Hillary’s Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

Posted: Sep 30, 2015 12:01 AM
Hillary’s Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

Look up the word ‘phony’ in the dictionary and there ought to be a photograph of Bill and Hillary Clinton with no further definition provided, since no further definition is necessary. In fact, the same photograph could be used for a number of definitions for words in the dictionary. Liar, greedy, dishonest, predator, the list of words that define the Clintons is fairly extensive when one thinks about it. ‘Phony’ is only one description that people gravitate to when they think of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

For all of their claims to be working for “the middle class”, the Clintons have always been out for themselves and their chosen few friends. Take for instance the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s senior aide Huma Abedin, who occupies a very cozy position and relationship with the former secretary of state and Democratic candidate for president in 2016.

Documents which were recently released shows that Hillary Clinton personally approved allowing Abedin to attain the status as a special government employee, which allowed Abedin to work for other interests while still an employee of the Department of State, despite Hillary’s denial of any involvement in this situation.

This ‘special arrangement’ allowed Huma Abedin to work for Clinton at the State Department and also for the corporate consulting firm Teneo, as well as carry out duties on behalf of the Clinton Foundation. Where did she ever find the time, were there ever enough hours in a day?

Some might call the deal ‘triple dipping’ on Abedin's part, raising the question of the possibility of conflicts of interest during Clinton's time as secretary of state, not to mention showing once again the Clintons’ belief that the rules for everybody else don’t apply to them.

Naturally the Clinton campaign and lawyers for Abedin have denied any wrongdoing or conflict, claiming that the document Hillary Clinton signed merely approved the title change brought about by Abedin's new status, not the status change itself. I guess it depends on what the definition of “status” is. Once again the Clintons’ unique use of the English language is on display for all to see.

Another dictionary definition used to describe the way both of the Clintons talk is “parsing”. Why speak candidly and in language anyone could understand when parsing, obfuscation and creating a smoke-screen works better for their purposes. After all, it’s only the American people, the middle class they are talking to, right?

While supposedly “Dead broke” and nearly destitute upon leaving the White House, Hillary Clinton failed to mention the multi-million dollar book deals that were waiting for her and her husband, or the anticipated millions to be made on the speaking circuit or any corporate boards or other organizations wanting the high profile either of the Clintons would bring.

In fact I think most Americans would have quickly traded places with them at the time they left office, even if it were true that they were broke and in debt. Knowing full well the riches that were surely to come their way in a very short time.

Just the president’s pension, and Hillary’s Senate salary alone amounted to roughly half a million dollars a year, not to mention the staff and office expense account former presidents receive, as well as the Secret Service protection. The Clintons definitely weren’t leaving the White House for an Arkansas double-wide mobile home on the outskirts of Little Rock! They weren’t flying ‘coach’ or staying in Motel 6 when traveling on behalf of the many corporate clients and organizations they accepted speaking engagements from.

It’s also a good bet that no mortgage companies would have provided financing for the multi-million dollar Chappaqua mansion the Clinton’s purchased in New York if they thought the Clintons were a bad credit risk!

Bill Clinton has traveled in the circles of wealth, power and prestige since leaving the White House, making millions of dollars in speaking engagements. As his WINO – wife in name only - Hillary has clearly done. Cashing in, both Clintons have done exceedingly well financially since Bill Clinton left office.

What is interesting is how both the Clintons have tried to portray themselves as fighting for the middle class while they surround themselves with the Hollywood elite and the wealthy, and use ‘real people from the middle class’ only for photo ops. Just curious how many common folk, including people of color the Clintons have had over for a visit to their multi-million dollar Chappaqua mansion.

Throughout their history the Clintons have taken advantage of connections among the wealthy and the elite to enrich themselves and their friends. Going way back to Arkansas the Clintons’ shady dealings helped put money in their pockets, and prepared the way for Bill’s eventual run for the White House.

This most recent arrangement with Abedin is just another example of the Clintons taking care of their own.