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Every American youngster, at least before the progressive liberals took over control of our education system’s curriculums, learned in elementary school about “The shot heard round the world.” The story about how our American ancestors stood up to British tyranny in Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts on April 19, 1775. I myself have an ancestor named Truman Wright who stood shoulder to shoulder on the Lexington Green with the other American patriots and resisted the “Red Coats,” only to be fired upon by the British soldiers. The bodies of eight of their countrymen lay at their feet as they withdrew from the British Regulars.


Later the British moved on to Concord where they were met by the American ‘Minute Men’, a rag-tag collection of farmers, tradesmen and shopkeepers who met and repulsed the British, which at the time was considered the most powerful, most professional, and best equipped army in the world. This set the stage for America’s eventual independence from the tyrannical rule of a distant ruling class and King. Not just distant geographically, but in every other way distant from the people in America they ruled over.  Fast forward to the present day where Americans once again find themselves under the tyrannical thumb of a ruling class who also are distant in so many ways from their ‘subjects’.

Take Nancy Pelosi as an example. Pelosi is probably the most vile and insulting elected official that I can recall in my sixty-seven revolutions around the sun. To watch her in a news conference as she spews out one disjointed lie after another, while she spastically waves around and gestures for emphasis, either honestly believing that Americans are too stupid to see through her lies, or not caring that we do. Pelosi is a perfect example of the ruling class that lorded over Americans back in 1775, and who continue to do so today.

Why did seventy-five million or more Americans vote for Donald Trump, and why do they continue to flock to his rallies by the thousands, tens of thousands in many cases? Do every one of them believe everything he says, or do they like everything he does? Certainly not. To tell the truth President Trump ticked me off probably at least once, sometimes more than that each and every day for four years. But I, as so many others, didn’t vote twice for the man because we loved everything he said or did. He produced results and kept promises.


Millions voted for Trump because he wasn’t one of the career politicians we had grown to despise with every fiber of our being. He offered us what we believed was a chance to regain control of our government from the professional, ruling elites. The very people who promise us during their campaign speeches and commercials that they “are going to fight for us”. What a load of horse manure!

The career politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and Joe Biden have spent decades in Washington stroking their own egos and enriching themselves, their families, and their close friends. How many of you have ever poured out your heart in a letter or e-mail to your congressperson or senator about an issue you genuinely cared strongly about, only to receive a "form letter" response which reads just like a campaign speech, and usually ends with a plea for money? And always from some career office aide whose job it is to respond to the great unwashed.

How many of you ever received a phone call or a personal letter from your representatives up in Washington? Yes, I know they are busy people and can’t spend their days answering correspondence from thousands of constituents, they’d never get any of the important work done that we send them to Washington to do. Americans understand that. But our elected officials generally aren’t getting any important work done anyway.  And when we see politicians like Pelosi and others stand before the press and TV cameras and bald-faced lie to us it’s enraging. When we see them focus all of their energies on doing what’s politically good for their particular party over what’s good for hard working Americans, we are outraged.


What happened on January 6th was indeed a sad chapter in our nation’s history that Americans had become so angry that they attacked the U.S. Capitol building. Americans had and do have every right to protest on the steps of the United States Capitol, it’s OURS, not the politicians who are temporarily occupying an office inside. How many State of the Union Addresses have been disrupted by protestors who were INVITED IN for that very purpose by members of the Democrat party! It has happened repeatedly from them over the last twenty or more years. I scratch my head trying to remember any time that a Republican member of Congress invited a protestor in to heckle a Democrat president.

The elites and career politicians would do well to consider that there may one day be another ‘shot heard round the world’ that our children and children’s children will learn about in school.  The time when common Americans stormed the ballot box and took their country back, and held people accountable.

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