Hezbollah in the Western Hemisphere

Posted: Nov 13, 2014 12:01 AM

The Obama foreign policy, such as it is, appears to be turning to long time adversary Iran as a means of fighting the ISIS threat spreading across the Arabian Peninsula.

Iran as our ally? Iran is a nation responsible for the deaths of many Americans, yet it looks as though the Obama Administration, completely lost on how to deal with the ISIS threat, will be seeking to make a ‘deal with the Devil’ in the very near future.

Americans might find it useful to know a little more about how Iran has been operating in the world, and in particular in our own hemisphere since the fall of the Shah of Iran back in 1979.

It has long been established that Hezbollah, the ‘Party of God’, is controlled and does the bidding of the Iranian leadership. Sort of an ‘action arm’ for the Iranian Republican Guard, when they can’t operate overtly in a particular area. ‘Send in Hezbollah and deny’ is the standard ploy Iran uses.

Law enforcement and intelligence organizations have developed links between Iran-backed Hezbollah and criminal gangs in a variety of South American countries. Attacks against Israeli and other Jewish targets have occurred in Argentina that have long been tied to Hezbollah and Iran. Hezbollah was believed responsible for the attack at a Jewish center in Argentina in 1994 which killed eighty-five people and wounded hundreds more. A previous attack at the Israeli Embassy was also connected to Hezbollah. Hezbollah is also believed to have on-going plans for additional attacks against targets frequented by Jews and Israelis wherever they find them.

Additional intelligence information has been developed indicating that Hezbollah is actively involved in weapons and explosives trafficking and transfers throughout South America. Certainly something of a concern considering Hezbollah’s history. Iran provided the weapons and technology for the EFP’s, Explosively Formed Penetrators, which killed and maimed countless American military personnel fighting the insurgency in Iraq. Iran also covertly supported the so-called Mahdi Army, which was responsible for continuous mortar attacks and other actions against the U.S. led coalition forces during the Iraq War.

Common sense dictates that if Hezbollah is in any South American county, they are more than likely in most countries in South and Central America. One can make a fair wager that if a country hosts an embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, then Hezbollah is active in that country.

Strong evidence also exists showing suspected contacts between elements of the Mexican drug cartels and Hezbollah just south of the American border in Mexico. Considering that the Mexican cartels are involved in smuggling huge amounts of narcotics into the U.S., as well as smuggling people into our country, it begs one to ask what Hezbollah might have to gain by dealing with the drug cartels in Mexico?

Americans must simply ask themselves, do we really want to ally ourselves with a nation that is committed to our ultimate destruction, as the Islamic Republic of Iran has publicly professed itself to be? Can anything good come to the United States from such an alliance? Or is the Obama Administration entering into a fool’s pact with the Devil?