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Did the CIA kill Kennedy ?

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I think Tucker Carlson’s recent reporting on the JFK assassination merits a response from a former covert CIA employee.  Carlson pretty much accused “the CIA” of “being involved” in the Kennedy assassination based on information provided by an unnamed source with unverified access, who “claims” to have seen the evidence. 


First of all, I didn’t kill Kennedy.  Don’t know anyone at the Agency who killed Kennedy.  Never heard about anyone who worked for the Agency who killed Kennedy.  Never heard of anyone who even thought about killing Kennedy, or even thought that killing Kennedy was a good idea.

Secondly, ask yourself this question - ‘IF’ such a thing were to ever have taken place, does anyone think that anything at all would have been put in writing about it?  My guess is that it would have been very ‘close-hold’ between a very few rogue individuals, likely without even senior CIA management knowing about it, and with no written record, only verbal communications between those involved.  Ever heard the phrases “need to know” and “compartmentalization”? I think we could all agree that assassinating an American president is some serious stuff, is any conspirator involved in such a monumental undertaking going to put anything about it down on paper?  I find it highly unlikely.  I know that I sure as hell wouldn’t.

Claiming “THE CIA” implies that it was an agency-wide conspiracy, involving countless Agency employees.  That’s just insane, and extremely unfair to the countless dedicated, patriotic Agency employees serving on the front lines around the world.

I have pointed out to others in the past that the former Soviet Union - now Russia has always had a very active covert disinformation program aimed at the CIA.  Planting false stories and false narratives in order to create problems for and disrupt the Agency from its primary focus, which is to provide information to help senior American decision makers set our national policy and protect America.


If the Agency is constantly being distracted by defending itself both domestically and internationally against false allegations, they cannot focus their entire energies on their job, which is protecting America.  China, Iran, and our other adversaries (and occasionally friendly nations), also conduct their own covert disinformation operations against the Agency.  Keeping the Agency on the defensive is a huge part of the efforts that are conducted by our enemies.

The FBI has certainly been targeted as well.  Yes, as has the Agency, the FBI has also done some questionable things over the years, and more recently.  But there’s a hell of a lot of dedicated, patriotic FBI agents putting their lives on the line every day across this country.  Who benefits the most from having the two primary U.S. intelligence and counterintelligence agencies being on the defensive?  The short answer is, our enemies.

What exactly does “being involved” mean as was reported by Tucker Carlson?  “Being involved” is a pretty broad and open ended statement.  It could mean anything other than being part of a conspiracy to assassinate an American president.

“Being involved” could mean nothing more than the Agency meeting with and monitoring Lee Harvey Oswald’s activities.  If you recall, Oswald renounced his American citizenship, traveled to and lived in the Soviet Union, and married a Soviet citizen who was related to a Soviet intelligence official, and also publicly professed his support for Communist Cuba.  It doesn’t mean the CIA knew of his plans in Dallas.  Certainly the CIA would be interested in meeting with someone like Oswald if he came onto their radar, it would have been negligent not to.


And just as certainly the CIA might be inclined to feel a bit concerned about their having met with the person later accused of the assassination of JFK becoming public, since no one would believe that they were meeting with him but didn’t know of his plans, nor had anything to do with it.  You simply can’t defend against a lie once it’s out there.  Tucker Carlson knows that very well.

Russia also knows that our news media, which includes Tucker Carlson, are very easily manipulated.  Plant a story that ‘sounds like it might have a kernel of truth’ and they will run with it, and then worry about its’ credibility later.  Once determined to be a false story, if it gets a retraction at all it will be a five second mention at the end of a TV show, or on page thirty of the newspaper.

Tucker provided nothing about how they vetted this supposed source and his supposed access.  Carlson’s reporting was accusatory and defaming based on nothing more than information he claims is provided by someone that we should accept as highly credible, based on nothing more than Carlson telling us he is.  Sorry Tucker, I need more than that.

Interestingly, Tucker often reports these kinds of huge stories, and then moves quickly onto something else.  It’s curious to me, something as monumental as accusing the CIA of assassinating JFK merits only a ten minute report, then move onto other stories?  One would think this kind of accusation would merit an entire show, or multiple shows!


Russia also understands our polarized politics and uses that against us as well.  They know that our politicians will jump on anything that can potentially make the other side look bad.  Anyone heard of Adam Schiff?

It has long been the practice of our intelligence agencies to not comment, since even making a comment on reported information can confirm to our adversaries valuable information or suspicions they may have, and even put lives at risk.  Not commenting does not confirm that something nefarious is going on.  Tucker Carlson knows this, but ‘forgot’ that I guess.

Has the Agency ever done some stupid things over the years?  Absolutely.  Most of them came out during the Church Committee Hearings back in the seventies.  Has the Agency ever had any major successes on behalf of America?  Many.  But you’ll never hear about them because if you did so would our enemies, and they wouldn’t be a success anymore.

Tucker Carlson’s reporting has done everlasting damage to the CIA and to our intelligence collection activities on behalf of this country, placing our nation more at risk.  Carlson’s die-hard fans will believe anything he says. Just what our enemies love to see.  They’re rejoicing in Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran right now.

He has also unfairly impugned the patriotism and integrity of every Agency employee who has given their life for this country, and those who continue to serve in dangerous and austere environments to this very day.


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