The Silence is Deafening

Posted: Jul 15, 2015 12:01 AM
The Silence is Deafening

A criminal is gunned down by police on the streets of Ferguson, and as the community burns to the ground the Obama Administration very publicly sends in Eric Holder and the Department of Justice to investigate, and then also sends appropriately grieving representatives from the White House to attend the funeral.

A known drug dealer in Baltimore with multiple felony arrests dies in police custody of an as yet undetermined and disputed cause, and the Obama Administration once again sends White House representatives to attend his funeral while the city of Baltimore burns to the ground.

A young thug in Florida is killed attacking another individual and Barack Obama compares him to the son he might have had. But when a young woman is brutally murdered on the Streets of San Francisco by an illegal alien, the silence emanating from the White House is deafening.

Three of these cases have one thing in common: the individual killed was a black man, and after their death the White House made it a point to extoll their supposed “virtues.” The young woman killed on the streets of San Francisco was white, and nary a word of condolence has come from the Obama Administration to the young woman’s family. Nor has any public comment been made by the White House about her virtues and her potential future being taken away at the hands of an illegal alien and convicted felon.

The evidence of a racial bias permeating the Obama Administration has become apparent with the administration in any high profile incident quickly choosing the ‘black side’ whatever the situation is, regardless of what the evidence might indicate.

And Barack Obama shows us again and again that contrary to what he tried to tell us when he was first elected, he definitely is not the president for all Americans. His true colors have been revealed on occasion after occasion.

While ridiculing voters who “cling to their religion and guns,” then-candidate Obama portrayed himself much differently than his record in office has since revealed. While not clearly defining what he meant, he promised us that he would “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” Certainly in hindsight a comment that’s open to debate exactly what he meant by that.

Once elected, Barack Obama began to quickly display his own racial bias, first in the Harvard Professor Henry Lewis Gates case, and with each subsequent case with a potential racial component that followed. When the perpetrator was black and the victim was white the silence has been deafening.

Just recently he decided to issue clemency to a number of convicted felons based on his own interpretation of what their level of criminality is. Regardless of what the evidence indicated, regardless of what the potential threat is that they may re-offend, and regardless of their potential threat to the communities they return to.

His policies on immigration and securing the border has contributed to the death of a young woman in San Francisco. How many more Americans will be victimized by illegal aliens allowed to roam freely in this country as a result of Barack Obama being unwilling to establish any semblance of border and immigration controls ?

Sadly for America, not long ago the president himself clearly stated that “his work wasn’t finished” when he left office at the end of his second term. A clear indication that he intends to return to his community organizing ways and try to make it difficult to impossible for any successor to undo the damage that he has caused during his eight years as president.

What can Americans expect in the final year and a half of the Obama Administration? Much more of the same, I’m afraid, but most likely accelerated in order to achieve as much as he can before he leaves office. And America will certainly be fundamentally transformed. Hopefully not a permanent condition.

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