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Contrary to Hillary Clinton’s assertions made repeatedly over the many years she has been in public life, there is no vast right-wing conspiracy working against either of the Clintons. There never has been. That has always been a convenient excuse that Hillary Clinton has used to try to explain away all the scandals that have surrounded these two people.


Often accusing Republicans of being “out to get her,” the reality is that she has always brought trouble onto herself through her and her husband’s lies and corruption. The bottom line is that they simply are two really sleazy people. They always have been and they always will be. And they have always surrounded themselves with other sleazy people.

Their history speaks for itself. It is replete with examples of lies and deceit, from Bill Clinton’s lies about ”never having sex with that woman," right up to the current e-mail and Clinton Foundation scandals that beset Hillary. Nowadays, one hears comparisons between the Clinton scandals and Watergate, when there really isn’t any comparison at all. The Clintons make Richard Nixon look like an altar boy.

The slogan of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, “Stronger Together” should really be changed to “Here We Go Again,” in light of the new revelations that the FBI has reopened their investigation into her e-mail scandal, courtesy of the disgraced former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner. 

The irony is that Hillary Clinton served as an aide on the Watergate Committee looking into Richard Nixon’s corruption, and it’s very likely that she herself may be taken down in what is sure to be called “Weinergate.”


The former Secretary of State and the nominee of the Democratic Party for president of the United States is simply the most corrupt, dishonest, and despicable politician in American history to ever seek the office. Given her history and obvious character defects it’s very clear that she should be disqualified from holding any position of trust and responsibility. "Crooked Hillary," the moniker given her by her Republican opponent Donald Trump fits like a glove.

But with both of the Clintons, we have learned that all we ever see at first is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their unethical and illegal activities. One wonders what revelations lay waiting to be uncovered with the investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s “pay for play” scandal that is developing as we speak. Sadly, this is what happens when individuals are guided by nothing but an insatiable appetite for power instead of a true desire for public service.

You see, there’s a big difference between the two candidates for president of the two major parties. And it has nothing really to do with their respective policy positions. One seeks the office with the genuine interest of trying to fix the problems and challenges that face our country, though he may not be a perfect person and has gone about it in a somewhat unorthodox way. The other has been on an obsessive quest for decades solely to fulfill a personal ambition. 


Interestingly, now that Hillary’s troubles have threatened to prevent her from achieving her life-long goal, Barack Obama has found himself forced to be Hillary’s savior by intervening in the FBI’s investigation back in July and ordering that there be no indictment pursued by the Department of Justice. It wasn’t done out of any concern for Hillary, but simply to protect his legacy achievements of ObamaCare and the Iran nuclear deal. Obama clearly believes that if a Republican is elected both will be tossed onto the ash pile of failed government programs. 

The really humorous thing about the last eight years of corruption and sleazy politics is watching how the Clinton news media is now left to scramble to try to cover up for her yet again. Only this time the level of corruption is so bad that even they are having trouble explaining it all away.

There is another constant about all of this, and that is that the Democrat Party has become a corrupt organization, and the leadership should be investigated by the FBI from top to bottom. From their efforts to derail the Benghazi investigation looking into the deaths of four brave Americans, to supporting voter fraud efforts subverting the United States Constitution, to throwing up roadblocks during the Hillary e-mail scandal investigation, the Democrat Party has shown to be interested only in protecting itself. Certainly Republicans have much to answer for, but for sheer deceit and corruption nothing compares to what the Democrats have been doing now for decades.


Sadly, Americans have allowed all of this to happen. The cream certainly hasn’t risen to the top with regards to the people we have selected to represent us in public office. And it is apparent that the time is long overdue for a general house-cleaning. 

We need to rid ourselves of the career politicians that we have been saddled with as a nation, otherwise we’ll keep ending up with people like the Clintons. Two of the absolute worst when it comes to sleazy politicians. 

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