The Truth About GITMO

Posted: Dec 02, 2014 12:01 AM
The Truth About GITMO

Shortly after being sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, on one of his first official acts President Barack Obama signed an executive order directing that the U.S. detention facility located in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba be closed. This had been a rallying cry for the extreme left, the news media, Hollywood and the Democratic Party for years during the Bush Administration. President Obama vowed to fulfill his pledge to these groups during his campaign.

GITMO, as Guantanamo Bay is called, was selected by the military under President Bush as the best place to hold terrorists captured on the battlefields in the War on Terror. As our troops rapidly moved across Afghanistan during the early weeks and months of the war, terrorists were being killed and captured at an astounding rate. The Bush Administration had to play catch-up rapidly and devise a secure environment where these terrorist captives could be held until they were interrogated and their final disposition determined.

After some minor initial cultural missteps GITMO became an efficient, humane, and secure detention facility established to hold the worst of the worst of America's enemies. GITMO was operated by military professionals who went to the extremes to protect the civil rights of the terrorists being held.

Terrorists who, by the way, were studied and taught in how to use our freedoms, our courts and judicial system, as well as a naive group of leftists and Bush-haters to disrupt the detention operations, and try to create political havoc for the Bush Administration and America. They learned their lessons very well.

Using the ACLU and leftist lawyers as their mouthpiece they claimed abuses that never occurred, disrespect towards their religion that didn't happen, and anything else they could think of that might further disrupt and cause problems for the U.S. They continued their Jihad inside the fences of GITMO.

Unfortunately a determined left and their willing allies in the Democratic Party looked upon GITMO not as a necessary evil in this war against the most evil of people, but as a political opportunity to discredit the Bush Administration. Simple political expediency was chosen over what was best for the country.

Something the Democratic Party has done over and over throughout recent history. Add GITMO to the abuses committed by a very few at Abu Graib in Iraq, and the Democrats and their allies had plenty of ammunition to use to further attack and discredit the sitting president.

The Democratic Party and their accomplices helped serve as a recruiting tool for the international Jihad movement. While our troops were fighting and dying in the field, and the Bush Administration was struggling mightily against a difficult enemy, why didn’t the Democratic Party do the patriotic thing and step forward to offer their support ? Because the Democratic Party looked upon the challenges we faced against a determined enemy as something they could derive political advantage from.

GITMO, “the concentration camp where the U.S. soldiers guarding the poor, innocent prisoners were committing all kinds of atrocities in the name of the Bush Administration”, was a pure fantasy ! An invention of the Democratic Party and the Anti-War, Anti-Bush crowd.

Now our president and his soul-mate Attorney General Holder have decided to move forward with closing GITMO against the advice of nearly everyone. And for one reason and one reason only. Political gain. And America will suffer as a result.

When the next attack against our country comes as it surely will, the Democrats and the Obama Administration will do as they have done since he took office. Place the blame on his predecessor.

What won’t be mentioned is fact that Obama and the Democrats have weakened our country to the point of not only making us an easier target for our enemies. But also giving Obama and the Democrats an excuse for trying to further restrict our rights as Americans.