  A coup d’etat that continued throughout Trump’s four years in office.


Instead of trying to work with the president, looking for and finding areas where they could hash out agreements as Tip O’Neil had done with President Reagan, Nancy Pelosi pursued a ‘scorched earth’ strategy.  Destroy Donald Trump and his agenda at all costs, no matter how it might impact Americans. For Nancy Pelosi nothing mattered more to her than to impede and prevent President Trump from achieving anything good for the American people, lest he have a positive record to run for re-election on.  And with the Democrat Party allies in the news media attacking Trump at every opportunity, it was a coordinated effort that certainly affected President Trump’s later ability to govern.

Democrats, led by Pelosi have ridden the ‘January 6th Insurrection’ narrative ever since that day, painting Trump and his supporters as white supremacists and insurrectionists who stormed the United States Capitol building in an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States.

A narrative that was created by Pelosi and her allies in the news media.  Completely dismissing evidence that Pelosi herself may well have put in place the very opportunity for the small minority of those attending the Trump rally to enter the U.S. Capitol building.  And all done in order to exploit it for her political advantage. 

Nancy Pelosi’s record speaks for itself. She has been the most corrosive and destructive political figure in recent American history. Unfortunately once she finally retires and leaves office they’ll probably name a building after her in Washington, D.C.  But perhaps there is an appropriate structure for that purpose after all. Every year over the July 4th celebrations dozens of Porta Potties are set up on the Washington Mall to accommodate all the visitors. 


‘Pelosi Potties’ would seem to me to be a very appropriate way to recognize all of her years in Congress.

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