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We don't have a well educated electorate anymore.  Far too many voters cast their ballots based solely on 'how they feel' about a candidate, and they really have no clue about their favored candidate's actual position on important issues affecting America.  Few spend time doing the research necessary to gain a full understanding of a candidate and what they intend to do once elected.

If a candidate can push all the 'feel good' buttons on the voter's wish list, regardless of whether or not that candidate has the ability to actually govern effectively, there's a very good chance they'll be successful in their run for whatever office they seek.  In particular when it comes to running for president of the United States of America.

A case in point was Barack Obama.  Wholly unqualified to serve as president of the United States and grossly incompetent once he took office, Obama nonetheless won two national elections.  Proving that a majority of the voters in this country cast their votes for a candidate based on emotion or some other obscure reason, and what's truly best for the country played little part in their decision.

Otherwise Barack Obama never would have been elected in the first place, much less becoming a two-term president.  Republican Mitt Romney would have been elected in 2012, and very likely would have been a much more successful president over Obama's last four years than Obama was over eight years.

Obama was a true core ideologue incapable of compromise or the give and take necessary to be a successful leader, as evidenced by his "I won" comment very early during his first term when discussing his proposed stimulus package with Republicans.  He clearly sent the message that he had no intention of working or playing well with others.  His eight years crippled the United States internationally, and very nearly inflicted mortal wounds to our constitutional Republic domestically. 

Which brings me to who might well be President Donald Trump's opponent in the 2020 presidential election, California Senator Kamala Harris.  Another extreme liberal who likely would try to pick up where Barack Obama left off in his efforts to "fundamentally transform the United States of America"

A much more attractive candidate than the last worn out retread Hillary Clinton that the Democrats nominated in 2016.  And certainly a potential candidate who at this early stage appears to have the potential to be able to generate the same enthusiasm that Barack Obama was able to achieve, which carried him to victory in two elections.

Of concern for Republicans is President Trump's seeming penchant for obliterating any positive news coverage of his accomplishments through his often-times unfortunate use of interviews, speeches, and social media to defend himself over every trivial slight or petty negative comment.

Instead of simply focusing on the job and pushing his agenda forward President Trump regularly gets caught up in these little disagreements with the news media, with washed up Hollywood figures, and other Washington politicians.

While his popularity remains among his core group of supporters who have stayed with him, to win another national election, particularly against an attractive alternative, President Trump is going to have to bring in more votes than just his core group of 'Trumpsters'.  Not an easy task when that targeted group is being bombarded daily with unnecessary drama coming out of the White House.  So much of which could be avoided if the president just ignored it.

Any accomplishments aside, if President Trump keeps creating drama for four years that is all the uneducated voters are going to remember come 2020.  The drama and negativity, and not all the good he has done for the country.

And considering the current and ongoing unpopularity of Republicans in Congress, much of the things President Trump has achieved would certainly be undone by another far left ideologue in the White House.  One who may well have the support of a Democratic House and Senate just as Barack Obama had during his first two years, which gave us ObamaCare and a Stimulus package with not one "shovel-ready job" included.

And unfortunately I'm beginning to wonder if there's enough intelligent voters out there to counter all the uneducated ones who may fall for another better packaged Democratic candidate in 2020.         

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