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As we enter the home stretch of the 2016 presidential race, there are a number of things the Republican nominee Donald Trump can do to help him bring home the gold, to use an Olympics analogy.  

During the past week he seems to have gotten back on track, and is putting behind him some of his previous missteps. But there’s still more he needs to do in order to win over some of the groups he’s ‘gotten out of sync’ with during his campaign.

Trump has an uphill struggle to win over the women’s vote, which will be critical in this election, as it is in every election. But he can still do it. His moment of humility displayed recently during one of his campaign speeches was a great start, but he needs to build on that with women. Women are less impressed with bombast and showmanship than they are with plain talk and results.  

Trump needs to focus on how he differs from his Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton with regards to supporting and providing opportunities for women. Hillary’s record is replete with examples of her being an enabler for her sexual predator husband, and her leading the personal attacks against women who went public after having been victimized by Bill Clinton.

Campaign records have also revealed that there’s an apparent disparity between what Hillary pays women and what she pays to men. There’s also the fact that her money-laundering operation the Clinton Foundation accepts large amounts of cash donations from countries where women can’t even leave the house without a male family member accompanying them. These are countries where if Hillary were a resident she wouldn’t even be allowed to run for political office, much less hold a government post, yet she’s more than willing to accept their cash, while doing little—if anything—to change their policies or behavior towards women.   

Businessman Donald J. Trump, on the other hand, has provided unlimited opportunities for women to achieve whatever level they aspire to within Trump’s many businesses.  Trump has an actual record of supporting women, where Hillary only pays lip service.  Trump needs to continue to hammer home these points to show women voters that while electing Hillary might be historical, their future is much brighter under a Trump presidency.  

Trump can also can win over Hispanics simply by comparing the values and morality that Hillary Clinton supports with what the Republican Party stands for.  Traditional family values are important to the Hispanic community, and all that Hillary Clinton offers is more focus on transgender bathrooms and less on common decency.

Trump needs to point out to Hispanics that they are generally more traditional and conservative philosophically, so the Republican Party is a much better fit for them than what the Democrat Party offers.

The Republican nominee must also bring home to Hispanics and reassure them that he isn’t opposed to immigration, only opposed to illegal immigration.  Illegal immigration that steals jobs and lowers wages for hard-working Hispanic Americans.

The plight of the inner cities in America has been created and ignored by the Democrat Party for decades.  When elections come around the Democrats demonize Republicans to black Americans, and promise to fix all the problems that affect American cities, yet actually produce little if any positive results.

Republicans have never even been given the chance to try to straighten out the mess created in American cities by Democrats. Trump needs to continue with his message to black Americans to “give him a chance.” He’s right: they have nothing to lose since voting for Hillary Clinton will give them nothing different from what they’ve had for decades.

While the recent open letter signed by 50 so-called national security experts – career bureaucrats – expresses concerns about how Trump will govern, the rank and file of the U.S. military stands firmly behind Donald Trump.  And they are the ones who do the fighting and dying, not those in the rear-echelon who pen letters from their leather padded chairs in cushy offices.

Donald Trump still has a long way to go to bring home the gold and win the presidency, but he’s on the right track.  And he has just over two months left to bring the message home to all Americans that Hillary Clinton is the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in history to ever run for president of the United States.  I’m betting that there’s gold in his future, not silver or bronze.  


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